21st Century Goguryeo Book 4 Chapter 92

Chapter 92: Book 4 Chapter 3-5 Expedition to North For Unification: White Tiger

October 29, 2020, 16:25, B2 Bunker (Armed Forces Joint Command Control Situation Room) in Yongsan-ku, Seoul

Amidst Chairman of Joint Staff Kang Yi-sik's meeting with army executives to discuss additional strategies to the ongoing state of affairs, the signal officer rushed in with an urgent look.

"Salute! There is a report from the VII Maneuver Corps Headquarters."

The Chairman and his generals, previously focused on the meeting, all looked in the direction of the signal officer who hurriedly came in.

"The 60th Armored Brigade's 26th Tank Battalion, while moving to join forces with the Brigade Headquarters, has been hit by an air raid attack from the Chinese J-30 stealth aircraft, resulting in casualties."

The signal officer handed a report to the Chairmana document that summarized the status of the war. The Chairman bit his lower lips hard after thoroughly reading the document. The air in the situation room sank heavily.