21st Century Goguryeo Book 4 Chapter 98

Chapter 98: Book 4 Chapter 5-1 Expedition to North For Unification: Large Scale Armored Battle at Man-ju

October 31, 2020, 16:20 (China Standard Time, 15:20)

Great plains 47 km southwest of China's Sun-Yang province.

The armored tanks from the 60th and 61st Armored Brigades, including the 26th Mechanized Infantry Division's 31st Armored Battalion, kicked up clouds of dust as they moved in formation for the attack. From the 31st Armored Battalion's rear, the Flying Tiger and Sky Horse armored vehicles in charge of anti-air operations were following them while maintaining distance. Meanwhile, the Chinese 65th Army Group also had its 1st Armored Division as its lead, and many of its subordinate divisions and brigades were maintaining formation with numerous anti-tank missiles and armored vehicles. They were moving in a formation that would allow them to attack at any moment.

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