21st Century Goguryeo Book 5 Chapter 110

Chapter 110: Book 5 Chapter 1-5 China in Flames: The Western Front

November 4, 2020, 14:30, West Sea north 38 65' East 122 40' Deep sea

The Great White (K-744) torpedo took awhile to reach its target as it analyzed the target's sonar due to the distance. After ten minutes had passed, the Sonar Operator, who was focusing on his passive sonar, took off his headset and spoke.

"Torpedo 1, at a distance of 50 with the enemy torpedo. Torpedo 2 is at a distance of 120 with the enemy's."

Suddenly, the sound of an explosion rang out in the Sonar Operator's headset twice in a row.

"Torpedo 1, stricken down by enemy's torpedo! Torpedo 2 has been struck down as well."

The Sonar Operator frowned as the loud explosion made his ears ring.

"Those bastards! So they think they can take us on, eh? What's the distance for Torpedo 3 and 4?"

The Sonar Operator adjusted his headset when the Captain asked, and began to analyze the sounds coming from the sonar again.

"Torpedo 3!