21st Century Goguryeo Book 5 Chapter 113

Chapter 113: Book 5 Chapter 2-3 China in Flames: Chinas Counterattack

November 6, 2020, 12:10 (CST 18:10), Chinese Central Military Commission Integrated Command Post Bunker Conference Room in Beijing, China

The conference room was roaring with laughter for a change. This was because they stole an opportunity to successfully retaliate with their nuclear bomb attack. Their attack and relentless advancement caused the Korean army to retreat to the rear after taking over Shenyang.

"Hahaha, well done, Vice President Kan Kuichou. You didn't let me down."

Xi Jinping's laughter, the first in eight days, brightened the mood in the conference room.

"So all that is left now is the Shenyang advancement."

"Yes, currently the 20th Army Group and the 54th Army Group have passed through Lingyuan and are quickly advancing toward Chaoyang like a mechanized group. The 21st Army Group has passed Qinhuangdao and is advancing to Huludao."

As soon as Vice President Kan Kuichou finished talking, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Lu Jenhui joined the conversation.