21st Century Goguryeo Book 5 Chapter 116

Chapter 116: Book 5 Chapter 2-6 China in Flames: Chinas Counterattack

November 8, 2020; 01:30 (00:30 China time), the Great Plains west of Sun-Yang City, China

The 7th Armored Brigade, a unit under the direct control of the 7th Mobile Corps, moved forward five kilometers before coming to a stop. From behind came bone-chilling sounds of explosion and shells that were being fired and shot through the sky. Anyone hearing the sound would think the entire sky was being split open.


A moment later, lights began to flash, if only so faintly, from somewhere about 30 kilometers ahead of them. Those flashes came from shells being fired by the Korean Artillery Corps.

"Maneuver at full speed! If you dawdle, you'll only end up getting killed by the shells fired by the Bangzis. Jack up to full speed!"