21st Century Goguryeo Book 5 Chapter 122

Chapter 122: Book 5 Chapter 4-1 China in flames: A fierce battle!

November 9, 2020, 11:00, B2 Bunker (ROK Military Joint Command Center),

Yongsan-ku Seoul

After commencing "Operation Punishment of Emperor Chiu," the Joint Chiefs of Staff was under a 24-hour full alert for possible nuclear retaliation. There was, however, no retaliation that came from China, so they called for a meeting to discuss future strategies.

"Based on the events so far, we believe China will not retaliate using their nuclear weapons soon."

Operations Planning Director Lieutenant General Na Tae-yoon reported this in a disappointed tone.

"Indeed. I wanted to use this opportunity to exhaust all of China's nuclear weapons and continue our operations with a light heart."

Tactics Director Lieutenant General Kim Yong-hyun also expressed his disappointment.

"How many nuclear weapons does China have left?"

Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Kang Ui-sik asked as he joined in the conversation. The Intelligence Director Lieutenant General Ahn Gil-won answered.