21st Century Goguryeo Book 5 Chapter 123

Chapter 123: Book 5 Chapter 4-2 China in flames: A fierce battle!

November 13, 2020, 15:30, B2 bunker (ROK Military Joint Command Center), Yongsan-ku, Seoul

The scene of the battle showing the attacking Chinese soldiers on board burned trucks and Korean forces firing their 50-mm photon cannons and Black Dragon missiles was being broadcast on the Command Center's screen.

Then moments later, the gunshots came to a halt, indicating the annihilation of all Chinese soldiers. The Koreans' armored vehicles stopped their attacks as well, then the infantrymen aboard poured out from the rear hatch. The men began to help the injured and moved them to a safe location. The video on the screen paused.

"The logistics forces sent out the footage at exactly 1412h, and the attackers have been identified as the Special Forces directly under the 39th Army Group. It seems they had prepared for an ambush in the mountainous regions where their army group was attacked during the start of the war."

The Operations Director spoke when the footage came to a halt.