21st Century Goguryeo Book 5 Chapter 127

Chapter 127: Book 5 Chapter 5-2 China in flames: The Grand Conspiracy

Two days prior to President Xi's private consultation with General Chiu Ji Liang Ji, another meeting had transpired.

"The air raids from Korea is adversely affecting our economy, with inflation occurring at an alarming rate."

The Minister of Economic Policy, Li Keqiang said as he sighed.

"The problem is the dropping value of the Yuan as prices go up."

Director of Finance Lou Jiwei added in support of Minister Li Keqiang's pronouncement. On November 8, the massive Korean air raids had damaged a third of China's manufacturing infrastructures and the economy's collapse was now imminent. Prices of commodities have been steadily rising since the war broke out, and were now at an all-time high; the value of the Yuan continued to plummet.

"Those bastards."