21st Century Goguryeo Prologue

Chapter 1: Prologue

August 15th, 2015 - Kim Il Sung Square, Pyeongyang

Red flames bursted out suddenly with a loud firing sound that could almost rip eardrums. The huge platform by the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun had turned into a mess, and 50 people on the platform fell off bleeding. The numerous people who watched this shocking scene stared in horror while press from all over the world shoved their cameras in, trying to get more out of this disastrous situation. The most shocking of all these people collapsing into this burning mess were none other than President Ahn Hyung-jun of South Korea and Chairman Kim Jong-un of North Korea.

While confronting the tense relationship between them, in 2015 South Korea and North Korea were moving towards a better relationship with each other by ceasing violent acts towards one another, by celebrating their 70th year of peace and independence of the Korean Peninsula, and by letting the world know about this peaceful performance. However, this performance ended as a horrible disaster by the unknown bombing attack, causing President Ahn Hyoung-Jun's death, Chairman Kim Jong-un's injuries, and the death or serious injuries of senior figures from both South Korea and North Korea.

After the bombing attack at Pyeongyang, North Korea declared unilateral diplomatic cessation and put all their efforts into finding the terrorist. However, the friction between politicians grew worse with the absence of the Chairman Kim Jong-un, who was in a coma. His absence seemed to almost cause a collapse of the whole system. Meanwhile, South Korea was no different - the whole nation declared an emergency with the sudden death of President Ahn Hyoung-jun, while also initiating "DEFCON 2" in case anything else were to happen.

In this situation where the second Korean War could happen at any moment, what will happen to the Republic of Korea? Wuxiaworld for visiting.