Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 10

Chapter 9:

Soon, it was the agreed Saturday. Early in the morning, Fan Lie happily ran to Yu Xiao's house with his schoolbag to look for him. Before he knocked on the door a few times, the door opened from the inside.

However, when he saw the person who opened the door, the expression on Fan Lie's face collapsed: "Why are you here!"

"Why can't I be here?" Hao Ren leaned on the door and raised an eyebrow. "Yu Zi and I grew up together. It's normal for me to come to him, okay. By the way, today, I will be with Yu Zi Go out to play, there is no time to talk to you, just do what you should do."

"You!" Fan Lie didn't do it as soon as he heard it. "Why, Xiao Yuzi and I agreed to go climbing in advance, so you can do whatever you want."

"Hey? Is Xiao Lie here?" Mother Yu's voice came from the room.

"Well, yes, Aunt Yu. I came to find Xiao Yuzi to climb the mountain with him." Fan Lie directly pushed Hao Ren's body blocking the door, and gave him a provocative look, and then said Walked inside the house.

When Mom Yu heard it, she put down the rag in her hand and walked out: "Xiao Lie, you are here, have you eaten?"

"Well, I've eaten it, Aunt Yu." Fan Lie nodded obediently, "Is Xiao Yuzi in the room?"

"Yes, go and play with him by yourself." Mama Yu pointed to Yu Xiao's room, then turned to Hao Ren and said, "Xiaoren, you should go find Xiaoxiao too, don't help me. "

"Well, good. Aunt Yu." Hao Ren nodded.

After walking into Yu Xiao's room, Fan Lie couldn't help but laughed directly with a chuckle. Looking at Fan Lie, who was a little straighter laughing there, Yu Xiao blinked suspiciously, and then looked at Hao Ren, who was following in, expressing puzzlement.

Hao Ren naturally knew what Fan Lie was laughing at, and looked at him contemptuously: Hmph, what virtue!

"Fan Lie, what's the matter with you?" Yu Xiao walked to his side, "Quickly stop laughing, you will be careful when you laugh."

"Haha, do you know what your mother called him?" Fan Lie couldn't stop laughing when he saw Hao Ren, and the more he smiled, the more he couldn't stop.

"Huh?" Yu Xiao thought for a moment, as if he was called "Xiaoren". Oh~~~ That's how it is. "You~~" Yu Xiao shook his head, well, it was the first time he knew that his friend's smile was so low.

"Don't laugh, didn't you come to me?" Yu Xiao glanced at Hao Ren, who was starting to look darker and darker, and directly diverted his attention.

"Oh, yes, yes." Fan Lie finally stopped his smile, then immediately looked at Yu Xiao angrily: "Xiao Yuzi, you said, did we say that we were going to climb the mountain a few days ago? ."

"Well, yes, what's the matter?" Yu Xiao asked inexplicably.

"Then what's the matter with him?" Fan Lie pointed directly at Hao Ren's nose and said angrily, "Why does he say he wants to go out with you alone?"

Hey, it really started again~~~ Yu Xiao sighed silently in her heart, then patted Fan Lie on the shoulder and said, "Brother Ren just happened to come over to me today, so lets go hiking together. ."

"No, it's agreed that only the two of us will go together."

"Well, you also know that there are snakes on the mountain. Look at the man who is tall and big, and he is not afraid of snakes and will catch snakes. In this way, our safety is guaranteed~~~" Yu Xiao He went directly to Fan Lie's ear and whispered, "You forgot, we almost got bitten by a snake last time we went."

Fan Lie struggling to look at Hao Ren for several times, and finally nodded hard: "Okay, then, but not for example!"

"Well, good." Yu Xiao smiled and nodded, "Then, Brother Ren, take your schoolbag, let's go~~~"

"Okay." Hao Ren has always favored Yu Xiao, as long as Yu Xiao makes a decision, he will not refute him.

"Mom, we went hiking~~" Yu Xiao walked to the kitchen door with a schoolbag on his back and said, "We are going to play until the afternoon and we won't come back for lunch."

"So, remember to be safe." Mom Yu touched Yu Xiao's head and exhorted.

"Well, good. Goodbye, mother." Yu Xiao nodded and then turned and walked out with the two of them.

"Aunt Yu, let's go." Hao Ren and Fan Lie waved their hands politely.

"Well, be careful on the road and pay attention to safety." Yu's mother smiled and met them goodbye.

Looking at the happy back of her child, your mother's eyes are full of smiles. Since her family Xiaoxiao got better from illness, she is much more cheerful and more sensible than before. I often find all kinds of excuses to help her with housework and help her grow vegetables at home. I see that no one does not praise him for being good.

However, when she thought of what her mother-in-law had said to him a few days ago, Mama Yu's eyes cast a shadow. She didn't understand in her heart, they were all descendants of the Yu family, not to mention that Xiaoxiao was still the eldest grandson of righteousness. Why wronged Xiaoxiao for those two grandsons of foreign surnames! She is not reconciled!

The mountain that Yu Xiao and the three of them went to climb today is called Weishan. It is said to be the city defense mountain when Qi Jiguang fought against the Japanese pirates. There are still several guns on it~~

Standing at the foot of the mountain, I looked up and looked at the front of me. It was basically the same. There were no pavilions for people to rest like in later generations, and there were no mountain roads paved with bluestone. It was just a one-meter-wide mountain road that appeared in front of them. Fortunately, it had not rained in the past few days. Otherwise, the mountain road would become muddy, and it would be difficult and unsafe to climb up.

"Come on, I'll go to the front, I'll make the way!" Fan Lie rushed to the front and raised his hand excitedly.

"Well, well, you are the first." Yu Xiao smiled and gave way to him.

Hao Ren stood directly behind Yu Xiao: "Let's go, Yu Zi, I will go to the back."

"Yeah, okay." Yu Xiao knew that Hao Ren had always treated himself as a younger brother, and had taken care of him from childhood to adulthood, so he walked forward without hesitation.

"Come on, let's go to occupy the highlands~~~" Fan Lie yelled and ran up the mountain, then stood halfway up the mountain and shouted to them: "Xiao Yuzi, hurry up, hurry up~~~"

"Come on~~ Don't run away, beware of falling down." Yu Xiao shook his head, watched him jumping around there, and shouted at him.

"I know, I know, come up quickly~~" Fan Lie couldn't help but turned and ran to the top of the mountain.

Here, Hao Ren and Yu Xiao walked up slowly step by step, checking out if there were any edible wild vegetables around as they walked. After all, they have to settle their dinner on this mountain at noon~~

I have to say that there are still many good things on this undeveloped mountain. No, when they reached the top of the mountain, they had already picked up a lot of wild vegetables in their schoolbags, and they were lucky to have dug a few sweet potatoes.

Climbing to the top of the mountain and looking at the cannons placed there, Fan Lie had already moved directly. He turned over and climbed directly onto the fort, standing on it with his arms akimbo excitedly and said: "Xiao Yuzi, look at me, am I very prestigious?"

"Well, it's very prestigious." Yu Xiao looked at his funny look, endured a smile and nodded in agreement.

Although Hao Ren said nothing, he rolled his eyes directly at him. It's stupid, it's still prestigious, I think it's almost the same after being hit by leprosy.

"Hey, you kid, don't think I didn't see it." Sure enough, people who are not pleasing to the eye are not pleasing to the eye. "What do you mean by rolling your eyes? Do you look down on me?"

Hao Ren turned his head and focused on the surrounding scenery. I have to say that standing on the top of the mountain and looking down below, there is really a feeling of "stratus clouds grow up in the chest, and the homecoming bird is determined."

Here, Fan Lie who saw Hao Ren's behavior jumped straight away. He regretted it, so he shouldn't agree to let this guy come with him, which ruined his good mood. Ah~~ his wonderful world with Xiao Yuzi~~~~

Yu Xiao shrugged his shoulders helplessly, and he knew: This time it would definitely not be quiet to climb the mountain~~~ The first time the two of them had a big quarrel, Yu Xiao would still worry about it. But after the two of them were together, he found that this was how the two people got along. Perhaps, they are the typical representatives of the joyous enemy?

Forget it, just ignore them. Anyway, no matter how serious the noise is, they haven't done anything, just let them go. It would be better for him to take care of their lunch.

In the countryside, every child knows how to cook food in the wild. Yu Xiao found a few suitable stones on the top of the mountain, built them into a concave shape, and left a hole for ignition. After seeing Yu Xiao's actions, Hao Ren went straight to the side and picked up the dead leaves and branches on the ground, put them on the ground recessed in the stone, and then took out an aluminum lunch box holder from the backpack and walked to it. Just now I found a pool of water where water was installed and it was set on a stone.

Yu Xiao took out a match and lit the fire directly. Then I took the sweet potato I just dug out and threw it into the fire to make roasted sweet potato to eat.

"Xiao Yuzi, what am I doing?" Fan Lie jumped off the fort and walked over and asked. Although, he likes to eat very much, but unfortunately he doesn't know anything about cooking by hand~~

Yu Xiao pointed to the wild vegetables set aside: "Go and take these vegetables to the water tank over there and wash them."

"Okay, no problem~~~" Fan Lie stood up and saluted, picked up the wild vegetables on the ground and ran to wash the vegetables.

Looking at his swift figure, Yu Xiao secretly prayed in her heart: I hope this dish will not be tossed too badly. What to do, I regret letting him wash the vegetables~~~

Hao Ren here again went to the surrounding forests to see if there was anything to eat. After all, there are still many treasures on this mountain.

Yu Xiao looked at the washed wild vegetables that Fan Lie had brought back, and silently took them. At least, half of them were not. Put the vegetables in the lunch box, wait for the water to boil, and put some seasonings out, the real green vegetable soup is ready.

Fan Lie swallowed obviously after smelling the fragrance. Yu Xiao used a wooden stick to chop the roasted sweet potato again. It looked like it was almost done. He cut out the sweet potato with a wooden stick.

"Wait a minute, wait for the sweet potatoes to cool down a bit before you can eat them." Yu Xiao reached out and directly stopped Fan Lie who wanted to reach out to get the sweet potatoes: "You guy, sweet potatoes just came out so hot, are you afraid of burning your mouth?

"Hey, isn't this hungry because of the smell~~~" Fan Lie touched the back of his head and grinned.

"You!" Yu Xiao didn't know what to say about him.

At this moment, Hao Ren also walked back with a few wild fruits. When Fan Lie saw that he was back, his eyes lit up: finally he can start eating~~~~

Hao Ren put down the wild fruit, turned his head and said to Yu Xiao: "Yu Zi, I saw a lot of mushrooms there. Let's pick some back when we go back."

"Well, okay. Let's eat first, and taste the taste of this sweet potato." Yu Xiao handed a baked sweet potato to Hao Ren.

Looking at Fan Lie, who was already eating and disregarding his image, Hao Ren directly turned his head: It really affects his appetite~~

No matter how they both dislike each other in their hearts, at least Yu Xiao eats very contentedly. He misses eating so leisurely with friends~~~

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