Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 100

Chapter 99:

After drinking a cup of tea that Ye Lan handed over, Mr. Huo gave him a calm look and sighed deeply: "Xiaoxiao, the master just gave you a divination today. Change, but the difficulty has increased a lot!"

"Hey? How could this be?" After listening to the side, Ye Lan asked anxiously, "Grandpa Huo, is there any way you can resolve it?"

Father Huo shook his head helplessly, "If there is a way to resolve it, do you think I will not help my baby apprentice?"

Seeing the increasingly worried expression on Ye Lans face, Luo Xiao stretched out his hand to hold his hand, gently but firmly broke his fingers, and looked at the red thread on the palm of his hand. Distressed for a while, "Ye Zi, don't do this, don't worry, I won't have anything to do."

"But!" Ye Lan always loses his composure when encountering things about Luo Xiao, let alone something that concerns his life this time.

"However, it's not all desperate." Old man Huo put down the cup and said leisurely again, "Although there are many bad luck, but there is still a chance of life, but I don't know where this opportunity is and what it is."

But these words did not give much comfort to the worried Ye Lan, but made him frown even more.

"Okay, trust me, okay?" Luo Xiao pulled his hand, attracted his attention and then comforted him, "You forgot, I am not an ordinary person, I am a person of cultivation." Luo After Xiao said these words, he made a decision in his heart. When they were both of them, he told Ye Lan the news of the space so that he could be relieved. Although, until now, that space can only store things and cannot be entered.

Ye Lan stared at him closely for a long time, then nodded unwillingly. At this moment, he hated in his heart why he didn't cultivate! If he also cultivates, he won't feel as weak as he is now.

"By the way, Master, what's the matter with you?" Luo Xiao looked at his master worriedly, "Those dark traces should be blood?"

"Well, it's not wrong, it's blood." Elder Huo glanced indifferently, "Don't worry, this blood is not mine, it's someone else's."

"Others?" Luo Xiao was obviously puzzled, and then he thought of something, "Master, can't it be said?"

Elder Huo nodded, "Well, since a few influential juniors want to die, then I'll send them on the road."

It turned out that when he went out this morning, Mr. Huo hadn't walked a few steps before keenly discovering that he was being followed. Moreover, these people who follow him are still cultivators. This is surprising. He hasn't gone out much recently. When did he provoke others?

However, since he only felt full of malice from those who followed him, he would just reciprocate with courtesy. Anyway, the end result is either you or me.

The old man Huo thought about that, and he turned his feet and walked towards the sparsely populated place in the outskirts. Just after he settled, four people in black in night clothes appeared behind him.

Looking up at the sky above the sun, Huo couldn't help but twitched his mouth: The so-called night clothes, is it good to wear at night? Also, the purpose of wearing night clothes is to better blend into the night. But, in this broad daylight, are you brain pumped? What night clothes to wear! Also, today the weather forecast says that the highest temperature is 38 degrees and the lowest is 30 degrees! Dont you know that black is the most heat-absorbing? Are you really not hot in these black night clothes?

After silently vomiting, Old Huo took out a charm from his clothes pocket, and threw it aside, a circular enchantment with a diameter of 20 meters enveloped all five of them.

Elder Huo raised an eyebrow at the four of them: "Okay, can you tell me now why you followed me?"

One of the men in black who was obviously the leader stepped forward and said gloomily: "You don't need to know the reason, if you don't want to die, take us to your apprentice now."

"Huh! If you let Grandpa I take you, I will really take you there? Who do you think you are?" Grandpa Huo snorted disdainfully, and even dared to beat his precious apprentice's idea. Pack them up!

"Dead old man, toast and not eat or drink!" The lead brother waved, "Hands!"

With an order, the four men in black quickly occupied the four positions of Old Man Huo, southeast, northwest, and at the same time, they kept changing their hand gestures. Accompanied by the chanting of the spell in his mouth, Old Man Huo understood all at once. These guys It is in the cloth of four killer formations.

He didn't pause, and took out dozens of spells from his pocket at once. Fortunately, he has a good habit of carrying these powerful spells with him! Four heavenly thunder curses flew towards the four people respectively, and a series of purple thunders the size of an adult's arm swiftly descended and smashed straight at the four people.

It is a pity that a white light flashed past, completely offsetting the power of the purple thunder. Seeing this result, Mr. Huo rolled his lips and didn't care about it. After all, the most important role of his four charms was to test the strength of these four people.

Since the Sky Thunder Curse has no effect, just change to other spells. You know, for a gossip master who is mainly engaged in divination, it is necessary to attack life-saving spells! Excluding the ones he made by himself and the ones given by others, and now with the gift of his own baby apprentice who is better than blue, he doesn't have to worry about the number of spells he has!

Humph, make you crazy! See if I dont need a spell to throw you to death! Mr. Huo said that there is no need to worry about the number of spells, it feels really cool to throw it like this! Why, dissatisfied? Throw it until you do not accept it!

As the last talisman of the real fire of Samadhi was thrown out, the bodies of the four men in black were also completely burned. After the barrier was lifted, a breeze blew by, and nothing was left.

Although it turned out to be a victory, there was not a trace of relaxed expression on Old Huo's face, because he had always had a question in his mind: Why did those people in black look for their own apprentice?

Just in case, he sat directly on the ground, took out his natal coin from his pocket, and began to calculate. Opened his eyes, looked at the display of the hexagram, immediately put everything away and hurried to Luo Xiao's residence.

After Luo Xiao listened to Mr. Huo's narration, a question mark also appeared in his mind. He has stayed at home most of the time recently, so why is he so concerned about?

If Luo Xiao had clairvoyance and the ability to follow wind ears, then he could get the answer from this dark room thousands of miles away.

"Come on, tell me obediently, what did you see that day?" A pale and withered old man with a weird smile leaned over and gently asked the man lying on the ice bed immobile. .

There was a look of fear in the man's eyes. He did not expect that the talent in front of him was the real appearance of his master. He once again regretted why he took that path that day. Unfortunately, there is no regret medicine in this world.

"Yu Jia, why don't you listen to your master so much?" The old man stretched out his hand and patted his thinner cheeks, "Look, you don't have to be obedient, even if you dare to run away. I told you that I can't run What happened? Dont you still have to be punished and become a hotbed for my darlings? If you knew this, why bother!"

Listening to these words with a trace of regret, Yu Jia's body trembled even more cold. In fact, if he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn't have the thought of running away. Even if he knew in his heart that there was almost no possibility of running away successfully, he still wanted to give it a try just for the extremely slim hope. He really didn't want to die! Especially the tortured and miserable death!

It has been almost half a year since he was forced to become the servant of the old man in front of him. During this half a year, he had been trained tremblingly from the very beginning, even when he was killed.

but! Just a week ago, by chance, he accidentally broke into the punishment hall among his family's masters, where he deeply felt that he had come to the real eighteenth-level purgatory.

Whatever dipped in salt water, chili water, slapped nails, or nailed nails is already a pediatrics, because here, there is a criminal law that really makes death an unattainable luxury.

This is what made Yu Jia feel that his scalp is numb. Now he is also punished by Chong Xing. As the name suggests, he uses bugs to enforce the criminal law. If it was poisoned by insects and died, to be honest, it is actually a happy way of death for everyone who has been taken from insects, at least that death is relatively complete.

Yes, it is complete! Because this kind of insects uses the human body as a breeding ground for new life, the human being used as feed can clearly feel every subtle change of the insects in the body when the whole body is immobile. When the worm is hatched from the egg, it does not break out directly, but crawls along the blood into the internal organs bit by bit, and starts to gnaw bit by bit from the inside.

The scariest thing is that once it is used as a hotbed, even if the internal organs of a person are gnawed clean, they will not die, because this kind of bug will secrete a unique liquid every once in a while. It is this kind of liquid that can keep people's vital signs all the time.

Of course, these bugs will not be satisfied with the organs. After they have eaten all their organs, they will continue to follow the blood to the inside of the brain, and they will begin to **** the brain plasma and eat the brain. After that, bit by bit the muscles, tasting the blood, until the whole healthy person is eaten into a clean skeleton.

When Yu Jia thought of the few prisoners who had been eaten to varying degrees, she was scared in her heart. In addition, listening to the jailers discussing when to turn him into fodder, he resisted fear and turned and left here. It is a pity that his breathing was not well controlled, and no one inside was aware of it. So, the result became what he is now.

He was not reconciled, why did things become like this! Luo Xiao, yes, he caused all this! If it weren't for the filming of his scene, how could he have fallen to this point! Even if he died, he would not let Luo Xiao go!

Yu Jia's face showed a hideous look, and the color of resentment in his eyes was full of resentment as if it would gush out in the next second! After seeing this picture of Yu Jia, the old man on the side nodded secretly happily: Well, yes, that's it! Let's get more resentment! !