Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 12

Chapter 11:

Yu Xiao looked at the seed pattern that appeared in the palm of her right hand at this time, and her heart was full of doubts. Why does something like this appear on the palm of my hand? He wiped vigorously with his hands, but it didn't help to rub his palms red.

He thought about it carefully, could it have something to do with the wound he accidentally cut in the tunnel today? He clearly remembered that it was an ordinary stone that opened his palm? Is there anything special about that stone? Speaking of it, there is really something special, at least, isn't the wound on his palm healed by himself?

Yu Xiao thought to himself, should he find a time to go to the tunnel again, let him see what is going on, and find out if there is any magical stone by the way.

However, this matter will have to wait until next week, after all, Weishan Lita's home is still some distance away. During his school days, he didn't have time to go anywhere, only when he was on vacation.

Yu Xiao glanced at the palm of his right hand again, and then slowly closed his eyes: Let's do this for now, he is still a primary school student, and he has to get up early to go to school tomorrow.

During the break, Yu Xiao couldn't help but stared at the palm of his right hand. This is, a palm of his hand stretched out, and he pulled up his right hand and saw it by himself: "Xiao Yuzi, what are you looking at? I have noticed that you have been staring at your palm. Nothing. What's so good?"

Ok? When Yu Xiao saw Fan Lie who was still staring at his palm curiously, a doubt flashed in his heart: Couldn't he see the seed pattern in the palm of my hand?

"Liezi, can't you see the pattern on the palm of my hand?" Yu Xiao asked tentatively.

"Hey? The pattern?" Fan Lie looked up and down his palm carefully for a long time, then raised his head and asked in confusion: "Xiao Yuzi, where is the pattern? Why didn't I see it?"

Yu Xiao could be sure that the seed pattern was real and only he could see it. He couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief: Fortunately, others couldn't see it, otherwise he wouldn't be able to explain why this suddenly appeared.

Looking at Fan Lie, who was still looking for it with perseverance, Yu Xiao "pouched" and laughed out loud. Sometimes his friend is really...

Fan Lie stared at him for a moment, then reacted: "Xiao Yuzi, you said, are you playing with me on purpose? Huh?"

"No, I didn't, I didn't play with you." It's just that you can't see it. Yu Xiao endured a smile and evaded Fan Lie's'fierce' offensive. Since knowing that he is ticklish, Fan Lie will tickle him vigorously every time he feels irritable, and this time is no exception~~

"Okay, okay, Liezi, I, I know, it's wrong, really, I know it's wrong, it's wrong." Yu Xiao panted and apologized, "You, just let it go, let me go."

Fan Lie looked at him with a pitiful smile in tears. He gave an angry snort and then completely stopped: "I will spare you this time. If I dare to lie to me next time, let me see if I can take care of you. !"

"Yes, yes, thank you Fan Ye for raising your hand, the young one knew that he was wrong, and he will definitely not do it again next time!" Yu Xiao apologized with a smiley face.

"Huh? Another next time?" Fan Lie gave a glance.

Yu Xiao touched her nose: "Okay, there's no next time, I'm not angry anymore~~~"

"Humph, forgive you this time."

Yu Xiao looked at him with an arrogant look, and there was a petting smile in his eyes: It is such a small temper, in the future, he will eat Ren Ge to death~~~

Soon, one day was over again. The three little friends were walking on the way home, and once again talked about the trip to Weishan yesterday. Everyone agreed that they would have to hang out together when they were free.

In a blink of an eye, it was the Saturday holiday time again. Yu Xiaozheng planned to go to Weishan again, but didn't want a group of people to come home and interrupt his plan.

Three fierce-looking men, holding wooden sticks more than one metre long in their hands, kicked open the door of their house with one kick. They just walked into the yard and shouted: "Is there anyone in the house? Give it to me." get out!"

Yu Xiaoxin walked out with some speculation, "I'm the only one at home, what do you do?"

"Are you a kid?" The leader saw that there was only a ten-year-old child. Although his face could not show any gentle expression, at least his voice was much softer, "Child, your mother?"

Yu Xiao looked up at him and replied: "Mom went to work in the factory, who are you? Why come back to my house?"

The leader put down the stick in his hand: "We have something to find your mother, kid, you go find your mother."

A trace of clarity flashed in Yu Xiao's eyes: "Are you here to collect debts? Did he lose money to you again?"

"Well, yes." The man in the lead didn't want to tell Yu Xiao about this. After all, he also has a child, and no matter what the adult is wrong, it should not be attributed to the child. However, when he saw Yu Xiao's eyes, he could not help but answer.

Is it true? Yu Xiao lowered his eyes, and a trace of resentment emerged in his heart. His mother worked so hard every day and maintained a family life with such difficulties. As a result, that man turned out to be!

"How much does he owe you this time?" Yu Xiao asked in a low voice.

The man who took the lead hesitated for a moment, and then said: "After including the interest, he now owes us two hundred yuan in total."

what? two hundred? When Yu Xiao heard this number, her eyes widened in surprise. His mother's monthly salary is only a little bit, except for living expenses, there is only a few dollars left per month. When will such a large sum of money be repaid? Not to mention the interest that will continue to be generated during this period.

He is not wrong when he is born again, and he knows what he will do to make a lot of money. But the problem is that those are all things in the future.

Yu Xiao fell into silence all at once, where should he go to raise such a sum of money? If you are looking for someone to borrow, who will you be looking for? Grandma doesn't need to think about it. They will be fine if they don't come to take advantage of their house. On the grandmothers side, the mothers sisters were already married except for the eldest mother. The little aunt was looking for a partner. The eldest uncle was just married and the younger uncle was still studying. There was no money to borrow. Give it to them.

Just when he was in a hurry, Yu's mother came back. It turned out that the neighbor of their family saw that the situation was wrong, and immediately went to the factory to find Yu's mother.

As soon as Mama Yu entered the door, she saw Yu Xiao standing there with her head down, and she suddenly felt her heart. She was afraid of what hurt him: "Xiaoxiao, what's the matter with you? Is there anything wrong?"

"Mom, I'm all right." Yu Xiao looked at her mother who was anxious squatting in front of her, "By the way, they are here to collect debts."

Mother Yu stood up, protected Yu Xiao behind her, and looked at the three people in front of her vigilantly: "He owes you the money. If you ask for it, you can go to him."

"Although it is said that there is a wrongdoer and a debtor, but that kid Yu Jun is currently being detained by us, and he asked us to come to you for money."

"How much?"

"Not much, two hundred yuan."

"What? Two hundred?" Mom Yu screamed when she heard the debt he said, "How can we have so much money?"

"It doesn't matter to us." The lead brother shrugged, "I will give you half a month. If you don't hand over the money in half a month, don't blame us then."

After speaking the cruel words, the lead eldest brother took his two younger brothers and left their home. After they left, Yu's mother suddenly collapsed to the ground: "Two hundred yuan, where can I raise so much money?"

"Mom, get up first." Yu Xiao pulled her mother who was sitting on the floor laboriously, "We will slowly figure out how to deal with money, so please calm down first."

"Calm down?" Mother Yu looked at Yu Xiao with a trace of confusion, and then quickly recovered, "Yes, calm down first." She got up from the ground with Yu Xiao's support and dusted her body. Walked slowly into the house.

The money must be repaid, even if it is a huge sum of money for their family. However, if she didn't return it, she would not worry about what those people would do to Yu Jun. What she was most afraid of was that the child would be implicated in this matter. Yu Xiao is her lifeblood, no one can hurt him.

In the evening, while they were still worrying about money, Yu Jun came back with his drunk body, holding a half-drink beer bottle in his hand: "Hiccup, stinky lady, money, money are all Ready, hiccup, are you ready?"

"That's more than two hundred yuan. We don't have so much money in our family." Mother Yu said with a sad sigh.

Yu Jun put the beer bottle on the table with a'bang': "Fart! Hiccups, stinky girl, don't think I, hiccups, I don't know, your monthly salary, hiccups, now you have more than 30 yuan. of!"

"However, except for the usual expenses, basically there is not much savings at home."

"Don't give me this set, don't you still have private money?"

"No, isn't that all taken by you?"

When Yu Jun heard it, good fellow, is this still complaining about him? He smashed the beer bottle on the ground angrily, and pointed at Mama Yus nose and yelled, "Smelly girl, dont shame you? If you know, please give me the money quickly. Otherwise, Ill fight. Damn you! Also, if you dont have money, wouldnt you ask your natal family to ask for it? Also, you little gangster, look at what you see, and see if I believe it or not and kill you! Ah? Look again! Look again!! "

Mother Yu hurriedly pulled Yu Xiao into her arms, and at the same time, she pressed his head down. After all, Yu Jun is someone who says he can do it. Her Xiao Xiaocai didn't have much time to leave the hospital, and she didn't want this man to beat Xiao Xiao into the hospital again.

After Yu Jun yelled at him for nearly an hour, he staggered to the bedroom and went to sleep. Yu Xiao looked at the strong smile on his mother's face, and his heart was severely pulled. He once again hoped that he could grow up faster, and at the same time strengthened the idea of wishing his parents divorce in his heart.

This is another night that keeps them sleepless, and they will start to think of ways to raise money tomorrow~~~

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