Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 13

Chapter 12:

Because I basically didn't sleep well yesterday, I woke up early the next morning. Yu Xiao patted her cheek in the mirror, and then went to the kitchen to find Yu's mother: "Good morning, Mom."

"Morning, Xiaoxiao." There were obvious dark circles under her eyes, and bloodshot eyes were also visible in her eyes. Obviously, she didn't have a good rest yesterday.

Yu Xiao glanced at her worriedly, thinking that if she is rich now, she can help her mother share part of it. Suddenly, his eyes lit up, yes, why did he forget that~~ Yu Xiao immediately ran back to his bedroom and slumped on the ground directly under the bed.

Since one side of his bed was against the wall, and the man always went to gambling with money in the house, he developed a habit of digging holes under the bed to hide things.

Looking at the familiar hole under the bed, Yu Xiao's face showed a happy smile. He stretched out his hand inward, and quickly touched the cold thing. After taking it out, it turned out to be his tin little treasure box. Speaking of it, this should be the candy box his mother bought him during the Chinese New Year several years ago.

He crawled out from under the bed with the box, ignoring the dust on his body, and rushed to find Mama Yu: "Mom, mom, look, I have money here."

Mother Yu looked at Yu Xiao's way, and she couldn't help but feel a little soreness in her eyes. She knew about this tin box. This is Xiaoxiao's treasure box, which contains the pocket money he saved and the New Year's money.

"Mom, although the money is not a lot, but, you see, there is still a longevity lock here." Yu Xiao excitedly picked up the sterling silver longevity lock that was not the size of the baby's palm. It was his grandmother. It was given to him when he was born.

Mother Yu took the longevity lock and squeezed her hand tightly: "No, this longevity lock can't be sold. Also, you should put away your money. Mom will find another way to raise money. Money."

"But, mother..." Yu Xiao wanted to say something, but she was stopped by her mother.

"Observe, Xiaoxiao." Mama Yu put the lid on for him, tucked it into his arms and whispered, "Hurry up and hide it, or if you show it to your father, he will gamble again."

Seeing Mama Yu's insistence on her face, Yu Xiao had no choice but to take his small tin box back and hide it again. After breakfast, Yu Xiao and Yu's mother went to school, went to school, and worked.

As soon as he walked into the classroom, Yu Xiao obviously saw many classmates looking at him with strange eyes, and they were whispering from time to time, and he frowned involuntarily.

"Little Yuzi, that..." Fan Lie stopped talking after Yu Xiao took his seat.

"What?" Yu Xiao glanced around the people who were obviously tilted their ears.

"That..." Fan Lie wanted to say something but was interrupted by someone.

"Shut up, you guy." Hao Ren gave him a vicious look, then nodded to Yu Xiao, "Yu Zi, come outside the classroom, I have something to tell you."

Yu Xiao nodded, got up and walked out. Fan Lie walked out after seeing this, ignoring the threat in Hao Ren's eyes.

"Yu Zi, the people who went to collect the debt yesterday didn't do anything to you, right? Are there any injuries?" Hao Ren immediately asked worriedly when the three of them walked to a quiet corner of the campus.

Yu Xiao looked at the unstoppable caring expressions on their faces, and he shook his head directly: "No." He didn't intend to hide and pinch, after all, everything in their place was spread very quickly. of. Not to mention, the three door-to-door debt collectors made such a loud noise yesterday.

"Hey? Is it really true?" Fan Lie thought it was Mo Tao deliberately rumored, everyone in his class knew that the guy had always looked down upon Yu Xiao, and from time to time he would say all kinds of bad things about Yu Xiao behind his back. So after knowing that this matter was true, he was still a little surprised. However, he quickly patted Yu Xiao on the shoulder: "Xiao Yuzi, if you need help, just speak up, don't treat us as outsiders."

"Well, by the way, how much does your dad owe this time?" Hao Ren is still very disdainful of Yu Xiao's dad. Even if he doesn't work to make money, he knows about drinking and gambling even if he still depends on women to support him.

"Two hundred." Yu Xiao said in a low voice.

"What? Two hundred?" Fan Lie couldn't help but exclaimed.

"The voice is quieter, are you afraid that others won't know?" Hao Ren patted Fan Lie on the back of the head.

Fan Lie subconsciously covered his mouth with his hands, and looked around to see if anyone else was there, then patted his chest carefully and asked in a low voice, "Why do you owe so much? Then when will you pay it back? ?"

"I don't know, moreover, those people said they would pay it off within half a month." Yu Xiao said with a heavy heart.

"Half a month?" Hao Ren knew about the situation of Yu Xiao's family. Yesterday, Yu Xiao's mother came home from his mother. However, their family did not have that much money to lend to Yu Xiao. However, help as much as you can.

"I still have some pocket money and new year's money that I usually save, or you can take it first." Hao Ren touched Yu Xiao's head.

Fan Lie didn't want to be left behind and leaned forward and said: "I have some, and I have some. Although there is no pocket money left, I have saved all the New Year's money."

Yu Xiao smiled and shook his head to reject the kindness of the two of them: "No, you should keep your money for yourself. I will figure out another way." After all, they are all children, and the annual New Year's money is only one dollar. Besides, the family background of their two families is similar to that of his family. They are not very wealthy families. Both parents work for others.

Moreover, although the Hao Ren family has a single family, the population is not very large. But Grandpa Hao couldn't hold back the patients who participated in the War of Resistance against Japan when he was young, and now he gets sick with all kinds of problems when he is old. Both of Hao Ren's parents are filial piety, and they have insisted on seeing Grandpa Hao and buying good things to replenish his body. This is the cost that his parents sometimes drive out of working overtime.

As for the situation of Fan Lie's family, the main expense is that their family is not the only child of Fan Lie. Fan Lie also has three older sisters, plus his parents, and a family of six has to eat and live. However, his parents are not as patriarchal as some parents. The reason why Fan's mother must give birth to a boy is mainly from the pressure of the older generation. Although the population in the family is a little larger, the couple gritted their teeth and sent all the children to school. They believed that only when they studied, the children would have a real good way out.

Of course, another reason for Yu Xiao is that he doesn't want their friendship to have anything to do with money. Once it gets involved, no matter how good the relationship is, the friendship will deteriorate.

Hao Ren and Fan Lie wanted to say more, but the preparation bell rang for class. Yu Xiao waved his hand and smiled and said: "Okay, okay, let's go to class first. The first class is the class of the head teacher, so you can't be late~~~"

"Well, remember to ask us for help if you have something!" Hao Ren and Fan Lie emphasized again.

Yu Xiao sat on the seat. Although his eyes were fixed on the blackboard, his attention was obviously not on it. He carefully recalled in his mind what way he could make money quickly in half a month.

Until after school, Yu Xiao still didn't think of a way. In fact, it is not impossible, but the time has not yet arrived. In fact, what he originally wanted was to buy a five-eleven lottery and win the lottery, because he remembered seeing a lottery number with huge prize money, because that number happened to be his mothers birthday plus his birthday, but the problem was that It will only appear in five years~~~

Yu Xiao frowned and said angrily: I blame the man. If he hadn't gone out to gamble, although their family would not be considered rich, they still had enough food and clothing. but

"Huh, really shameless!" A sharp voice came from behind.

Yu Xiao turned around and saw his'good brother' standing not far away. At the moment, he was looking up with his hands on his hips and looking at him with a contemptuous look: "What are you looking at? It's you! It's causing grandma to mess up," Dont hurt others if you are in debt, dont you know?"

Yu Xiao raised an eyebrow: "We are not other people. Anyway, my father is her son born in October. What qualifications does your nephew have to say about your uncle here? Dont forget your surname. You are an outsider!"

"You!" Lu Cheng pointed his finger at him and his face blushed, "Believe it or not, let me tell grandma your daughter-in-law!"

"I believe, isn't this your best?" Yu Xiao smiled sarcastically, "Also, pointing at others with your finger is very impolite. Speaking of which, you should really study the most basic politeness. ."

After that, Yu Xiao stopped looking at his angrily stomping his feet, and turned around and walked into his yard. Speaking of which, his grandmother is really true. Obviously, the distance between the two families was only a dozen meters away, and he didn't believe that yesterday's movement would not be heard. However, no one came to help their mother and son. Now it's even more absolute, and just tell him by laughing at his cousin: They will not help if they find a way to solve the money matter.

Haha, the diligent energy every time his mother pays wages, it's better now, this is going to be completely separated, right? Although his dad is the second child, he can be said to be his grandma's eldest son because the one above is an older sister. What? Is it because there is a younger son? Is this abandoning the older son?

He knew it, his grandmother had nearly two hundred private money in her hands. However, looking at this posture, there is no need to think about how to borrow money from this iron hen.

I dont know if my mother has thought of any good way. After all, the half-months time has passed all of a sudden~~~

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