Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 2

Chapter 1:

The cold rain kept floating in from the entrance of the cave, but his body no longer had the strength to move. After all, it has been hours since he was knocked down from the cliff. And he has been crawling with this broken body hard for several hours. Not long ago, it rained to increase the difficulty of his crawling.

It was a blessing for him to see such a cave when he could not hold on. Although, this so-called cave is only slightly recessed compared to other walls.

Yu Xiao lay down on the ground embarrassedly, her face and hair covered with mud, her clothes were worn out and muddy, her hands were already bloodied, and her nails were broken a lot.

He squinted his eyes and stared at his hands that had been carefully maintained for playing the piano. The corners of his mouth couldn't help but laughed: This hand is the man's favorite, and he usually takes care of it more carefully than his master. Who ever thought, this time it has become like this, really...

When he thought of this, Yu Xiao couldn't help feeling full of hatred in her heart. Why do you treat him like this? Didn't you say that you love him? It turns out that loving him is to deceive his feelings, to take away his money, and to kill him?

Unexpectedly, I didn't expect that Yu Xiao would eventually be harmed into what he is now. If he knew this was the case, he should listen to Fan Lie's advice and refrain from dating that bastard. Look, this is what he ended up doing his own way~~~~

Yang Jian is his homosexual person. In this society that still advocates heterosexuality, the two of them went through a lot of ups and downs from the first relationship to the last secret marriage. In particular, Yang Jian's family is still an old-fashioned family, and his parents as teachers strongly oppose the unbearable relationship between the two of them.

After the incident, Yang Jian used to sever the relationship as an excuse for Mother Yang to ease her attitude a little bit, but for him Yu Xiao, that would really want to cramp and drink blood. Had it not been for his son to protect him, Yu Xiao wouldn't have been harmed like this.

No matter how Yu Xiao pleases, it's useless. In desperation, in order to prevent his lover from doing things in the middle, he gradually stopped visiting each other's parents.

However, his behavior made the other's parents mistakenly think that he was shrinking. So they called Yang Jian twice a day and asked him to go on blind dates with different women. What's more, they are looking for those families who look good, and their personality is even more gentle and considerate.

Even though Yang Jian repeatedly refused, he still went out on blind dates several times. Although he used all kinds of excuses to go out, as his lover, Yu Xiao was familiar with everything about him, and already understood a lot in his heart, but he didn't say it.

Moreover, he also believes in Yang Jian. If there is not even such a trace of trust between the lovers, then their relationship will not be far from ending.

In this way, after five years of noisiness, Yang Jian's parents finally gave up introducing their son to a woman on a blind date, and no longer opposed their relationship so much. At least, when I saw Yu Xiao five years later, Yang's father was just there to ignore him, while Yang's mother was no longer rejecting his pleasing behavior.

Everything is moving in a good direction, and the two of them naturally went through the marriage procedures in secret. After all, both of them have held on to this love that lasted nearly six years.

However, just yesterday, their relationship ended completely.

He, Yu Xiao, got divorced on their first anniversary yesterday. Moreover, he actively donated the property in his name to Yang Jian. Even in the end, he died accidentally.

it is good! it is good! It's really good! Unexpectedly, it turns out that Yu Xiao is still such a "Mother"!

The thought of coming back so anxiously last night was to give Yang Jian a surprise, but he didn't want to miss their first wedding anniversary with such a pity. Unexpectedly, when I opened the door, I saw messy clothes and a strange sound from the bathroom.

Yu Xiao's eyes widened in shock, and the luggage in his hand fell to the ground involuntarily. He stepped forward calmly, step by step towards the bathroom not far away. The closer you get to the bathroom door, the sound of water mixed with passionate groans will continue to penetrate into your ears.

He was very familiar with those two voices, one was his lover who had been in love for seven years, and the other was his closest cousin-Yu Jia.

Oh, ha ha, ha ha ha. The Yu Jia who has been following him, one cousin and Yang brother, the Yu Jia who has always supported and encouraged her to fall in love with Yang Jian, the Yu Jia who has been blessing their happiness all the time, and the one who has always been favored by herself and supported by herself. Yu Jia, it turns out, is this the reward he gave? Then Yu Xiao couldn't bear this reward!

With a "touch", Yu Xiao kicked open the wooden door of the bathroom directly and saw the two inside were dumbfounded by the loud noise, and even when the fog dissipated, he was sometimes panicked when he saw him. Two people.

A hint of sarcasm flashed across Yu Xiao's face. It seemed that, in terms of the proficiency of the two of them, the frequency of this incident was really rare!

"Xiao, you, are you back?" Yang Jian saw his lover standing at the door of the bathroom with a gloomy expression, his face showed obvious panic.

"Tang, Tang, cousin?" Yu Jia's face was suddenly white without a trace of blood, and her body contracted subconsciously.

This made Yang Jian almost couldn't help screaming out. There was no way. What he was still staying in other people's body, where it was already tight and not good, now it would be even more lethargic if you add that shrinking. He is in ecstasy.

Of course, as far as Yang Jian is concerned, he is more willing to be in ecstasy when there are only two people, rather than in such a situation. This clip also made him react, and immediately pulled out his own things.

The sound of "wave" made the three faces change. Yu Xiao didn't want to see such a dirty picture again, and turned around and left.

"Xiao, Xiao, listen to me!" When Yang Jian saw Yu Xiao turned and left, he immediately wanted to pull his leg to follow, but he was caught before he took a step.

"Yu Jia, what are you doing?" Yang Jian looked impatient, "I want to go out and explain clearly with Xiao."

"Then you can't go out directly like this, let's put on your clothes." Yu Jia darkened her eyes, and after flashing a trace of unwillingness quickly, she gently pointed to the bathrobe in the closet beside her.

When Yang Jian heard it, he immediately picked up the towel on the side, wiped it a few times indiscriminately, put on the bathrobe and walked out, and walked out without even putting on slippers.

After Yang Jian's figure disappeared at the bathroom door, Yu Jia raised her head, her face was unabashedly strong and resentful. He kept crying in his heart: Why, why do you want to come back! I hate you! I hate you!

However, he quickly controlled his emotions and patted his cheek. After showing a pitiful expression, he began to wipe himself carefully with the towel that Yang Jian wiped. Then he put on the bathrobe that obviously belonged to Yu Xiao, and then walked towards the living room with a shivering look.

"Xiao, Xiao, really, I was wrong, I shouldn't betray you, you scold me, you hit me!" Yang Jian knelt beside Yu Xiao, confessing and apologizing. From time to time, I stretched out my hand to touch him, but without exception, he was opened by a ruthless pat.

Seeing the man he loved so humbly in front of him, the hatred and unwillingness in Yu Jia's heart became even stronger, why is it so! Why!

"You two, how long have you been like this?" Yu Xiao asked in a calm voice that he himself felt incredible.

"Xiao, we, this is the first time, really, the first time. If you don't believe it, you can ask him if you don't believe it." Yang Jian turned his head and pointed at Yu Jia and said loudly, his eyes full of pleading.

There was a sting in Yu Jia's heart at this moment. He put aside his eyes and lowered his head and replied in a consoling way: "Tang, cousin, we, we, really, this is the first time, please, please forgive Brother Yang, this , All this, its me, Im not good, its me. Im sorry for you!"

"Xiao, Xiao, you heard it, it's really the first time we have, you believe me, believe me, I won't be anymore, please, forgive me, forgive me this time."

"Tang, cousin, please, forgive Brother Yang, all of this is my fault, please!" Yu Jia staggered a few steps just to kneel down beside Yang Jian and apologize to Yu Xiao for forgiveness. .

Seeing the two people who were constantly apologizing in front of him, Yu Xiao couldn't help feeling irritated: It was obviously that they had betrayed him. How could the crying now be his fault?

"Okay, that's it, I'll go out to live today." Yu Xiao interrupted their crying impatiently and got up and walked towards the door.

"Xiao!" Yang Jian immediately reached out and grabbed his right hand when he saw it, "Don't go, I was wrong, you forgive me, don't go!"

"Enough!" Yu Xiao forcefully pushed him away, walked quickly to the door, picked up his luggage and turned to Yang Jian and said: "I'm going out to live, don't follow me! Did you hear that?"

"But, Akatsuki, I..."

"Shut up! Don't bother me!" Yu Xiao couldn't suppress her emotions loudly and shouted at Yang Jian, then slammed the door and left.

"Brother Yang, cousin, we..." Yu Jiajing looked at the development of the situation and couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief after Yu Xiao left.

"You shut up!" Yang Jian turned and cursed angrily, "You bitch, Xiao would not leave me if it wasn't for you! Everything is your fault! Get out! Get out of me!"

"Brother Yang, I..." Yu Jia wanted to say something, but was pulled directly by Yang Jian and pushed him down outside, closing the door mercilessly.

Yu Jia sat on the cold floor tiles, the expression on his face was directly distorted to the point of no good, the hatred and unwillingness in his heart also reached the peak at this time, and the obvious murderous intent appeared in his eyes: you are looking for everything. of!

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