Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 21

Chapter 20:

Luo Xiao started his short part-time job in the grocery store, and his behavior these days has not attracted the attention of his uncle. As the New Year is approaching, my younger uncle plans to take Luo Xiao home the day after tomorrow, because tomorrow they will go out to buy some special items such as souvenirs to take home, so today is his last day to work in the grocery store.

Although he had worked for ten days in the grocery store including today, I have to admit that his experience in the grocery store was quite enjoyable. Since not many people come to the store to buy things, he spends most of his time reading books. Since reading the "Bagua", he also went home and made one according to the above-mentioned formation, followed by a gourd drawing. Then he caught a mouse and went in for an experiment. He didn't expect it to actually work.

While sighing in his heart, he was also very fortunate. He didn't expect that he had been born again, and he would have the opportunity to encounter this kind of sneer before. In this way, the cultivating things in those novels are not nonsense.

When it was about to get off work, Luo Xiao walked up to Old Man Huo and said with a trace of reluctance: "Grandpa Huo, I can't come over tomorrow. My uncle will take me home for the New Year the day after tomorrow. We have to go out tomorrow. Buy something. So..."

"That's it," Huo was still a little surprised after hearing this. If Luo Xiao hadn't mentioned it, he would have forgotten that it would be the New Year in a few days. So he thought for a while and then said, "Okay, I know. By the way, write down your address for me."

"Hey?" Luo Xiao was a little puzzled, but he still used a pen to write on the paper.

Elder Huo picked up the piece of paper and looked at it, and he was secretly happy: He didn't expect this place to be, he said, they are still very fate~~

"Little guy, I think you have been reading that "Gossip" these days, why are you interested in this aspect?" Old man Huo asked tentatively.

"Well, I think it's amazing." Luo Xiao replied in a childish tone.

"Miraculous?" Old man Huo raised his eyebrows involuntarily, "How do you know it's amazing? According to my old man, it's boring."

After spending these days together, Luo Xiao actually vaguely felt the unusualness of Mr. Huo. Moreover, he has a feeling that this "Gossip" may have been put there deliberately by the old man. Didn't you see that as long as he reads this book, did Elder Huo secretly look at him from time to time?

"Actually, I..." Luo Xiao paused and said, "The more I watched, the more I felt that the formation inside was amazing, so I went home and tried it myself."

"Oh? How did it turn out?" Old Huo asked calmly.

Luo Xiao thought of the funny appearance of the mouse master who was caught by him as the experiment, and said with a slight smile: "As a result, the mouse is tired and doesn't want to move."

"Oh?" The old man's eyes lit up obviously, "Really?"

"En, yes."

"Okay, okay, okay!" The old man laughed and stretched out his hand and patted his shoulder fiercely.

Luo Xiao wrinkled his face and rubbed his numb shoulder at the moment, and had to sigh: The old man is so old, I didn't expect that this hand is still so powerful~~

Elder Huo is now more satisfied with Luo Xiao, and he can't help being happy: He didn't expect to find such a talented inheritor that suits his wishes in his lifetime~~

Elder Huo, whose real name is Huo Tianling, is the 198th generation head of Tianjimen. The origin of the Tianji Gate can be traced back to the Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasties. It is rumored that it was founded by the Taoist immortals, mainly based on divination and calculation, and has always served emperors to ensure the prosperity of the country. However, in Wu Zetian's period, because of the results of the fortune-telling by the head of the time, His Majesty Tian was furious, and Tianji Gate was destroyed. Since then, the Tianji Gate has remained hidden from the world, and it has only gradually become known again in the last 100 years.

Of course, only the top of the country and certain large families with deep heritage know about it. And this "Bagua" is actually the most basic requirement for Tianjimen disciples to get started. Only those who can show the formation inside are eligible to enter the heavenly secret gate, but this is not something everyone can show, only those with spiritual power can.

Luo Xiao accidentally gained spiritual power because of the opportunity brought by the fairy peach tree, which also enabled him to successfully put out that formation. However, he still doesn't know this.

After the old man Huo finished laughing, he looked at him lovingly: "Little guy, do you want to be my heir?"

"Hey?" Luo Xiao's face was obviously surprised. He really didn't expect the old man to say such words. However, after being stunned for a while, he nodded in ecstasy. Sure enough, he felt right. Elder Huo seemed to be a real outsider.

"Master is here, please be respected by the apprentice." Luo Xiao directly knelt on his knees, and banged his head three times in front of the old man.

"Good! Good! Good!" The old man Huo was more satisfied when he saw his movements. After he knocked, he leaned over and pulled him up, "Come, listen to the master tell you about our sect. Our sect is called Tianjimen. I am the head of the 198th generation. Our school..."

After listening to the master's explanation, Luo Xiao's first feeling was: Unexpectedly, he would one day become the head of a sect, although this sect is currently only two of him and his master.

After bidding farewell to the master, Luo Xiao took a few related books that he had been brought over and asked him to read and went back. In fact, he also asked the master how they would contact in the future, whether he came to S city or what. However, with the master's expression of the mountain man has a clever plan on his face, Luo Xiao stopped asking questions any more.

The next day, Luo Xiao and his little uncle began their sweeping trip. Looking at the big bags in the car, Luo Xiao couldn't help but twitched his mouth: Unexpectedly, my uncle's shopping ability is not inferior to women~~

"Mom, we are back~~~" After more than two hours of bumpy journey, Luo Xiao saw Luo Qian waiting for the two of them at the gate of the station sharply.

Luo Xiao realized that he missed his mother so much when he saw his mother. Ignoring the little uncle who was still holding the big and small bags there, he ran to Luo Qian with his little bag on his back. He rushed into her arms, breathing a familiar and warm breath, "Mom, Mom, I miss you so much~~~"

"Well, mom misses you too!" Luo Qian hugged Luo Xiao, who was full of children at this moment. The worry in her eyes for more than ten days has really disappeared at this moment. "Xiaoxiao, have you listened to you in S city? What about Uncle?"

"Yes, I'm obedient. Mom, let me tell you, S city really looks better than our town, there..."

Luo Xiao looked up and couldnt wait to share something with Luo Qian, because in her previous life, Luo Qian didnt divorce Yu Jun, and the heavy burden on her made her not relax, let alone leave this town. Go to see the scenery of other places. When he thinks of this, Luo Xiao's heart is unstoppable. In this life, he will take his mother to take a look outside and enjoy life.

"Hey, I said, did your mother and son forget me?" Just as they were talking happily, a voice of grievance came from behind them. The mother and son turned around and took a look, okay, they really accidentally forgot.

"Hey, brother, come, second sister will help you get some." Luo Qian looked at Luo Yong, who had nearly a dozen large bags hanging on her body, a little apologized, and then immediately stepped forward and reached out to help him get it. .

Luo Yong took a test, then raised his right hand and said to Luo Qian: "Second Sister, let me take these weights. I have the light weights. You can help me get them back." Luo Xiao also went up. Before sharing a few, the three of them talked and laughed and walked towards home.

"Dad, Mom, Xiaoxiao and I are back." Luo Yong yelled as soon as he walked into his door.

"Hey? Are you back?" The grandpa and grandma who heard the voice hurriedly walked out of the house, seeing the things they were holding in their hands and hurriedly stepped forward to help, "I will come back when I come back, why did you buy so many things to come back? ?"

"Mom, isn't it easy to go there? After the New Year, the price is cheaper, so I bought some things and came back." Luo Yong put down his things and slammed into the chair beside him, "Oh, I finally got home. Up."

"Come on, Xiaoxiao, come to grandma's side, take a look, they are all thinner!" Grandma looked at Luo Xiao distressedly, "How is it, does your uncle take good care of you?"

"Mom, depending on what you said, how could I not take good care of Xiaoxiao, right, Xiaoxiao." Luo Yong said with a smile.

"Well, uncle takes care of me very much."

"By the way, mom, come, I brought back gifts for each of you, let me see where they are." After that, Rayong began to search for the things he brought back.

"Here, Dad, this is the radio I brought you. You won't have to go to Uncle Li's house anymore. Come on, Mom, this is buying a sewing box for you. Second sister, you and your eldest sister, third sister, and sister-in-law A silk scarf per person, and, this is a watch for the eldest brother and brother-in-law." Because he wanted to buy gifts from everyone, Rayong simply spent all the money he had earned in the past few days. After all, you can earn more money after you are gone, but the joy of the family receiving gifts at this moment really cannot be bought with money.

At dinner, everyone who received the gift was filled with joyful smiles, and Luo Yong's heart was also warm. And Luo Xiao sat on the chair with his job and watched them look happy, and decided in his heart: I will treat these families better in the future!

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