Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 23

Chapter 22:

When the dizziness in Luo Xiao's mind gradually diminished, he could see exactly what was going on in front of him. When he was about to start a struggle, a rush of footsteps came, and the person covering his mouth immediately increased his efforts. , His face is full of tension.

"I'm awkward, this little bunny ran really **** fast, and someone inadvertently let him run out, third, how about it, did you find anything?"

"No, brother, what can you do about this? If you let the boss know, then we will..."

"Go, I don't need you to tell me that I know, this time the boss finally took the opportunity to get this little **** back, just waiting to negotiate terms with that guy."

"But, aren't we running away now? Then what shall we do? Or, second brother, let's just run away."

"Run? What run? Dont you know, the boss knows everything about each of our brothers family members. If we run away, what will the family members do? Besides, even if we can ignore our own family For the comfort of people, where can we go?"

"...Oh, what can I do! If I catch that little **** around me, I must break his leg! I am really angry!"

"Okay, okay, now that we are talking about this, it is important to find someone as soon as possible, otherwise the two of us will wait to be brothers below."

"Well, go, brother."

"Well, hurry up."

When the sound of footsteps finally disappeared, Luo Xiao directly struggled fiercely. No way, he will be hypoxia if he doesn't struggle!

"Yes, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it, are you okay?"

Luo Xiao rolled his eyes at him. If it weren't for the fact that the opponent was about his age, and because of the embarrassment that he seemed to be kidnapped, he wouldn't hold his breath and wait until the bad guys left before struggling.

"Um, I was so embarrassed just now. Also, thank you." The strange boy thanked him sincerely.

"No need." Luo Xiao stood up from the ground, patted the clothes on her body, and then couldn't help frowning: This dress was made for him by his mother. It was the first day I wore it today. The guy is dirty!

The strange boy had been paying attention to Luo Xiao's expression, and then followed his gaze. It was obvious that there was a lot of dirt on the brand-new clothes, and there was a fever in his face: In order to think from those people's hands To escape, he had to crawl through a dog hole, and deliberately got some wet mud from the ground to make himself like a little beggar, naturally he was dirty all over.

After Luo Xiao glared at him fiercely, he turned and walked towards grandma's house. However, when he walked a few steps, he stopped and turned around: "What are you doing with me?"

"Goo~~~~" A string of loud voices sounded, and the boy touched his stomach and said with a flattering smile: "Well, little benefactor, do it well."

"You..." Luo Xiao glanced at him, then turned and left without saying anything.

The strange boy was stunned for a while, looking at the back who left, his head bowed in disappointment. But before he was sad for a while, hope appeared again.

"Why are you standing there? Didn't you say that you are hungry? Come with me?" After Luo Xiao walked a few steps, he didn't hear the footsteps behind him. He turned around and saw him standing with his head bowed. There, it was like a puppy abandoned by the owner, and the whole person was pitiful.

However, when Luo Xiao later recalled how he felt at the moment, he was gritted teeth. Why was he so blind that he thought this **** looked pitiful? Even if he is so stupid to take people back to eat, he should not care about him or her life or death!

"Hey, here, here." The boy immediately opened his mouth and ran up with a smile, "Well, thank you~~"

"No need to."

"By the way, my name is Ye Lan, what is your name, little benefactor?"

Luo Xiao glanced at him, "Luo Xiao."

"Luo Xiao? Small in size?"

"Dawn of Chunxiao."

"Oh, this is Xiao~~ But it's better to write a small size."

Is it too late to regret now? Luo Xiao squinted his eyes. Seriously, his fist was itchy.

Fortunately, it was not far from his grandmother's house. After a ten-minute walk, Luo Xiao took Ye Lan back to his grandmother's house: "Grandma, I'm back."

"Xiaoxiao is back?" Luo Qian heard her son's voice coming out of the house, and immediately became worried when she saw Luo Xiao's appearance, "Xiaoxiao, what's wrong with you? Are you bullied? Why are the clothes so dirty?"

"Mom, I'm fine, I just accidentally fell on the road." Luo Xiao explained immediately.

"Really? Didn't lie to my mother?" Luo Qian has been even more nervous about Luo Xiao since she divorced Yu Jun. After all, some of their children here are children of single-parent families who love to bully.

"No, mother, don't worry." Luo Xiao promised repeatedly.

"That's okay." Luo Qian was relieved after carefully inspecting Luo Xiao and found that there were no scars except for the soiled clothes. Only then did he notice that there was a child beside him, "Xiaoxiao, is this?"

"I found this at the intersection of Bajiao Street."

"I found it?" Luo Qian pulled her mouth when she heard it: Son, this is not a cat or puppy. This is a big living person. Is it appropriate to pick up characters?

"Haha, hello, auntie, I am Ye Lan, I really picked it up by Xiaoxiao." Ye Lan stepped forward and said with a smile.

Luo Qian smiled at him, and then when he saw his embarrassment, she frowned slightly, her eyes were worried: "That, Ye Lan, are you okay?"

"It's okay, it's okay, just..."

As soon as Luo Qian saw his movements, she immediately understood: "Auntie understands, we are about to eat here, or else, you should take a shower with auntie, and you can have dinner right after the washing."

"Well, then trouble Auntie." Ye Lan sniffed suddenly, this meal is really fragrant~~

Luo Xiao looked at Ye Lan, who was following his mother, with black lines on his forehead: Is this guy really embarrassed? Also, what do you want to do so passionately with my mother? Really!

"Xiaoxiao, what the **** is going on?" Luo Qian took Ye Lan to the bathroom, then put him in a change of clothes and asked directly.

"Yes, Xiaoxiao, why do you go out and bring someone back during the New Year? It doesn't look like your classmate." The uncle said while sitting aside eating roasted sweet potatoes.

"Yong, you eat a little less, and we will have dinner soon." Grandma glanced at him, then shook her head helplessly.

Luo Xiao looked at the several adults present, and told him about his encounter with Ye Lan. This caused Ye Lan to almost not be shocked by the enthusiasm of several adults after coming out of the shower.

"Xiaoye has been washed?" Grandma waved to him, "Come on, come and sit at Grandma's side, we can start eating."

"Well, yes, grandma." Ye Lan glanced at Luo Xiao, and immediately knew that the other party must have said something.

"Come on, taste this, this is a good dish of grandma." The old man has always been more kind and soft-hearted. When I heard that Ye Lan was probably kidnapped and finally escaped, this heart was for him. Distressed.

"Well, okay, thank you grandma." Ye Lan looked at the big piece of braised pork in the bowl, his eyes were red immediately. Although people in this era are still very simple and kind, he is still very touched by how good a child like him is. In addition, he has lost his parents since he was a child, and there are only two people in the family, he and his grandfather. However, because of his grandfather's work, he spent most of his time alone at home. This was the first time he felt such warmth.

Grandpa glanced at him, and sighed in his heart: A miserable child, he would encounter such a thing. Fortunately, he escaped cleverly, otherwise he didn't know what would happen.

After eating five bowls of rice, Ye Lan hiccuped and patted his stomach: "Well, it feels good to be full~~~"

Luo Qian looked at him with a satiated expression, and said with a smile: "Xiao Ye, are you really full? If it is not enough, there will be more in the pot."

"Auntie, enough, enough." Ye Lan waved his hand quickly, "If I eat more, I will break my belly."

"Haha, yes, just eat enough."

Luo Xiao looked at him and rolled his eyes: This guy actually ate five bowls of rice? Do you want this? Didnt it mean that I didnt eat for two days? Besides, the rice bowl is not the kind of small rice bowl in the house, but a big rice bowl that is twice as big~~~

After eating, the big guy sat around the fire.

"Xiao Ye, where are you from? He doesn't sound like someone from here." Grandpa asked first.

"Grandpa, I'm from City B."

"City B? It's far away from us. Would you like to find a way to contact your family? Otherwise, I'm afraid your family will be worried."

"Well, I will contact them later." Ye Lan nodded, "By the way, Grandpa, do you know where to call?"

"Calling?" Grandpa thought for a while. After all, the telephone is not so popular in this age. They have also heard people talk about it, have seen it, and really haven't used it. "Wait a minute, I'll take you to the town government in our town, I remember there is a phone there."

When Luo Xiao on the side heard that he was about to make a call, his eyebrows were not so raised: Oh, so it seems that this guy surnamed Ye is either rich or powerful at home. Unexpectedly, he picked up a rich second-generation or official second-generation.

"Well, okay, thank you, grandpa." Ye Lan actually didn't expect that there would be phones installed in this small town. You know, these phones were all sent from above, or some people bought them from overseas. However, the price you buy is very expensive, so only the really rich will buy it.

The thought of waiting for a while to call home made Ye Lan's heart full of excitement, hoping that grandpa would not be too excited after hearing that he had an accident. After all, he only has such a relative.

However, when he thought of the news he had heard from the two kidnappers, his eyes flashed fiercely: I didn't expect it to be related to them, and it was good to see them as young and old. Are you bullied? After he goes back, he will definitely count this account with them!

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