Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 24

Chapter 23:

"Old boy, happy new year~~" After the grandfather took Luo Xiao and Ye Lan to lunch, they slowly came to an office in the town government.

An old man who was reading the newspaper leisurely heard the words and raised his head, "It's Old Man Luo, why are you old boy free to come here today? Come to see me? Not so kind, right?"

Grandpa fetched a piece of soil smoke from his coat pocket and threw it over, and said with a smile: "You old boy, you really can't spit out ivory from your dog's mouth. Why, I can't come over and see you for the Chinese New Year?"

"Go, go, come, come. Yo, who are these two cute little dolls?" Old man Tong asked when he saw the two children standing behind him.

"This is my grandson." Grandpa pointed to Luo Xiao, "That's a good friend of my grandson's. He is from the city. I forgot to tell my family."

"Oh, it's the child of your second child, a good baby." Old man Tong reached out and touched Luo Xiao's head with a loving sigh, "Then this little baby came here?"

"It's okay, just borrow your phone here to let him call home and report his safety." Grandpa waved his hand and said lightly.

When Old Man Tong heard this, he couldn't help frowning: They now only have one public telephone in the entire government building. It still seems that he has done so for so many years without making any mistakes. Out of trust, he let him take care of this. The use of the phone. Besides, people in their government usually use the telephone, and they have to ask the leaders for approval.

"Oh, you boy, don't you just make a phone call, or use it under your nose. What are you afraid of?" Grandpa stepped forward and convinced, "Besides, I just looked at it carefully when I came in just now. Not many people are here. Only a few of us know about this, and we won't let others know about it."

"But..." Old man Tong was still a little hesitant.

"Oh, you old boy, why are you so haunting!" Grandpa patted his back with a palm, then leaned over and whispered, "Think about it, now you can use the phone, which one? It's not a person with power or money. You are blocking people like this now, if you accidentally offend someone..."

"...Well, then, hurry up." The old man Tong thought for a moment, and finally nodded in agreement.

"Okay, Ye Xiaozi, just hit it. I'll go to your grandfather Tong and have a conversation outside the door." Grandpa gave old man Tong a look, and then walked to the door one after another. Fortunately, there is a small glass window on the door, you can see the situation inside, so that the old man can safely check the phone usage.

After Ye Lan saw that the door was closed, he walked directly to the phone and picked up the phone and started dialing. After a while, the phone was answered: "Hello, this is the Ye family, who do you call?"

"Uncle Fang, it's me, is Grandpa here?"

"Young Master? Is it Young Master?" Uncle Fang asked excitedly, "Are you okay?"

"Well, Uncle Fang, don't worry, I'm fine. By the way, is Grandpa at home?" Ye Lan heard the caring voice, his eyes full of warmth.

"Master? Yes, yes. Wait a minute, little master. Master, master..."

Listening to the fading voice, Ye Lan could imagine what kind of scene it was in his mind. Speaking of which, this was the first time he heard such an excited voice from Uncle Fang.

"What's the matter, Lao Fang?" Ye Lao frowned when he heard his whirring voice.

"Master, young master, young master is calling." Uncle Fang said excitedly.

"What?" Ye Lao stood up in surprise, "Are you sure? It's really Lan'er's call?"

"Yes, yes, yes, right below." Uncle Fang nodded with certainty.

"Go! Go!" Ye Lao walked out quickly from behind the desk, and hurriedly walked downstairs.

"Hello? Lan'er? Is it Lan'er?" Ye Lao picked up the phone and asked eagerly, "How are you? Where are you now? Are there any injuries? You..."

Listening to his grandfather's constant questioning over there, Ye Lan listened patiently with a smile, until he stopped talking, and said: "Grandpa, rest assured, everything is fine. I am now... ..." Ye Lan looked back at Luo Xiao beside him.

"A county C under city S in Z Province. I live in a friends house. His address is No.305, Group 43, Wuling Village. By the way, grandpa, this is the phone number of their town government. Dont call, its not very convenient."

"Well, yes, grandpa knows, don't worry, I will send someone to pick you up right away."

"Grandpa, don't do it for now. Once I go back, it is likely to disrupt their next actions. I know that you have been preparing for this opportunity for a long time, and you must not fall short for my reasons this time. So, Ill go back when everything is done there."

"Okay, Grandpa understands." Ye Lao agreed, "In this way, it happens that one of Grandpa's friends is the grandfather of our family last year. Do you have any impression? He happens to live in S city now, you want Dont go there first, and pick you up when Grandpa handles things here."

"Well, okay, grandpa. By the way, grandpa, I will have something like this this time, it seems that there are still ghosts. Grandpa, you and Uncle Fang must pay attention to your own safety over there! "Ye Lan still worried again, uneasy.

"Don't worry, grandpa and your Uncle Fang will be fine. We still have to watch you grow up, and then get married and have children! That's fine, first, I will hang up the phone first, otherwise they will notice. After all, it's better to be more careful now." Ye Lao said with a trace of dismay.

"En, yes, grandpa, you must take care of your health!"

"Okay, don't worry. Goodbye Lan'er."

"Goodbye, grandpa." Ye Lan finally hung up the phone first, because he knew that if he didn't hang up, grandpa wouldn't hang up first.

Luo Xiao stood aside, feeling a little regretful in his heart: to be honest, why didn't he follow Grandpa out just now? Yes, because Ye Lan grabbed the corner of his clothes. However, he listened to the other party's conversation openly like this. Seriously, he seemed to have heard something that shouldn't be heard~~ By the way, shouldn't he be silenced?

But in fact, in the near future, Luo Xiao will really be "killed", it's just that this is not the other, hehe...

"Grandpa, Grandpa Tong, I'm done." Ye Lan walked to the door and opened the door and said to the two adults outside.

"Well, it's fine if it's done." Grandpa touched his head, "How about it, can you contact the family and say it?"

"Well, my grandfather said he would let me go to S city and live there temporarily." Ye Lan nodded and replied.

"City S?" Grandpa thought for a moment, and then his eyes lit up, "It just so happens that your uncle will go to city S to work for a few days after the Chinese New Year. Then you should go with me, so we can rest assured."

"Well, yes, thank you Grandpa." Ye Lan didn't expect that he was lucky. After all, it was the first time for him to come to Province Z, and it would be best if someone took him there. Besides, there is still a certain risk for him to go out with a teenager. Not to mention, he is still being hunted by bad guys.

Luo Xiao stood by and watched Ye Lan behaved like a beloved grandfather there. He turned his head and curled his lips in disdain: What? How long has it been so long since I became so familiar with his family? Self-cooked? It's grandpa's uncle or something for opening and closing, please, do you have no relatives with a dime?

"What's the matter, little guy? Are you jealous?" Grandpa Tong looked at Luo Xiao's awkward appearance, touched his head and smiled.

"No, nothing." Luo Xiao's face was flushed, and there is no such thing as jealous! Also, what to look at? Don't think I didn't see the smile in your eyes.

Ye Lan looked at Luo Xiao staring at him as if he had seen a tsundere puppy that could not be comforted by the owner. Somehow, the more he looked, the more he wanted to laugh. However, in order not to blow up his hair, he still diverted his attention with difficulty.

"Okay, that's it, old boy, let's go." Grandpa said hello and took them away from the town government.

Old Man Tong looked at the backs of the three of them leaving, and whispered at the corners of his mouth: What is it, this is nothing but going to the Three Treasure Hall~~ It doesn't take so fast to cross the river and tear down the bridge, is it so obvious?

When the three returned home, when grandpa told the big guy about the matter, Luo Yong directly patted his chest and said, "Ye Lan, it's okay, my uncle will definitely send you safely~~ By the way, where you are going is where?"

Ye Lan touched his nose and replied embarrassingly: "Uncle, I actually don't know where the specific address is. I only know that it is a friend of my grandfather. He came to my house during the Chinese New Year last year. It was mentioned that he opened a store in S City."

"A store?" Luo Yong asked curiously, "What store?"

"It seems to be a grocery store." Ye Lan said uncertainly.

grocery store? As soon as Luo Xiao heard these three words, he didn't know what was going on, he had a vague guess in his heart, but things shouldn't be so coincidental, right?

At this time, in a small two-story building in town C, a few people were busy cleaning with various cleaning tools, just because it was about to welcome its owner to move in...

The author has something to say: When Thorn was writing this chapter, he suddenly realized that he was really a nickname~~~ Luo Xiao's nickname was already very feminine, and as a result! The Xiao Gongjun who we finally played has the same problem _ Lan'er, Xiaolan, Lanlan, Xiaoye and so on, why are all such women! ! ! ! ()

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