Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 28

Chapter 27:

The short winter vacation passed in a blink of an eye, and Luo Xiao also officially started his new semester of elementary school. Looking at the two people who were busy there, he smiled and squinted his eyes, and then said loudly, "Mom, godmother, I'm going to school."

"Well, be careful on the road." Luo Qian took the time to turn her head back and forth, and Xu Yan also turned her head and waved at him.

Yes, because of Zhou Qiang's high efficiency in handling affairs, the old rascal, the bullying and fearful old man, agreed in one go. Then, those who didn't say anything went to Xu Li, that is, Xu Yan's younger brother, to ask for the purchase and sale money that he had paid him. However, what I didn't expect was that Xu Li, this kid, would have squandered the money long ago, and there was no money left to return it to the old man.

It's good now, what money does he have to return to the old man. In addition, he found the gang of gangsters and didn't pay the money yet, so he really made the situation worse, psychologically, he hated Xu Yan to grit his teeth~~

However, he is also a person who is similar to Yu Jun, who is a strong foreigner, and he belongs to that kind of squat. Knowing that Xu Yan lives in Luo Qian's house, and that Luo Qian's brother-in-law is a policeman, the hatred in his heart has been added. If he knew that Xu Yan could have such a good relationship earlier, then he would not have to work hard. The so-called one person gains the Tao, chickens and dogs ascend to heaven.

That woman who didn't even dared to conceal this from him. His parents were kind enough to adopt Xu Yan when they were blind. This is simply raising a white-eyed wolf! Regardless of how angry Xu Li was in her heart, Xu Yan was really fortunate that she didn't tell her relationship with Luo Qian to the family, otherwise she didn't know what would happen.

Xu Li, who didn't dare to offend Zhou Qiang, had no choice but to secretly sell the things in the house to exchange for money, and this solved the problem of the old gangster and the gangsters.

And Xu Yan, who had no worries, finally nodded and agreed to live with their mothers under Luo Qians repeated persuasion, and because Xu Yan had no children and loved children very much, she called Luo Xiao a good~~very easy. Naturally, Xu Yan recognized Luo Xiao as her godson, let alone how warm and harmonious the three people lived.

Considering that Xu Yan had already been dismissed from her original job except for this kind of thing, let's go out and look for a new job, but she couldn't find a suitable one at once.

Looking at Xu Yan who was a little sad, Luo Xiao had already figured out her character after these days of getting along, so at a seemingly accidental opportunity, she deliberately understated and said to Luo Qian: "Mom, **** Moms craftsmanship is so good, its much better than the things I brought back from S city with my uncle~~"

"Hey? Don't you say that I really haven't noticed it." Luo Qian picked it up with chopsticks and tasted it carefully, "It's really just why you made it delicious."

"Oh, you mothers, don't make fun of me. How could it be so good." Although Xu Yan was very happy to hear them say this, she just heard it as a joke.

Luo Qian thought about it at the right time, but she knew how much money her brother paid for those things. It is said that it is still something famous, but the taste is really not as good as Xu Yan's. Since her divorce, her horizons have broadened a lot, and she struggled a little bit but decided.

"Swallow, I want to discuss something with you." Luo Qian said to Xu Yan seriously.

Xu Yan immediately corrected her attitude when she saw her decent appearance: "Qian, just tell me if you have anything."

"I want to open a shop with you."

"Opening a shop?" Xu Yan was stunned when she heard it. "But, just rely on our two women?"

"Well, what's the matter with women, we can succeed as well." Luo Qian looked unconvinced, "Well, do you want to do it with me for those who want to see our jokes? Even if you are a woman, you can't lose to them a man!"

"...Okay!" Xu Yan hesitated for a while or gritted her teeth and nodded, but then worried again, "But, Qian, it takes a lot of money to open a shop, we two. ....."

"This money really has to think about a way." Luo Qian calmed down as soon as he heard about the money. That's right, depending on their current situation, there really is no money to open a shop.

Luo Xiao on the side silently watched things move in the direction he expected. When they saw them worrying about the money, he knew that he was on the move.

Luo Xiao stood up and walked to Luo Qian's side deliberately in a twisted posture, and then pulled the corner of her clothes, hesitatingly said: "Um, mom, I, I have money."

"What?" Luo Qian obviously didn't believe it, "Xiaoxiao, don't join in the fun to tease mother, you know?"

Luo Xiao twitched his mouth after listening. Why didn't he know that he still had the attribute of joining in the fun?

"Mom, I didn't quarrel with you, I am, really rich." Luo Xiao emphasized again.

"Really?" Luo Qian was still full of suspicion, but a thought flashed in her mind, and she immediately became nervous, "Xiaoxiao, tell your mother frankly, did you go out to steal money or do bad things? Up?"

"Mom!" Luo Xiao is helpless at the moment, well, he knows that what he says at his current age is not so convincing and prestigious. But, don't you have to think about him like this?

"Um, I'm sorry, my mother was wrong." Luo Qian looked at her son's condemning gaze, and she felt a little guilty. She still doesn't know the best of her child's virtues~~

So Luo Qian immediately changed the subject: "Well, Xiaoxiao, where is your money?"

Luo Xiao looked at his mother's perfunctory questioning, and although he felt helpless, he led them to his room. He deliberately crawled under the bed, and then took the opportunity to take out the things that he decided long ago from the space.

"Mom, godmother, look at it." Luo Xiao held up the things in his hands and showed them both.

Luo Qian and Xu Yan stepped forward and took a closer look. Both of them opened their eyes wide in disbelief: This is...

"Xiaoxiao, tell mom, where did you get this gold bracelet, and how did you get it." Luo Qian leaned down and put her hands on Luo Xiao's shoulders, staring at his eyes earnestly. Said one sentence.

On the other hand, Xu Yan immediately walked to the window on the side and pulled up all the curtains with one stroke. Looking at the dim indoors, she felt a little sense of security in her heart.

And Luo Xiao, who was staring at him with two pairs of eyes, couldn't help but twitch at the corners of his mouth. He couldn't help but rejoice in his heart: Fortunately, they didn't know that there were treasures worth hundreds of millions in his space, otherwise. At this moment, he can't pass out in shock. You know, the thing he took out now is the cheapest thing that he spent a long time finding out.

"Mom, I picked it up."

"I picked it up?" Luo Qian obviously didn't believe it, "Xiaoxiao, this is not a cheap thing."

Luo Xiao nodded, "I know this thing is not cheap, so when I saw it, I picked it up and brought it home."

"This is no good. Such a valuable thing must have been dropped by someone else, and we have to return it. You know, the person who lost it will definitely be anxious."

"But, Mom, I picked it up on the mountain west of the town, and after I picked it up, I didn't find anyone looking for it." Luo Xiao continued, "Moreover, I haven't heard of anyone missing it recently. This is something."

"That's right, but..." Luo Qian hesitated in her heart. She is a little short of money now, but she can't just use the unknown wealth as such.

Xu Yan gritted her teeth and said to Luo Qian, "Qian, you also know what the living standards of everyone in our town are like. I personally think this shouldn't be lost by the people in our town. Things. Moreover, Xiaoxiao also said that he saw it on the mountain west of the town. You and I all know that the mountain is a famous barren mountain. Basically, no one went there. According to me It seems that since this Xiaoxiao can be picked up, it was arranged by God, and it is a blessing for the hit~~~"

Luo Qian thought about it carefully, this thing really didn't seem to be something the people in the town would have, and no strangers had come to their town recently. Because if you want to go to the mountain to the west, you have to go through the main road in the town to the east. As long as there is a stranger on the road, the whole town will know about this within half a day. So it seems, this thing was really picked up by Xiaoxiao when she was lucky~~

"Mom, I know this is cheaper than this, but how much is it worth?" Luo Xiao deliberately asked with a gold bracelet pretending to be incomprehensible.

Luo Qian nervously took the gold bracelet in Luo Xiao's hand, carefully weighed it, and then swallowed, with a hint of excitement in her voice: "If you estimate it conservatively, this gold bracelet is about three or four hundred. ."

"Hey? Really?" Xu Yan was shocked when he heard it. "If there are really three or four hundred, then our shop..."

"Mom, is this bracelet enough for you to open a shop?" Luo Xiao asked, raising his head.

"Enough, enough, enough." Luo Qian nodded fiercely.

Then, Luo Qian and Xu Yan quietly found a time to take a tractor and go to s city to inspect for several days, and finally selected a gold shop with the most reasonable price to sell the gold bracelet. To their surprise, the gold bracelet was fifty or sixty yuan higher than their conservative estimate.

With this sum of money, Luo Qian and Xu Yan finally opened the dots after some hard work. Since the money for opening the store came from Luo Xiao, Luo Qian and Xu Yan added up, and the store will go to him when Luo Xiao reaches adulthood.

Although Luo Xiao knew their decision and rejected it again and again later, it was settled. As a result, he had his first asset before the start of the new semester.

When Luo Xiao ran to school, everyone in the classroom was almost there. Friends Hao Ren and Fan Lie found him the first time he entered the classroom. Looking at his friends who have changed a little, Luo Xiao There was a little emotion in my heart for a while.

With the ringing of a bell, the head teacher walked into their classroom with a transfer student. Looking at the person standing in front of the podium, Luo Xiao had a premonition: his future student life will not be peaceful...

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