Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 29

Chapter 28:

"Xiaoxiao, starting from this semester, we can go to school together~~" Ye Lan immediately leaned in front of Luo Xiao and said happily.

Fan Lie, who was at the same table, frowned immediately and stared at him with an unhappy look: "Who are you guys, don't be so familiar with Xiao Yuzi."

"Xiao Yuzi?" Ye Lan looked at Luo Xiao suspiciously, "Xiaoxiao, this is your nickname? Do you like fish very much?"

Hearing this, Luo Xiao had a black line: "No, it's because I used to be named Yu before, but now I have changed my surname. It has nothing to do with whether I like fish or not." If you really want to say it, Luo Xiao actually does not like fish Yes, the reason is very simple, he hates the fish with so many fine bones, and the feeling of being stuck by the fish bone is not to mention how uncomfortable.

"That's it." Ye Lan had also heard some news, and then just changed the topic and said: "Xiaoxiao, let's go to dinner at noon."

"No!" Fan Lie immediately refused fiercely, "Xiao Yuzi has always eaten with us, so why do you want to eat with you?"

"Why not? I asked Xiaoxiao, but I didn't ask you this little dwarf." Ye Lan looked up and down Fan Lie disdainfully. Why is this person so annoying? Speaking of it, this was the first time Ye Lan saw a person and felt annoying at first glance. This must be said to be a keen sixth sense of being a high-quality young man, because in the near future, Fan Lie will add a lot of difficulties to Ye Lans path to chasing his wife.

"Who do you think is a little dwarf?" Fan Lie hates that someone talks about his height. After the Chinese New Year, he finds that everyone around him has grown taller, except that he basically doesn't grow taller. Depressed, "Xiao Yuzi, ignore him, just play with us."

In fact, what Fan Lie wants to say is that he only needs to play with him alone. However, because there is now a guy that he hates even more, that guy Hao Ren reluctantly agrees to be included in their camp.

"Whoever talks is talking about who." Ye Lan said with a shrug.

"You! Humph!" Fan Lie flushed with anger, but he couldn't help it. Facing Ye Lan, who was a head taller and obviously stronger than him, he could only sulk himself.

Although Luo Xiao always likes to tease Fan Lie very much, it is only limited to him. If someone bullies Fan Lie, then he will not stand by. "Master Ye, I think we have different identities. You still dont want to be with you. We dwarves play well together."

Listening to Luo Xiao's obviously ironic words, Ye Lan touched his nose awkwardly: Okay, it seems that he said something wrong, but this little dwarf is really annoying!

Seeing Fan Lie with a desperate expression on his face, Ye Lan curled his lips slightly, but for Luo Xiao, he still spoke: "Sorry, student Fan, I shouldn't have said to you just now, I apologize to you. "That's strange! Just a little dwarf!

"Since you apologized so sincerely, I will forgive you generously." Fan Lie raised his head very happily and said.

Luo Xiao on the side looked at Fan Lie's humble appearance and couldn't help turning his head. He was afraid that he would not be able to help but slap it up when he looked down. He really opened a dye shop for a color.

"That's really thank you for the large number of adults." Ye Lan twitched his mouth and said.

Soon, one morning passed. When it was time for lunch, Ye Lan walked over with his meal box and directly occupied the position in front of Luo Xiao.

"Xiaoxiao, you see, I brought a very good lunch today." Ye Lan actively opened the lunch box, "Look what you like, eat as you please."

Luo Xiao looked at the lunch box that was pushed in front of him, and had to say that the dishes on it were really rich. What kind of braised pork, braised eggplant, steamed egg with meat, sauced radish, etc. However, the question is, what is the problem with the green onions on it?

Luo Xiao shook his head or refused: "You should eat it yourself, I'll just eat my own."

"Hey? Why?" Ye Lan was very disappointed after hearing this. He had obviously asked his grandmother specifically, these are all Xiaoxiao's favorite dishes.

Fan Lie, who was on the side, leaned over his head and took a look. Well, it is indeed Xiao Yuzis favorite dishes. What a pity~~~

Seeing the gloating look in Fan Lies eyes, Ye Lan was unsure, so: "?"

The good old man Hao Ren on the side explained: "These dishes are Xiaoxiao's favorite, but there are things that Xiaoxiao doesn't like in every dish of yours."

"Something you don't like?" Ye Lan looked down upon hearing this, "Is it green onion?"

Seeing Hao Ren's nod, Ye Lan knew this was this thing. Unexpectedly, his favorite green onion turned out to be Xiaoxiao's most annoying. Well, starting from today, he will also hate green onions. The despised Mr. Onion said that it is the most annoying that innocent shots are taken!

Ye Lan then pointed to the sauced radish with no green onions. "There is no green onions in it. Would you like to try it."

Fan Lie faintly made up for it: "However, there are pickled peppers that Xiaoyuzi hates in the sauce."

Ever since, the innocent shot plus a pickled pepper.

After Ye Lan heard this, he silently took the lunch box back. He decided to let Aunt Li isolate all the green onions and pickled peppers out of the kitchen when he returned. They are absolutely forbidden.

After lunch, a few people talked and started the afternoon class time. The school hours of elementary school students are very short. In the blink of an eye, school time is approaching.

With his cheeky skills, Ye Lan successfully walked by Luo Xiao's side and went home together. However, because of his residence, he had to separate from Luo Xiao in advance. After reluctantly bidding farewell, Ye Lan walked on the way home alone, thinking in his heart: I'd better talk to Grandpa Huo when I go back, and let Xiaoxiao come and study tomorrow. In that case, they can go home from school together. Of course, if you study late, it would be better to live in his house and sleep with him~~

On the other side, Luo Xiao was facing forced questioning from Fan Lie.

"Xiao Yuzi, you can tell me honestly, what's the matter with that nasty ghost?" Fan Lie felt a lot of fire when he mentioned Ye Lan, and the more he looked at that guy, the more unhappy he became.

Hao Ren also looked at him with concern: "Xiaoxiao, that person..."

"He, I met by accident." Luo Xiao briefly told about the two of them. However, there was nothing to say about Ye Lan's family. After all, it's people's private business.

"What, Xiao Yuzi, you are too kind." Fan Lie curled his lips after listening, "If it were me, I would definitely not save him, huh!"

"Fan Lie." Luo Xiao couldn't help shaking his head as he watched his boyish movements.

And Hao Ren on the side was concerned: "Xiaoxiao, then if you helped him like this, will those people know that they will come to you in the future?"

"Yes, Xiao Yuzi, are you in trouble?" Fan Lie immediately looked at Luo Xiao nervously.

Luo Xiao shook his head comfortingly at them, "Don't worry, there will be no problem." Although he didn't know very much, he just heard the words he heard when Ye Lan called last time. You can know that the other party's family must belong to that kind of powerful family. And the reason why he was kidnapped this time was also an accident, and now it must have been properly arranged.

Besides, even if he is not fully prepared, his master is not a vegetarian. With that magical divination technique and other magical techniques of Dunjia, it is definitely more than enough to deal with ordinary kidnappers.

"You must pay attention to safety." Hao Ren was still a little uneasy, and decided in his heart that he must pay more attention to Luo Xiao's safety in the future. As an older brother, how could he not take care of his younger brother.

"Well, that means. That's it." Fan Lie waved his hand and patted his chest. "In the future, I will be your personal bodyguard, and I will definitely protect you."

Luo Xiao didn't make a sound after listening, but just glanced at him up and down, and when he saw Fan Lie, he exploded his hair directly: "Wow, you little Yuzi, I didn't expect you to be with that nasty ghost. Same, see how I clean up you!"

When he said that, he threw himself directly on Luo Xiao's body, flexibly started to scratch the itchy flesh on both sides of Luo Xiao's waist, "Say, do you know you are wrong?"

"I, I know, I know it's wrong, haha, stay, stop." Luo Xiao couldn't help begging for mercy while hiding, "Good Liezi, please help me, hahaha, I know it was wrong~~"

"Really?" Fan Lie stopped and raised an eyebrow.

Luo Xiao nodded quickly, he was most afraid of being tickled. This fellow Xiao Liezi was really unambiguous when he started! I've decided, I will let my mother put some coriander in the rice that he brought to him when I will go back, and give the coriander to Liezi tomorrow, don't thank him too much~~~

The three of them slapped around and happily returned to their homes. Luo Xiao opened the door and saw that there was no one in the house, he knew that his mother and godmother were still busy in the store. So he put down his schoolbag to do his homework first, and then started cooking in the kitchen.

When the meal was almost ready, Luo Qian and Xu Yan both walked into the house with excitement, talking and laughing.

"Mom, godmother, you are back." Luo Xiao said hello.

"Xiaoxiao, do you know? Your godmother and I made a lot of money today!" Luo Qian took a metal box to Luo Xiao and shook it a few times, listening to the noise inside, she The smile on his face is even brighter.

"Really? Congratulations to mother and godmother then." Luo Xiao said after cooking and walking over to them happily.

"Well, this is thanks to your thing." Xu Yan reached out and touched Luo Xiao's head, looking forward to the future in her heart.

Before their Xiaojishi shop opened, both of them were all kinds of uneasy. However, after more than one week of hard work, the confidence in their hearts has increased. Who said that women can only live on men? You see, did the two of them live well soon?

Because their food tastes good and the price is very affordable, many people buy it again and again. It's a better day for business.

"Mom, godmother, the meal is ready, you can wash your hands and you can eat." Luo Xiao brought the meal out and put it on the table, then turned his head and said to them.

Luo Qian and Xu Yan smiled and looked at each other: After a hard day, there are ready-made hot meals to eat at home, dont even mention how beautiful it is~~~