Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 3

Chapter 2:

Yu Jia slowly stood up from the ground, planning to tidy up her untidy bathrobe. However, just as he wanted to pull the lapels of his clothes, his hands stopped. Then, the hand that had just pulled the skirt of the shirt slammed hard, and the pale hand suddenly showed obvious hideous veins.

Yes, he is still wearing other people's clothes. But thats okay, and soon, it wont be someone elses. Of course, not only this yukata, everything else including that person will be his. Soon, very soon.

Thinking of this, the twisted look on Yu Jia's face quickly returned to its former harmlessness. He let go of his clenched hands, lowered his head to see the wrinkles in the bathrobe on his chest, and gently smoothed it over and over again.

Soon, Soon, Brother Yang, Soon~~~

Yu Jia faced the closed door at this moment, with unstoppable gentleness and madness in her eyes. After taking another look, Yu Jia took a brisk pace and walked downstairs. The most important thing now is to do a good thing~~ For him, a very good thing~~~

Although he felt all kinds of resentment towards his cousin in his heart, he had to say that it was okay to buy the house two floors below his cousin to live in.

However, this thought only flashed through Yu Jia's mind. What followed was his strong dissatisfaction. It was obvious that the house opposite them was also empty at the time. Why not buy the one opposite but the one downstairs?

Could it be that he did it on purpose? Just to prevent him from approaching Brother Yang? The more Yu Jia thought about it, the more he felt that this idea was the most correct. His cousin was just guarding him, and sure enough, he would help him deliberately! Bitch! Bitch! ! Bitch! ! !

The anger in Yu Jia's heart began to grow little by little, but when he thought of what he was going to do next, he tried to suppress the pressure of anger in his heart.

He took out the spare key from under the vase placed in front of his door, opened the door and quickly went in and changed his clothes. Then, he picked up the car key on the table and quickly walked to the garage downstairs.

Insert the key, turn, push the gear, release the brake, and a newest BMW drove out of the community quickly.

After Yu Xiao on the other side left the community angrily with his luggage, he took a taxi and drove directly to the city's famous five-star hotel-the new Jintian International Five-star Hotel. As the only five-star hotel in City C, the minimum spending limit for one night was over 10,000. Needless to say, Yu Xiao, who was impatient at this time, immediately ordered the most expensive presidential suite. Kari suddenly lost 100,000 yuan, which is the most unlikely thing he would do for him, who had always been stingy with him.

However, as soon as I thought about the two **** he had treated so well, the distress that had just risen in my heart disappeared: Why can't he enjoy it? Well, it's decided. When I go back tomorrow, I will drive out the two disgusting bastards, so that his house will not be occupied by such people.

But in other words, at first he thought that the house downstairs should be transferred to Yu Jia as a gift on his 20th birthday. Now it seems that it is too wise to write that persons name before. Oh~~~ Fortunately, that persons birthday has to wait two months before its passed. Its really good~~~

While thinking about it, Yu Xiao walked into the so-called presidential suite for the first time with his room card. After calmly watching the waiter leave and closing the door, he immediately tore off the disguise, and did not immediately tidy it up as before. Luggage bags brought by yourself. Its as if Grandma Liu entered the Grand View Garden. He looked carefully inside and out, and exclaimed from time to time: Hey, this decoration, this style, this level of luxury, really his mothers too That's great! ! !

Finally, after nearly an hour, Yu Xiao returned to normal and began to organize her luggage. As soon as I unzipped the zipper, the first thing I saw was the bag of chocolates specially brought back from abroad.

Because those two people like to eat chocolate, especially this M&T chocolate. As the oldest handmade chocolate brand in country Y, its chocolates have always been sold in limited quantities. The few bags he brought back were brought back by several friends and took a lot of effort. Originally, he wanted to be a surprise, but now it seems that he is still passionate~~~~

Forget it, I still don't want to. Now that all these chocolates have been brought back, he should solve it. At the beginning, he also bought two yuan from someone else, thinking that he would share it with Yang Jian. But who knows, Yu Jia happens to be there, and Chocolate will not be his turn.

It's good now. There are three big packages. Although the total is only 18 yuan, he can taste enough this time.

However, it is better to take a comfortable bath first, after all, in order to be able to come back on this wedding anniversary today, he came back early as soon as he finished his business trip abroad. Except for a few hours asleep on the plane, he hadn't closed his eyes properly for nearly a week.

"Um~~~Um~~~" Yu Xiao closed her eyes and kept groaning in her mouth, "Sure enough, the jacuzzi is different, it's so comfortable~~~um~~"

The moment Yu Xiao got up after taking a bath, a new BMW sedan stopped at the door of the hotel.

Yu Jia looked at the luxuriously decorated hotel in front of him, and looked down at the mobile phone in his hand, he said, his cousin is a person of inconsistency. Obviously I am comfortable and enjoy here, but I still have to pretend to be stingy with myself in front of Brother Yang. Thinking about it, it is really uncomfortable~~~

After throwing the key in his hand to the waiter aside, Yu Jia looked at the display on the phone and walked directly into the hotel door. Step by step towards the goal constantly close, and then stand still and look up.

Looking at the room number in front of him, a trace of annoyance flashed in his eyes quickly: This bitch, even lived in the presidential suite, really...

However, as soon as he thought of the next thing, Yu Jia quickly controlled his emotions. He settled, raised his hand and knocked on the door gently.

Yu Xiao, who just picked up the wine and wanted to pour a glass of wine, tilted his head in confusion: Why is there a knock on the door at this time, is it the waiter?

He didn't expect anyone to come to him, so he opened the door without even looking at the cat's eye. After all, the security measures in the New Jintian Hotel are all very well done, and no criminals will get in.

As a result, this caused him to be stunned for a moment when he saw someone outside the door. And Yu Jia flashed into the room while he was stunned.

"You..." Yu Xiao frowned directly when she looked at Yu Jia who was uninvited. He thought that he had not owed the other party anything for so many years, and he spoiled him, but what the other party had done really hurt his heart severely.

He is actually very extreme. Once he is kind to that person, he will treat him wholeheartedly, but if the other party is sorry for himself, I'm sorry, he won't stick it upside down.

"Cousin, close the door, I want to explain something to you, please." Yu Jia looked at Yu Xiao pitifully with a pair of wet eyes.

Yu Xiao was seeing this expression at this moment, and the good mood he had kept just now disappeared without a trace. But he still closed the door, even if the other party was shameless, he still wanted his own face.

"Let's talk, what's the matter with you coming to me? Also, how did you know that I am here?" Yu Xiao couldn't understand, he hadn't told anyone about living here, so Yu Jia is How did you find it?

"I, I'm here to ask forgiveness from cousin, cousin I'm sorry, please forgive me, me, brother Yang and I really didn't mean it, please, you have to believe me~~~~" Yu Jia directly Kneeling to the ground, he stretched out his hand and hugged Yu Xiao's thigh firmly, and began to cry hoarsely.

Listening to this noise-like sound, Yu Xiao's heart began to become irritable, what is this all about Laozi! Please forgive him for exposing a lot of foul language today, but he really couldn't help it.

Rubbing his swollen forehead, Yu Xiao said with a sullen face: "Enough, don't cry anymore, I will call the security guard if you are crying!"

"Hiccup, I, I won't cry anymore, yes, I'm sorry, cousin." Yu Jia released his hand and replied with his head lowered.

Seeing the other party's whole body exuding the message of "You bullied me", Yu Xiao shook her fist, then let it go as if remembering something, and walked directly to the sofa.

Yu Jia peeped carefully with his eyes, took a look at the situation, and then saw the wine bottle lying on, without a trace, he touched the ring he was wearing with his right thumb. Then, he got up cautiously and walked towards the sofa.

Yu Xiao sat down directly on the sofa and saw the wine and wine glasses in front of him, as if reaching out to pour a glass.

At this time, his other hands took the wine on the table one step ahead of him, and carefully poured the wine into the glass. However, the wine poured into the glass wet Yu Jia's thumb without Yu Xiao's sight.

"Tang, cousin, here." Yu Jia held the wine glass and handed it to Yu Xiao respectfully, still with the pitiful look on her face.

Yu Xiao originally didn't want to pick it up, but the other party held it to him so stubbornly, which made him even more irritable. He took the wine glass in one hand and poured it down fiercely: "Okay, you can go out if nothing is wrong I dont want to see you now!"

"But cousin, I don't want to go out~~~" The pitiful expression on Yu Jia's face has long since disappeared, and now the face is full of hideous colors.

"You!" Yu Xiaogang wanted to say something, a feeling of dizziness suddenly struck him. He looked at the wine glass on the table and suddenly opened his eyes. It turned out to be the case.

However, before he could continue to say anything, he collapsed on the sofa as soon as he weakened, and his whole body was weak. He wanted to open his eyes but couldn't open them. However, his consciousness was still very clear, and he could clearly hear Yu Jia's laughter at this time.

"Cousin, it's useless, you don't have to struggle. This is what I specially bought for you~~ It is the latest type of drug, which will make people feel like drunk, but the consciousness is really sober." Yu Jia Reached out and slapped Yu Xiao's face fiercely and slapped several slaps, making people look like red after drinking, "Then, let's go next~~"

No, what are you doing, bastard! Where are you taking me? Hiss, my face really hurts, you bastard, I have to teach you a lesson when I wake up. However, no matter how anxious Yu Xiao shouted in his heart, he was smoothly helped by Yu Jia to the door of the hotel.

"Okay, cousin, you stand by yourself first, we'll go back soon." Yu Jia comforted Yu Xiao who was leaning on him with a look of concern, and nodded to the waiter at the door.

The waiter drove his BMW over immediately and took the initiative to help Yu Jia put Yu Xiao into the car. This can't be blamed on the waiter being so casual, after all, let Yu Jia and Yu Xiao look like 80% love, and Yu Jia drove such a good car, and his worried tone was not fake.

Thus, Yu Xiao was easily taken away from the hotel. After the BMW left, the waiter still sighed in his heart: This brother really took good care of his brother~~~~

Yu Jia, my good brother here, drove the car directly to the suburbs because there was a cliff there. However, even the locals of the cliff are only a few people know, and he would know that it was only because of an accident.

Therefore, the cliff is a good crime scene...

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