Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 31

Chapter 30:

After finishing the morning study, Luo Xiao and Mr. Huo came to the restaurant and looked at the sumptuous meal on the table and Ye Lan with praise on his face. The master and disciple looked at each other and moved away silently. Out of sight.

"Xiaoxiao, look, these are your favorite dishes!" Ye Lan stepped forward and pulled Luo Xiao to the table. "Look, you see, there are no green onions, coriander, and pickled peppers in them. , The taste is also lighter. Come on, try it."

Luo Xiao looked at the chopsticks that Ye Lan handed directly in front of him and couldn't help but twitched the corners of his mouth. He didn't know if it was connected or not.

"Cough." Elder Huo smiled and coughed, "Ye Xiaozi, what's the matter, you only see Xiaoxiao, don't you see me as an old man?"

During the time when Ye Lan was with Mr. Huo, he had already figured out the character of the other party, and in one word, he was a typical old naughty boy.

He rolled his eyes directly, "Grandpa Huo, your tastes have always been very heavy, and your dishes Aunt Li is cooking. These dishes do not taste for you, so don't make trouble."

When the old man Huo heard it, his eyes widened and his hair exploded: "Ye Xiaozi, do you know that your current behavior is naked and disrespectful to the elders. Your teacher should have taught you to respect the elders."

"But, Grandpa Huo, there is also the word love for the young." Ye Lan curled his lips and said, "You don't love the young, how can I respect the old."

"Where am I not loving the young?" Huo said unconvinced.

"Lets not talk about it anymore, just what happened in the past few days. For example, yesterday, I was already asleep, but you suddenly woke me up just to find someone to drink tea with you. But the problem is, Its already two o'clock in the morning, okay?"

"Don't you know that the sleep quality of the elderly is not good? It's normal to suddenly want a cup of tea."

"Okay, forget about it, but why did you pull me out of the bed at four in the morning?"

"Of course I take you to exercise."

"Then only exercise for one day?"

"That, of course, is more than one day." Old man Huo touched his nose, "That's not when I consider that you are a child and you are growing up, so you need enough sleep."

"Ha ha ha." Ye Lan twitched at the corner of his mouth.

"Ha ha ha." Old man Huo directly shifted his gaze, and he silently complained in his heart: He wouldn't let Ye Lan know that his behavior during this period of time was deliberately done by him. As for the reason, it's very simple. Who will let this guy take away his good apprentice in the future?

It turned out that after giving Luo Xiao's mother a good deal that day, Old Huo suddenly wanted to give Luo Xiao another divination in his heart. This calculation was the first time the old man wondered if his divination was not working. However, after he saw the divination again and looked at the exact same content, he had to accept the result: Hongluan's heart moved, and the predestined three lives. Near the water platform, the water flows long.

When I thought that the only apprentice I met in this life would be robbed by other men, the heart of Huo was dripping blood~~ And, according to his hexagram, his apprentice was below, below what! How can this be? Even if the head of the next generation of Tianjimen finds a same-sex partner, it must be on it! !

If Luo Xiao knew the mentality of his master at this time, he would definitely do something about'deceiving the master and destroying the ancestor' directly.

Seeing the masters guilty conscience, Luo Xiao on the side realized that his master was deliberate. Although he didnt know the reason, he was joking because there was no malicious intent. So, he said: "The taste of this dish Not bad."

Ye Lan heard Luo Xiaos compliment, and immediately left Mr. Huo behind his head, turning around to please him and said: "Right? Xiaoxiao, you are trying this dish. This potato is my peeled skin. ."

Luo Xiao picked up a piece with his chopsticks and looked at the obvious pits and pits on it, saying that he would not comment. However, the taste is still good.

"Also, this dish was selected by me. It is the best in it." Ye Lan pointed to the next bowl of dishes and said.

And Elder Huo didn't bother them because he felt a little cautious. However, after seeing the two of them getting along, the old man smiled and nodded in satisfaction: Hmph, it's not that easy to be with my apprentice! Old man Ye, hey, let's take a look~~

After having lunch, Luo Xiao touched his rounded belly, and then glanced at the diligent Ye Lan next to him. He silently considered whether he should go home to eat in the future.

After an hour's lunch break, Luo Xiao and Mr. Huo began their afternoon study. Soon, the learning time passed in a flash. After repeatedly turning down Ye Lan's dinner invitation, Luo Xiao ran to his home with a hint of escape. Looking at the back figure running away, Ye Lan touched his chin, reflecting on whether his behavior was a bit too impatient.

As the next patriarch of the Ye family, Ye Lan has been taught by Elder Ye since he was a child. He must act decisively, especially when he meets the person he likes, then he must act directly. Otherwise, wait until the person you like is with others. Together, it is too late to regret.

After all, the living example of Grandpa Ye is there. Therefore, Dad Ye decisively took down Mother Ye and the two lived happily together.

Ye Lan said that as an excellent successor, this point must be inherited. Although, he couldn't tell whether he was really tempted by Luo Xiao now. But there is a voice telling him that this person must grasp and not let go, otherwise, he will definitely regret it. Especially, as the time spent with Luo Xiao increases, this feeling becomes more and more obvious.

And here, Luo Xiao returned to his room after returning home to have dinner, locked the door, and carefully checked his space panel.

I haven't watched it for a few days, it really made him discover a little bit of difference. Seeing four messages appeared above, Luo Xiao clicked on the first message: A hundred chaotic elements were found.

Chaos element? Luo Xiao tilted his head in confusion, what is that?

Luo Xiao, who didn't understand, shrugged, let's continue to look down. Click on the second message: Twenty chaotic elements are needed to remove the coin seal. Do you want to remove it? If the confirmation time expires, it will be cancelled by default.

It turned out to be such a thing. Luo Xiao nodded and then understood why the coin was in a state of being unsealed when he took it out.

So, he kind of opened the third message: Should all the remaining eighty chaotic elements be used for peach tree growth? If the confirmation time is exceeded, it is confirmed by default.

It seems that the fourth piece of information should be information about the growth of peach trees. Luo Xiao clicked and opened it, and it turned out that the peach tree grows successfully, and one hundred and fifty chaotic elements are needed before the next growth.

Yep? Growth success? Luo Xiao carefully checked the space of the peach tree after it had grown, and found that one more branch of the peach tree had grown. Luo Xiao stretched out his hand and clicked, and found that the environment around him suddenly became quiet. After several experiments, he finally confirmed that this is like a domain space in which he is an absolute existence. Although the scope of this field is only one square, it also makes Luo Xiao excited.

Because the emergence of this field gave him an important guarantee for his personal safety. Especially after the master said that he was the sweet potato in the eyes of others, in this way, no one could hurt him. This is really a good thing to send a pillow when you doze~~~

After the excitement was over, Luo Xiao remembered that the so-called chaotic element problem had not been solved yet. He didn't even know when he had this thing in his space.

After carefully sorting out the things placed in the space, Luo Xiao discovered that the strange stones with no apparent material that were found in the treasures were missing. There was a guess in his mind, it is very possible that those few stones are the so-called Chaos Element. However, those pure wood elements, pure fire elements, etc. are all free gas states. I have never heard of a solid state?

Luo Xiao, who was puzzled, said that when he went to study with the master next week, he could ask to see what was going on.

The next day came the day of school on Monday again. As soon as Luo Xiao got up, he found that his left eye didn't know what was going on, and it kept jumping. It is mentioned in the old saying: The left eye skips disaster and the right eye skips fortune. Moreover, he also vaguely had a bad premonition, feeling that something bad would happen.

Squeezing the beating left eyelid, Luo Xiao went to school preoccupiedly. In his worries, the morning passed peacefully with nothing. However, just before the last class in the afternoon, the door of their classroom was kicked open with a strong kick from outside.

Looking at the sturdy woman who entered the door aggressively, Luo Xiao somehow had a stronger feeling of bad feeling in his heart.

With a sound of "pop!" I saw the woman who kicked in and rushed directly to their Chinese teacher without saying a word. It was a slap that raised her hand. All the students at the scene were stunned by this sudden situation. Before they could react, the woman slapped the Chinese teacher several times in a row.

At the same time, his mouth screamed fiercely: "Smelly shameless woman, what about you being a sick cat, dare to hook up my husband? Are you impatient?"

"I, I don't." The Chinese teacher said crying with his swollen face on both sides.

"No?" The woman glared, "My old lady is not blind. Hmph, just the one in your class. After his mother divorced with her husband, she even shamelessly came out to set up a stall for business, dance and make trouble. Yes, its like selling it out. With such students, where will your teacher go? It really means that there are just as many students as there are teachers!"

When Luo Xiao heard this, he clenched his fist tightly. He knew that this woman was talking about their family. He knew that in this era, two women came out alone to do business and Yuyao faced many great difficulties. However, he did not expect that someone would treat his mother like this behind his back.

Just as he wanted to refute aloud, a voice said one step faster than him: "Die Bapo, what are you talking about!"