Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 32

Chapter 31:

"What? You little **** dare to call me dead? Do you know who I am?" The woman trembled with anger, "Believe it or not that I can't read the book?"

"I'm pooh, who do you think you are? Isn't it just a yellow-faced woman who is alive and does not speak human words, who is fatter than a pig."

Seeing Ye Lan, who was more angry than himself, a little touch flashed in Luo Xiao's heart.

At this time, Hao Ren and Fan Lie also stood up together and said indignantly: "That means, auntie, you are all this age, so it's better to keep a little virtuous."

"That is, we are all the flowers of the motherland. You are too cruel to destroy us like this!"

"You, you guys! Do you want to rebel one by one? Huh?" The woman slapped the desk table next to the podium fiercely, "roll over to the old lady, and see if the old lady doesn't recognize your parents who fan you one by one. come out."

"Hey, auntie, you said we were in the past, we should really let you hit?" Ye Lan raised an eyebrow and said contemptuously, "Do you think we are stupid? Or are you stupid? You idiot."

"You, do you dare to scold me?" The woman walked directly in Ye Lan's direction angrily, rolling up her sleeves as she walked, "Look at the old lady if you don't take care of you, the old lady will still have your surname!"

Ye Lan ran to the other side with a stride, making a grimace: "Don't tell me, auntie, if it's your last name, I really think it's insulting my last name!"

Hearing what he said, the surrounding students all laughed out of face. This made the woman feel even more faceless, so angry that she directly picked up Ye Lan's stool and threw it over. Ye Lan didn't look good! Immediately, he hurriedly pulled a handful of classmates in the next seat, which did not cause any injuries.

Looking at the shocked classmates, the temperature in Ye Lan's eyes suddenly cooled down. He directly said loudly to the whole class: "Classmates, this aunt is bullying people like this, can you still see it?"

"I can't stand it anymore!" The classmate who was originally holding on to the sidelines and planned to watch a good show became very popular at first sight: What's the matter, it's easy to bully if we are children? Even dare to throw the stool around!

The person who was saved by Ye Lan happened to be one of the leaders in the class. He stared at the woman fiercely and shouted: "Brothers, go! I still dont believe it, so many of us will still Afraid of her being a woman!"

The whole class stood up and swarmed up. With the sound of punches and kicks, the classroom fell into chaos. Ye Lan also took the opportunity to kick the woman fiercely and relieved her anger: Hmph, tell you to say this to my Xiaoxiao's mother!

When Luo Xiao saw that this posture was not right, he immediately called Fan Lie, who was at the same table, to invite the principal over. He already remembered, isn't this woman the wife of their school principal.

And Luo Xiao immediately walked to the door of the classroom. When he saw the principal who rushed over from a distance, he turned around and shouted at the people in the classroom: "The principal is here, the principal is here, everyone stop!"

When the principal walked into the classroom to take a look, his face immediately became gloomy: "What's the matter? Who told you to come to the school to make trouble!"

"I'm making trouble?" The woman looked incredulous, "Now it's obviously your students who are bullying me, okay! These are all uncultivated rascals, you will expel them all! Expel them all! "

"Enough! Don't embarrass me here! Get up and go home!" The principal looked at the beaten black and swollen wife who really looked like a pig's own wife, and the disgust in his eyes became more obvious.

"What? I'm embarrassed?" The woman got up from the ground with anger, pointed to his nose and yelled: "You won't be ashamed of looking for a woman outside? Don't let me deny it, the old lady saw you and this with your own eyes Hu Meizi hooked up, and it wasn't once or twice! Back then, if it wasn't for our family, you thought you could be a poor boy as a teacher? You sat in the position of the principal now?"

"Yes, when I was able to be a teacher, your family gave some help. However, sitting on this position of principal is all my Ling Dingguo's own strength!" The principal has long been tired of the superiority of his wife and mother-in-law's family. His appearance made it so that everything he has now was given to him by his mother-in-law's family. Since he became the principal, his mother-in-law's family has always accepted money outside at will in his name, which has made his reputation worse and worse.

No, some time ago, the leader of the city education came to inspect. Originally, as long as there were no accidents, he could be transferred to a school in the city to become the vice principal. However, just at this point, his mother-in-law didn't know where to get the news, so she went to the inspection leader and praised her son-in-law. As a result, the leader was very disgusted, and he was reluctant to talk to him before he left, and the opportunity to be transferred to the city was then vanished.

Because of this, the principal got angry when he returned home. But who knows, his mother-in-law came to him with a gesture of I helped a lot, which made him even more angry. In addition, his wife has become more and more neurotic in recent years, and she always suspects that he has an affair, and every time he makes these fictional things known to everyone, he has no face as a principal. If it hadn't been for the last bit of his face, and for not being a prostitute, he had resisted not divorcing his wife.

However, after seeing the embarrassing appearance of his lover being beaten, the principal's last hesitation disappeared: "Enough, you don't need to be arguing. Let's get a divorce now!"

"What? Divorce?" Although women sometimes threaten him with divorce when they make a lot of trouble, in fact, they don't want to divorce. After all, a divorced woman always has to be cast aside and made irresponsible remarks, so she should not become that kind of person.

Besides, the main reason why she would be flattered by people when she went out now was that her husband was the principal of the only elementary school in the town. If they were divorced, those people would definitely not be able to bird her, let alone watch her jokes behind her back.

When a woman thought about the life scenes she would have after divorce, she panicked, and immediately stepped forward and firmly embraced the principal's arm with both hands: "Lao Ling, I was wrong, I was really wrong. We are. If you dont get a divorce, thats you joking, right?"

The principal didnt even look at her. He pulled her hand off his arm directly with his hands: "Enough, Wen Zijuan, Ive had enough of your familys frustration for more than ten years. I'm leaving now!"

"No, no, it's not true. Lao Ling, listen to me, I really know I was wrong, really, I swear, I won't make trouble again." The woman watched him resolutely turned and left, and immediately He followed closely, and kept nodding and bowing to apologize.

The Chinese teacher on the side looked at the backs of the two leaving, thinking of the principals firm divorce heart and the concerned eyes before leaving, a glimmer of hope appeared in his eyes: maybe after his divorce, they can be upright. Together!

Therefore, the Chinese teacher in a good mood expressed compassion for the first time: "Well, you can study by yourself for the remaining half of the class. I won't leave your homework for you today." After speaking, he turned and left the classroom. .

After a few seconds, the students who reacted immediately exploded the pot, and all kinds of discussions came and went.

"Xiao Yuzi, do you think our Chinese teacher and the principal really have a leg?" Fan Lie went gossiping in front of Luo Xiao, "No wonder she came in and became the head teacher of our class without much time. ."

Luo Xiao's eyes stopped beating at this time, and the bad feeling in his heart disappeared. He knew that this matter should have passed like this. However, if his memory is correct, the incident that the Chinese teacher was revealed to have an affair with the principal happened in the sixth grade of elementary school, which is next year. However, it happened more than a year earlier. Is it because his mother's divorce caused the butterfly effect?

In fact, Luo Xiao is really right. In the previous life, because the principal and his wife had been unable to have children, and the relationship between the husband and wife was deteriorating day by day, he had already accumulated a lot of resentment and anger in his heart. Then, in the summer when Luo Xiao was in sixth grade, his wife learned of his relationship with the Chinese teacher, and angrily learned that the woman was pregnant for three months. Angrily, she went directly to the door, making the Chinese teacher's miscarriage fail to keep the child. After the principal learned that the child he had finally gotten was lost, his long-suppressed anger finally broke out, and the two of them became the first couple in town to get divorced.

In this life, because Luo Qian became the first person to divorce, coupled with her hard work after the divorce, the principal thought a lot. He deeply felt that he was not as bold as a woman, and he had made up his mind to divorce, but he lacked a suitable opportunity. Unexpectedly, this opportunity came so soon.

"I think * is not far from ten." Ye Lan walked over and interjected.

Luo Xiao looked at Ye Lan, who was a little embarrassed, and cared for the first time: "Well, are you okay?"

"It's okay, Xiaoxiao, I'm okay at all." Ye Lan was really flattered, "Are you okay? All that old woman said is a damn, don't go to your heart!"

"Well, I know." Luo Xiao nodded.

"Cut~~" Fan Lie turned his head awkwardly. Although he didn't say anything, he acquiesced in his heart.

Hao Ren, who came by, also cared about Ye Lan a few words. After seeing Ye Lan's maintenance of Xiaoxiao in this way, he actually regarded him as a friend in his heart.

With the ringing of the end bell, school time came. A group of people carried their schoolbags and started walking towards their home. Listening to the news about the principal and his wife on the road from time to time, Luo Xiao knew that this matter would not end so easily.