Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 33

Chapter 32:

Sure enough, on the way to school the next day, Luo Xiao found that the housewives around were whispering one by one. From the few words he heard, he was quite sure that what was said was the same as what happened yesterday. Things related.

When he was in the Chinese class and looked at the new teacher standing on the podium, Luo Xiao knew that this incident would become the most talked-about thing in the town in the new year. After all, in this age when even radios are still a rarity, what is the way people entertain? It is the gossip that occurs in various lives. In particular, it was the principal and the Chinese teacher who had been very respected in their hearts this time.

"Hey, Xiao Yuzi, have you heard of it?" Fan Lie asked mysteriously after stabbing him in the arm after finishing the Chinese class.

"What's the matter?" Luo Xiao was really curious.

"Yesterday, didn't that happen to us? I told my parents after I went back, and guess what my mom said?"

"How to say?"

"My mother said that it was true. It turned out that my mother had seen them hook up there several times, but because she didn't think about that, she just checked if she took it seriously. Now This incident broke out, and she just understood it." Fan Lie suddenly whispered, "Also, also, Xiao Yuzi, when I passed by the Chinese teacher's house this morning, I found that their home is now closed. Close. In the past, the parents of that family werent like our principals wife. They hated to show off how capable their daughter was, and they became teachers in our school. Moreover, they were always cheeky to get peoples money everywhere. thing."

Luo Xiao nodded when he heard this. He was deeply moved by this point, so he won't say far. Recently, after his mother and godmother opened a food shop, Aunt Wu (that is, the mother of the Chinese teacher) went there from time to time. They took some food back from the store for nothing. It doesn't matter if you do it once or twice, but it's all about taking it once every day! What's more, what disgusts Luo Xiao the most is that while holding things for nothing, but also deliberately posing a superior posture, what about making trouble?

Although Luo Qian and Xu Yan felt very uncomfortable, they couldn't directly refuse. After all, her daughter is the language teacher of her son (godson). As the master teacher, she still has to deal with the relationship well, otherwise she will be careful of being put on shoes. For Luo Xiao, they had no choice but to endure it.

Of course, this time something like this happened. When Luo Xiao thought of the relieved expressions of his mother and godmother yesterday, he knew that they were also very happy in their hearts, at least not having to see Aunt Wu again for a long time in the future. That annoying face.

"Hey, none of your news is well-versed by me." The classmate sitting in front of Luo Xiao suddenly turned his head and interjected, "I have updated internal information."

"Bai Yi, just brag there, who believe it?" Fan Lie rolled his eyes and said disdainfully, "Last time you said that our math teacher didn't ask for leave during that time because he was expelled from school. But the truth is that Yes, in the past few days someone had something to do with relatives, okay! Which time of your news was accurate?"

When Bai Yi heard this, he was immediately anxious: "Fan Lie, the last time was the last time, but this time is absolutely correct! You don't look down on people!"

"Cut, don't come!" Fan Lie turned his head and said to Luo Xiao, "Xiao Yuzi, let's ignore him. It must be false news again and waste time."

"You!" Bai Yi promised, patting his chest, "I can promise Bai Yi this time that the news is definitely not false. If it is false, I will ask you to eat!"

Luo Xiao saw that Fan Lie wanted to continue taunting Bai Yi, and immediately interrupted: "Bai Yi, then you can tell me what the internal news is."

"Okay, no problem." Bai Yi didn't play any tricks, nodded directly, "As you all know, my sister-in-law is also a teacher in this school. Yesterday, she happened to go to my house for something to talk to my parents about it. Shi mentioned that after the principal returned to the office, he and his wife quarreled to the point of direct action. Although she did not understand the specific content of the quarrel, she unexpectedly saw the horror of the two when they left school. Moreover, I When I went to see my sister-in-law in the morning, I heard they said in the office that this matter had been reported to it. It is estimated that our principal and Chinese teacher will be dismissed."

"Really?" Fan Lie still didn't believe it.

"Of course it's true!" Bai Yi glared at him, "Is this how I heard it with my own ears!"

"I can testify about this." Bai Yi's deskmate Qiu Ran also turned his head, "I happened to pass by the office door at that time, and I heard it too."

Luo Xiao nodded, "That seems to be true." In fact, it doesn't matter to him what the principals were dismissed. Anyway, he will graduate from elementary school in another year.

Besides, during this time, he has already thought about going to the s market in junior high school. One is because after all, S city will be a famous international metropolis in country Z, although it has not yet developed. But it is because he has not yet started to develop, he has to seize the opportunity in the past. The second is because his master told him that he wanted to go to S city. Mainly because there is a secret stronghold in S city, according to the master, it will help Luo Xiao's future development. The third is for the consideration of my mother and godmother. Although their food shop has just opened, the business is good. Now there are many people who gossiping there. When you go to city s, you can avoid all kinds of malicious people who come by yourself from time to time, and you can create a better world in city s. Good development space.

"Huh? In this way, I really look forward to what Aunt Wu looked like when she learned about this tragic news~~" Fan Lie winked there with joy.

"That's what I said!" Bai Yi nodded in agreement, because their house runs a small shop. Although Aunt Wu didn't take anything for nothing, she had to take a small advantage every time she came to buy something. Sometimes Even if I can get one more candy, I'm happy.

Several people talked about other things, and the class bell rang. Soon, the morning class was over. Ye Lan moved quickly to Luo Xiao's side with the lunch box of the two people.

Because last Saturday, Luo Xiao couldn't stand Ye Lan's passionate offensive, so he had to agree to his request. It was up to him to prepare the lunch for the two. Luo Xiao thought for a while. This actually reduced the burden on his mother and the others, so he agreed without saying anything.

However, looking at the heavy lunch box placed in front of him, he regretted a little whether he shouldn't have agreed.

"Xiaoxiao, look, these are your favorite dishes, hurry up and try them." Ye Lan looked at Luo Xiao expectantly.

Luo Xiao had to pick up his chopsticks and eat with his fiery gaze, but he was full after only half of his meal. He looked at the half of the meal left in the lunch box with embarrassment. When he was about to say something, he found that the lunch box was picked up directly.

Luo Xiao looked in the direction, and saw Ye Lan ate without saying a word: "Xiaoxiao, we can't waste food. Since you can't eat it anymore, let me finish it for you."

"But, that's what I leftover." Luo Xiao was a little complicated.

"It's okay, I don't mind." Ye Lan smiled, and then settled the rest of the meal in two clicks.

In fact, he would not tell Luo Xiao that he did this on purpose. That's right, although he did have two lunch boxes, his own lunch box did not contain much, only half of his food. And Luo Xiaos lunch box is full of a box, because he knows Xiaoxiaos appetite very well, and he knows that this box of meals will definitely have leftovers, and this leftover meal is his other half's appetite. Up.

According to his father, everything requires conspiracy. Especially when you are pursuing the person you like, only the cunning person can finally get Mei Jiao Niang!

Luo Xiao looked at Ye Lan's smiling face and silently swallowed the three words I mind. I don't know why, watching him finish the rest of his meal, he felt a strange feeling in his heart.

He suddenly remembered that when he was with that **** in his previous life, he was the only one who had eaten the leftovers of the bastard, so who would not eat his leftovers! Moreover, I remember that one day at noon, he was busy with work and had no time, so he planned to eat the rest of the meal with that person, and wait for the evening to make a new meal and enjoy it.

However, he didn't expect that as soon as the **** saw the leftovers on the dinner table, coupled with his explanation, he swept the food to the ground with a gloomy expression, then slammed the door hard and left angrily. Looking at the food in a place, he had the urge to cry.

"By the way, Xiaoxiao, what do you want to eat tomorrow? I'll go back and ask Aunt Li to do it for you." Ye Lan packed his lunch box and asked Luo Xiao with a smile.

Luo Xiao shook his head, "No, you can do whatever you want, no need to do anything specially."

"That's it, I'll take care of it." Ye Lan nodded.

After a short rest, they resumed the afternoon class. Soon, school time came again. Luo Xiao and others also carried their schoolbags and started walking towards their home.

In this way, time passed quickly when Luo Xiao went to school every day, and then went to the master's house on Saturday to study. At the end of the semester, the matter about the principal and the Chinese teacher finally had a final result. The Chinese teacher was directly dismissed from his post, and the principal had worked hard for so many years without credit.

Therefore, he was transferred to be the principal of a small mountain village below. And that small mountain village is a poor village that everyone in the town knows about, and was transferred there. In fact, the education career of this life can only be spent there. Unless, the principal does not want to continue in this line.

The principals wife knew that her husband was going to be transferred there. She had been reluctant to divorce all the time, but the next day she took the principal to the Civil Affairs Bureau to complete the divorce procedures.

The Chinese teacher who knew about this immediately approached the principal and expressed his willingness to marry the principal, and then went to teach with the principal in that small mountain village as a teacher.

The principal saw that his little lover was so affectionate and righteous, so he went through the formalities of marriage registration with her simply. Because when they went to go through this procedure, they were hiding it from everyone. This caused Aunt Wu to know that they had already obtained the certificate to become a legal couple, which caused Aunt Wu to faint directly.

After waking up, they directly ask their daughters to make a choice, either immediately to divorce, or they sever the relationship between women and never interact with each other.

After being unable to gain the understanding of his family, the Chinese teacher reluctantly followed the principal to the small mountain village. Aunt Wu looked at the back of her daughter's departure, she just became angry and didn't make a noise to stay. But I don't know that this is the last farewell for the two of them.