Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 36

Chapter 35:

Lingxiang Junior High is a well-known key middle school in S city. Generally, the students who study in this school are ranked in the city for their results. Moreover, as a key middle school in s city, in order to ensure the quality of students, it is strictly controlled. Schools are willing to recruit fewer students, and are unwilling to lower the standard of their own school students.

Of course, if Ling Xiang is so famous, there will definitely be some powerful people who want to go through the back door and plug some children from their own or other families in. Therefore, in the face of reality, after the school leaders discussed it, a special class-Class 13 appeared. The students here all come in through the back door. They are either rich or powerful, or both.

Our poor classmate Luo Xiao, under Ye Lan's good intentions to do bad things, was assigned to the thirteenth class that other students and teachers called the "high class" without knowing it.

In fact, according to Luo Xiao's high school entrance examination results, it is appropriate for him to enter the two top classes of class one and class two. However, when Ye Lan asked the people below to help him go through the school procedures, he specifically mentioned that he would be in the same class as Luo Xiao. And that clerk was for the purpose of pleasing Ye Lan, and coupled with Young Master Ye's wealth background, he had to go to Class 13, or else he would lower Young Master Ye's status, okay? Ever since, Luo Xiao also moved to the class.

On the day when the school started, Luo Xiao came to the school with the report book. When he looked at the class number he was assigned to, he couldn't help but frown: How come he was assigned to Class 13? He didn't think that he had money, other people would know about it besides him. If this is the case, how could he be assigned to this high class that the whole school knows about?

"Xiaoxiao, Xiaoxiao, hey, did you see it? We will be classmates for three years in the future!" Ye Lan carried his schoolbag and waved his hands excitedly to stop Luo Xiao's shoulders.

Looking at the people around him, Luo Xiao seemed to understand something: "Ye Zi, is it you..."

Ye Lan knew what he wanted to ask, so he nodded: "Yes, I let us put the two of us in the same class. What's wrong, are you unhappy?"

"No." Luo Xiao looked at him suddenly becoming pitiful, with a small black line, "However, it is okay to go to Class 1 and Class 2 according to the results of the two of us, why should we What about the 13th class?"

In addition to the name "Hao Class", this thirteen class has another name called "Poor Student Class". The students who have entered this class are all coming in for a day of chaos, and then they are better to listen to when they speak outside. After all, they are books from the key junior high school in this city of s!

"Ah? Class 13?" Ye Lan was also surprised. "I didn't say that I was going to Class 13?" Well, he reacted immediately, so his head drooped, "Xiaoxiao, I didn't mean to , Or, let's go to the principal to change the class now."

"Forget it, since it's all like this, let's go there." Luo Xiao waved his hand, in fact, it is the same in any class. After all, whether it is an elite class or a poor student class, they rely on themselves for reading. The main reason why Luo Xiao doesn't want to go to Class 13 is that the relationship there is not simple. There is no way, anyone who is brought out casually is a person with a wealth background, he, an ordinary person, can't afford to offend anyone.

Ye Lan knew what the other party was worried about, and the two years had not been for nothing. What's more, Luo Xiao is still his own daughter-in-law!

"Xiaoxiao, don't worry, brother is covering you, if someone there dared to bully you, see if you don't take care of him!" Ye Lan patted his chest and promised.

"Okay, you, let's take care of ourselves." Luo Xiao smiled and glanced at him. "Your home is not here after all. As the saying goes, strong dragons don't suppress local snakes, as long as we don't take the initiative to pick things. In three years, in fact, the blink of an eye passed."

"Well, listen to you!" Ye Lan said, since his daughter-in-law cares about him so much, he is still obedient~~

The two of them walked towards the place where Class 13 is located. I have to say that even the location of this special class is so special-next to the dean's office.

Well, as a concentrated place for rich and powerful children, fights and fights are not that serious, but compared to classes in other departments where study is the main focus, this high class still gives the principal a headache. In desperation, I had to arrange the classroom here, hoping to constrain under the authority of the dean. Because the dean of their school can specially invite experienced veterans back for this special class.

It has to be said that this wise decision of the principal is indeed effective in reducing the incidence of adverse events in the school.

Luo Xiao took a deep breath. Starting today, he is a student in Class 13. Walked into the classroom, looked at the lazy students in twos and threes, and compared it with the other classes passing by. Well, the attendance rate is really high!

"Xiaoxiao, let's sit here." Ye Lan walked to the two empty seats and said to Luo Xiao.

Luo Xiao glanced at it, which happened to be a position near the window in the middle. Well, he liked it. He nodded and walked over.

"Hey, what are your names?" When the two of them had just sat down, a boy with a shaved head sitting in front of them turned and asked curiously.

"My name is Luo Xiao, and his name is Ye Lan." Luo Xiao put down his schoolbag and replied with a smile.

"Hey? You two were the two bad luckers?" Xiaopingtou cried out in surprise, and then reacted with an apology, "Hey, that slip, the slip."

As Xiaoping's voice was uncontrollable, everyone in the classroom heard the voice and looked at both of them. Then, they were whispering in their seats, pointing at them with two fingers.

Luo Xiao frowned, "Classmate, can you explain it for us?"

It turned out that everyone in the class knew that their famous poor student class had two outstanding students. This is the first time since the existence of this poor student class. Everyone can't help but be curious about them, and they are guessing why they were assigned to this class.

After all, they have all been investigated, and the family backgrounds of these two people are not qualified to enter this class. Luo Xiao's family is just starting out, and the family level is just like that, and it is simply not in the eyes of some upper class people. The situation of Ye Lan belonged to the old man, who had kept his identity secret for the sake of protecting his grandson. In this way, even if someone investigates Ye Lan's identity, they will only get fake identity information that he grew up in an ordinary family and his parents are farmers.

Xiaoping approached the two of them and asked in a low voice curiously: "Hey, Luo Xiao, did you two offend someone? Otherwise, why would you be assigned here?"

When Ye Lan on the side heard this, he touched his nose with a guilty conscience. In fact, the two of them really didn't offend anyone, it's just that someone did something wrong. Ye Lan decided in his heart that someone who can't do things like this would resolutely not ask him to do things in the future!

As for Luo Xiao, he smiled and changed the subject: "We don't know about this. By the way, classmate, what is your name?"

Xiaoping knew at a glance that he didn't want to go on, so he didn't ask more, and replied: "My name is Wang Kai, s local, Luo Xiao, you can rely on you for your buddies in the future!"

Wang Kai patted him heavily on the shoulder with a bitter expression. There is no way. The reason why he came to this school was because his mother was forced to come, and he knew that two of their classes had come. After the outstanding students. Before the start of school, it was a lot of frustration for him, asking him to be good friends with these two people, and he must raise his academic achievements, otherwise he would be served by the family!

Speaking of this family method, Wang Kai has a lot of bitterness. He has to say that it really came out of his mother's belly, and he knew what he was going to fart as soon as he pushed his ass. Take those weaknesses of his, that's a good one!

This time, his mother said that he must pass the pass for the first exam, otherwise he would confiscated all the pocket money and the private money that he had managed to hide but was easily found. In the face of reality, Wang Kai had no choice but to compromise.

Ye Lan stared at his hand patted on Luo Xiao's shoulder. After finally getting rid of that nasty Fan Lie, will you run into the same person again?

I have to say that our classmate Xiaoye's sixth sense is still very accurate. Not only the three junior high school students in the future, but also high schools and universities in the future, Wang Kai successfully made Ye Lan's blacklist, and the man he grabbed Luo Xiao's attention was his object of rejection!

Luo Xiao looked at his expression and couldn't help but twitched the corners of his mouth: So what, is it necessary to look like the sky is falling down?

If Wang Kai knew what he was thinking in his heart, he would nod vigorously and tell him that his innocence would collapse! You know, since elementary school, he has not passed all the exams in the past six years, OK? And every time the test results came out, it was his day. Don't be too proficient in the mixed doubles of his parents! Sure enough, can the outstanding students understand the pain of their poor students?

Before Ye Lan wanted to shoot Wang Kai's hand, Luo Xiao took his hand off first, smiled and nodded and agreed: "In the future, if you have anything you don't understand, you can ask me. "

"That's great!" Wang Kai wanted to slap Luo Xiao on the shoulder when he was excited, but under Ye Lan's gaze, he put down his hand. At the same time, he couldn't help but muttered in his heart: What are you doing, the eyes are so scary, isn't it just patting the shoulder, it's nothing, it's really stingy!

Luo Xiao stretched out his hand and pulled the corner of La Yelan's clothes. Actually, after getting along for more than two years, what kind of attitude Ye Lan has towards him? He, an old man whose inner soul is already over 30 years old, knows everything. Chu it. It's just that, because they were deceived by that **** all their lives, and they are still young now, it's really not the time to break. Although, he actually had such a trace of Ye Lan in his heart, really only such a trace of like.

Luo Xiao said to himself in his heart that if Ye Lan is still interesting to him when they arrive at university, and he likes Ye Lan, then you can try to socialize. Let's wait for everything to be said later, now the most important thing is to do what students should do.

Ye Lan quickly calmed down under Luo Xiao's comfort. At this time, the class bell rang, and the first class of junior high school began.