Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 38

Chapter 37:

At the age of thirteen or fourteen, it was in the period of youthful rebellion. After being calm for more than a week, the thorns in Class 13 were finally tired of the plain study life. For them, their family background allows them to have a good future even without serious study, and they are much luckier than most people who can only find a way out by reading.

Early in the morning, Luo Xiao and Ye Lan walked into the classroom with them, only to see several boys whispering in a corner, which made Ye Lan, the monitor, frowned slightly.

Sure enough, in the second physical education class in the afternoon, due to the limited playground space, there are often several classes taking physical education together, and the boys have friction with the students in other classes, and even when it arrives The extent of fighting.

"Stop it for me!" Ye Lan saw that something was wrong, and went directly with Luo Xiao to check, "What happened, why did you do it?"

"What's the matter with you? I'll do it with whomever I love to do with!" Jiang Li rolled his eyes and said disdainfully, "You good student, let's go."

"You are a student in our class. As the class monitor, I have the right to supervise you." Young Master Ye Da said that if the **** had not forcibly squeezed the duties of a class leader, he would not bother to pay attention to these secondary disease guys! One by one will waste time between him and the two of his family Xiaoxiao, which is really frustrating!

"What the hell, cut it!" What Jiang Li hates most is a good student like Ye Lan. What's so great about his grades, isn't he just a nerd!

Luo Xiao pulled the corner of La Yelan's clothes and signaled that his teacher had noticed the situation here. Ye Lan looked at it, and it really was like this. He pressed down the veins on his forehead and asked other people, "Can anyone explain it to me?"

The guys who were opposed to them took a look, raised their eyebrows and said, "It's just these guys in your class who are rude, so we have to have a good talk."

"Speaking badly?" Ye Lan frowned, "Why are they talking badly?"

"They call us nerds who can only read books, for nothing. It's not obvious to look down on us!" A boy with glasses pushed the frame and said.

Luo Xiao glanced at the figures of a few of them, not to mention, in fact, these words are quite vivid. All of them wore that kind of rustic spectacle frames, and their faces were pale and pale. Now their faces were flushed from the quarrel, and they looked slightly healthier.

"Cut, it's just your stupid look, but the little master can look at you? A joke!" Jiang Li held his hands in his hands, looked at them up and down in disdain, and laughed directly. The companions who followed behind also looked at each other with a mocking look: "That is to say, if you didn't talk about us behind your back, we would have the American time to talk to you? Really look up to yourself!"

Ye Lan looked at Jiang Li who were constantly provoking, and how he owed a beating. After taking a few deep breaths, he smiled and said to the other party: "Since you said that they were rude, then I will apologize for them first. Then this matter should be turned into a small matter, what do you think?"

"No, why! To apologize is their apology!"

"I want Xiaoye to apologize to you? Let's daydream!" Jiang Li pointed his **** directly at them.


Okay, this is a rhythm that doesn't agree with you to start doing it. Ye Lan deeply felt that from this moment in the next three years, he would be continuously wonderful because of this group of bear children.

In addition to Young Master Ye Da's patience with his family Xiaoxiao, everyone else is doing things cleanly. Seeing the emotions of the two groups getting more and more excited, he felt a headache.

Luo Xiao on the side opened his mouth at the right time: "You should calm down first. Since both sides will not give in, then we must find a civilized way to solve this matter."

"Civilized way? Cut it, according to Lao Tzu's opinion, it's better to do it directly!" Jiang Li snorted.

The classmate on the opposite side also noticed the teacher who was looking here, so he asked loosely, "What kind of method?"

"You can play and win two games in three games." Luo Xiao explained, "However, for the sake of fairness, in these three games, you both choose one of your good points to play, and the other one will be drawn by a third party. How is the decision?"

"No problem, how about it, do you dare to respond?" The man in glasses nodded, then raised an eyebrow at Jiang Li.

"Huh! I'm afraid that you won't succeed?" Jiang Li put down his hands and raised his head.

"That's OK. In this case, you will all discuss what you want to compare, and then determine the content of the third game." Luo Xiao breathed a sigh of relief in his heart. Fortunately, he had listened to his opinions. If there is a fight, He and Ye Lan are also inseparable.

Seeing that the two groups were in a circle and whispering about something there, Luo Xiao and Ye Lan looked at each other, hoping that after the game, the energetic bear kids in their class could converge.

"We have discussed it, we are more than knowledge to answer." A trace of contempt flashed in the eyes of the man in glasses, huh, see what you guys do!

"Then we are better than tug-of-war." Jiang Lixiu tapped his biceps, looked at each other provocatively, hum, let's see how your group of white chickens compare with us!

Well, as expected, they are all powerful for one's own side. Luo Xiao twitched his mouth: "Since this is the case, then we will be in the last match..."

"The last game is better than your midterm exam results." A voice suddenly interrupted.

When everyone heard the sound, their eyes widened in surprise: "The dean of education."

The instructor nodded cheerfully: "I have heard what you said, the game, it's better to be more formal. So, the two games just now will be held as you said, but the game How about the confrontation between the staff from you to your two classes?"

Everyone pondered over the dean's proposal and nodded. Indeed, this would be fair to both parties. Jiang Li squinted his eyes and looked at Ye Lan and Luo Xiao next to him. Well, it is necessary to have two outstanding students in the class. Look, isn't this available?

"And the third competition is the mid-term exam I said. I know what you think in your heart." The dean looked around, "So, are you a class of students?" Looking at them, nodded and taught. The director went on to say, "If your class I's average score is more than three points ahead of the second place, then you win. Conversely, if all your students in Class 13 pass the pass line, then you win. How?"

"This..." Both groups hesitated, after all, they couldn't be the master either.

The instructor understands their concerns, "Dont worry, Ill talk to the head teachers of your two classes. Okay, lets go back and prepare for this game. By the way, your two games will be placed on the third. Lets hold the big school-wide activities on the Queen's Day."

"En, okay." Everyone nodded without objection, and their heart activities were synchronized at this time: Humph, let's see if we win you in front of the teachers and students of the school!

Seeing that they nodded and agreed, the dean nodded with satisfaction and turned and left. He said that it was very good and very good to be able to come across this incident at this time. In fact, he has also noticed that the gap between Class 13 and other classes is getting wider, but he has been unable to think of any way to deal with the relationship between them. This time the game might be an opportunity!

After the activity class, it happened to be He Ben's math class. As soon as he walked into the classroom, he directly told everyone about the competition.

"Actually, when I learned about this, as your head teacher, I was still a little surprised." He Ben tilted his head, "Should I admire your courage? You have the courage and being a top class teacher. The first class is better than the academic performance, I advise you to give up altogether."

The students sitting underneath listened with anger on their faces. As the fuse leader of this incident, Jiang Li slapped the table and stood up, suppressing anger and said, "Teacher, don't think it is our head teacher. You can speak like this!"

"Why, am I wrong?" He Ben spread his hands innocently, "Every one of you knows how to get into this school without me? Besides, I know the test results of each of you. Yes, it's red! Of course, except for two people."

"...But, that's because we don't want to learn it. If we learn, it will be a simple matter in minutes!" Jiang Li said with a hint of guilty conscience.

"Oh? A simple matter in minutes?" He Ben sneered, "Are you funny? Don't be funny!"

"You!" Jiang Li felt that his own self-esteem was trampled on. Of course, don't try to understand what the peculiar self-esteem of this age of second-degree sick teenager is all about.

"Teacher, don't underestimate people!"

"That is, I think my sister was also a person who had a perfect score!"

"Yes! Yes!"

He Ben smiled satisfied in his heart as he looked at the people starting to get excited. And Ye Lan and Luo Xiao silently glanced at each other, twitched the corner of his mouth and lowered his head. They said: Is it so simple to be aroused? Boys, are you too easy to deal with? This is not in line with the thorny situation of Class 13 that has always caused the school to have a headache?

Anyway, from this lesson, all the students listened carefully to the teacher for the first time for the victory of this game.

Let alone the question of whether you can understand or not listen, at least the change in learning attitude is real.

After class, He Ben left the classroom with satisfaction, although he came to be a teacher temporarily, he only took their students this year. But no matter what, if you bring it, you must be responsible for their future. These children are only thirteen or fourteen years old. Their lives are still very long, and it is too late to change everything.

"So what, class, class leader." Jiang Li walked to Ye Lan's side with a little awkwardness, "You said, we are in the same class."

"Well, I said it." Ye Lan nodded, "I know what you want to say, you can come to us if you have problems with your studies in the future."

"Really? That's great." The other students who narrated their ears upright cheered. There is no way. Their monitor is too cold and it feels hard to get close~~ It's the feeling of their study committee. Kind, but because the elders of the Mao class are spinning around the study committee, they can't hook up~~

"Then what, thank you, thank you." Jiang Li hesitated for a while before uttering the words of thanks.

"En." Ye Lan said, in fact, this bear kid is not as stubborn as it seemed just now.

Luo Xiao said, in fact, his classmates are still very cute!