Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 4

Chapter 3:

With a "squeak--", the BMW driven by Yu Jia stopped directly on the edge of the cliff with a flick, then turned to look at Yu Xiao lying on the back seat, Yu Jia's eyes were filled with excitement. And excitement, right away, right away, everything will develop as he has hoped for a long time.

Opening the door, Yu Jia dragged Yu Xiao out of the car laboriously. As for why the dragging method was used, it was very simple. How could he, a thin and thin person, move on his back and meet Yu Xiao who is obviously taller than him. It took his boss's energy to help him out in the hotel just now. If it weren't for the purpose of preventing outsiders from detecting something wrong, he wouldn't be so careful to support him! Cut~~~

Besides, why should he treat Yu Xiao well? Seeing Yu Xiao bumping his head from time to time because of being dragged by him, don't be too happy when he sees it.

However, even so, Yu Jia still took a lot of effort to drag Yu Xiao to the edge of the cliff. As long as he pushes hard now, everything is over~~~

Looking at Yu Xiao who was lying on the ground at this time, Yu Jia's face was an uncontrollable vision of a better life in the future.

However, before he waited for a few minutes to be beautiful, his eyes widened instantly: how could it be possible that the person who sold him the medicine said that this medicine will make people coma for at least five hours, why now...

Yu Jia was nervous, but when he saw that the other party just opened his eyes laboriously, his whole body was still weak and weak, and his hanging little heart slowly calmed down.

He just said, how could the effect of this medicine pass so easily, but it cost him tens of thousands of yuan to get such a gram of powder. Although it took him nearly three and a half hours from the time he gave Yu Xiao medicine to the cliff, he didn't expect that this guy's drug resistance was really good.

Yu Jia squinted her eyes and squatted down, and reached out to pat Yu Xiao's angry face at this time: "Are you surprised how did I know where you are? I will send you a compassionate message, because Ah, I have already installed the tracker when you are not paying attention~~~ And, it has been installed for six years~~~~ Why are you so angry? You know, all of this is forced by you. mine!"

"?" Yu Xiao didn't expect that he could almost say that he was the one who pulled him up. How could Yu Jia say that.

"Haha, it seems that you did not realize your mistakes! Hahahahaha, I know, how can a person like you think that you are not wrong? Therefore, you will have your own fate now. "Yes." The more Yu Jia said, the more excited he was, and the look on his face looked terrifying. At the same time, the slap on Yu Xiao's face became louder. After a while, both sides of Yu Xiao's cheeks were already swollen high.

Seeing Yu Xiao who was particularly embarrassed at this time, Yu Jia lowered his head and leaned his face closer and said: "Do you know? I already know it~~ It's you, you are the one who swallowed the property my dad left me, and paid back Show kindness to me in a superior posture, you bitch, how can you be so shameless?"

Hearing the content of Yu Jias words, Luo Xiaos eyes flashed with complicated emotions, and at the same time he couldnt stop frowning. He couldnt understand how this docile child in the past could become so paranoid now. Look like.

Unfortunately, Yu Jia caught the fleeting emotions in his eyes and thought it was the fact he was talking about, so Yu Xiao had a guilty conscience.

"Well, I got it right? I knew it!" Yu Jiameng stretched out his hand and pinched Yu Xiao's neck fiercely. "It's fine if you took my property, you even snatched me despicable." My lover, you really deserve to die! Damn!! Obviously I fell in love with him first, so why did you stay with him in the end! Why!!"

Lover? A big question appeared in Yu Xiao's mind, but before he could even think about it, Yu Jia's face flushed, and breathing soon became difficult.

Just when he thought he would be strangled to death, Yu Jia unexpectedly let go of his hands, then gently stroked his cheeks, and said with a fascination: "No, how could I just let you die like this? What? You know, thats not good~~ Hush, dont worry, I will let you die very well."

"By the way, do you know where we are now? We are in Weishan, don't you think I haven't seen the scenery here? I discovered this by accident. By the way, there is a cliff behind you~~ and , This cliff is rarely known even by locals, so dont worry, no one will come back to save you, and no one will find your trace~~~"

Looking at Yu Jia, who was obviously a little abnormal in front of him, Yu Xiao's heart couldn't help regretting it. Why was he so soft-hearted and took him in for a while, and how good was it to treat him?

Sure enough, according to those guys, he was too kind and too easy to soften his heart. That's why he couldn't stand his brother's begging and took care of Yu Jia for so many years.

Yu Jia kept talking softly, suddenly, as if thinking of something, got up and walked back, and took out a folder from the car.

Then, I walked to Yu Xiao and raised the folder in his hand: "Do you know what this is?"

Doubts clearly appeared in Yu Xiao's eyes, but soon, Yu Jia answered his doubts.

Yu Jia squatted down again, opened the folder, took out a few pieces of paper and shook it in front of him: "Look, these are all asset transfer certificates under your name~~~ Tomorrow, I will be in your safe. I found these inside, and then they all belong to me~~You owe me this!"

"Ha ha ha ha, are you thinking that it is impossible for you to have no signature on this?" Yu Jia smiled softly, "It doesn't matter, I have learned your signature exactly the same~~~ So , Even if your friends dont believe that they want to send them to take notes, they wont be discovered~~~"

Yu Jia put the file back in the folder, and then continued smiling and said, "Speaking of which, I would also like to thank you. If you hadn't supported me in learning various calligraphy, I would not have imitated your signature exactly the same. Oh, yes, is it confusing afterwards? It is clear that some documents you remember were not signed, but when you go to sign again, you find that they have been signed? I thought it was because my memory was confused, but it was not. ~~ I signed it for you, how about it, didnt you find it? Hahahahahaha~~~"

Yu Xiao's brows tightened. He knew that his current situation was very dangerous. Even though he was constantly trying to recover his body, he obviously made no progress.

Finally, Yu Jia stopped laughing, placed the file gently on the ground, and then smiled brilliantly at Yu Xiao: "Then, cousin, goodbye~~~" Yu Xiao, who was horrified by the next force Pushed directly into this bottomless cliff without mercy.

Yu Jia stood on the edge of the cliff for a while, picked up the folder on the ground and patted it, and deliberately erased the marks on the ground with his feet, and then drove away here with a satisfied smile on his mouth.

And Yu Xiao, who was pushed off the cliff here, because his body was still unable to move, the color of despair in his eyes became more and more intense. In addition, it is late at night, except when I was pushed down, what else can I see with the lights of Yu Jias car, but as the body continues to fall, there will soon be darkness in front of him, and Yu Xiao can only Close your eyes and wait for the final death to come.

However, his luck did not abandon him at this time. Although the sun doesnt shine all the year round, since the bottom of the cliff has basically not been visited by people for a hundred years, this caused the cliffs around the cliff at the bottom to be overgrown. There are many densely packed trees. It is precisely because of the existence of these trees that Yu Xiao benefited from the continuous buffering of these trees not long after he closed his eyes. When I finally fell on the ground, although my whole body fractured a lot, not to mention bruises.

However, lying on the ground in pain, Yu Xiao still couldn't help showing a surviving smile on her face. But soon, he stopped smiling, and his eyes were uncontrollable murderous: If he was still alive, he would definitely not let the two guys get better!

Although he thought so, the pain in his body soon made him unable to ignore them. Helplessly, the effect of the drug hadn't passed yet, and he could only endure it slowly while lying on the ground.

Although it was at the bottom of the cliff, there were still a few faint lights in the corner of his eyes. According to his laborious observation of the light, it appeared to be some mushrooms that would glow.

As time passed slowly, Yu Xiao felt that his senses were slowly recovering. Finally, after a while, all his body was able to move.

It's a pity that as soon as he moved, the places where his whole body broke and broke, he ran out to announce their existence. But it's nothing to lie on this ground all the time. Yu Xiao gritted his teeth fiercely and turned over and squatted on the ground forcefully. For this reason, he grinned in pain for a while.

At the bottom of this inaccessible cliff, he couldn't expect someone to save him, the only one who could save him was himself. He moved his hands and feet again, and finally confirmed that his legs were broken, and his ribs were also broken. Fortunately, there was no serious problem with his hands, at least he could still crawl with his hands.

He squinted his eyes and looked around, and finally decided to crawl towards the place with the glowing mushrooms. Enduring the huge pain, Yu Xiao began to move forward bit by bit with difficulty.

Before exhausting his stamina, Yu Xiao finally climbed up to a few meters away from the mushroom. It was also at this distance that he vaguely saw that it was almost ten meters away, under the faint light of mushrooms over there, as if there was a cave.

However, he didn't have much strength at this time, and was helplessly about to give up climbing to the cave over there. However, there is still the word misfortune in this world.

Yu Xiao might not have dreamed it. On this evening, a rare typhoon landed near C city. A heavy rain fell directly from the sky, making Yu Xiao had to work hard to climb to the cave not far away. The cold rain hit him, making him colder and colder.

Finally forced the whole person to climb into this very shallow cave, Yu Xiao was tired of not having a trace of extra strength. With multiple fractures on the body and multiple wounds, and crawling in the rain for so long, Yu Xiao had a high fever without exception.

His consciousness began to become confused, and somehow he remembered the chocolates he took out of his luggage and had not had time to eat. Before his consciousness completely disappeared, he was still thinking: I knew I would take those chocolates before taking a shower. I've eaten...

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