Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 41

Chapter 40:

As the midterm exam time approached a little bit, not only the atmosphere in the school became tense, but also in Class 13. Not to mention that the teachers who came to the class were surprised by their changes, but their parents were also very surprised, wondering whether their children bumped their heads, or their ancestors had smoked? How else could this happen!

Regarding the doubts of their parents, they can't help but have a black line: Didn't they just study hard all of a sudden? Why are you making such a fuss?

But no matter what, the principal, dean and head teacher are all happy to see this scene anyway! Especially the headmaster felt the deepest about this, and it was more and more blessed not to see his nearest belly. What's more, after this group of bad students studied hard, they all contributed to the learning situation of the 13th class in the above two years! Also, what kind of teaching and research activities have you participated in recently? The leaders of the Education Bureau above praised him more than once! The principals of other schools are also polite and polite to him, just to know the reasons for the changes in the poor students in their schools.

"Hey, my dean, what should I do with this topic?"

"While you go, I'll come here first. Hey, Master of Study, am I right to do this?"

"Sir, um, um, I want to ask this question."

"There is me, there is me, let me listen to it."

When the current class 13 comes to the end of get out of class, no matter it is the teacher, Luo Xiao or Ye Lan, they are surrounded by classmates. There is no way, the previous knowledge is very poor, although it is just the beginning of junior high school, but can not bear the foundation is not good, it is really difficult to follow.

However, since they are born with deficiencies, let them make up the day after tomorrow! Their thirteenth class will not lose to those nerds in the first class!

Luo Xiao and Ye Lan looked at the crowded surroundings and glanced at each other: Although they had a hunch in their hearts that these classmates had a bad foundation, they didn't expect to be so bad. Thinking of the previous class quizzes, well, they were all dazzling red lanterns. However, it is worthy of affirmation that they are still making progress little by little. It's okay, everyone should make a little effort to improve!

Since Ye Lan is already studying the high school curriculum, Luo Xiao is reviewing and recalling his high school curriculum. Therefore, both of them have no problem in guiding the study of the students around them.

And because of this, every teacher in Class 13 loves both of them very much. After all, the two of them had good academic records, listened carefully to lectures, respected the teachers, cherished the classmates, and they had good looks.

Soon, the midterm exam for the whole school came. Just before the start of the first exam, He Ben stood on the podium and looked at the students who were ready below. He smiled slightly: "Over the past month or so, I, your teacher, your parents, etc., All of us have seen your efforts. I also know how hard you have worked this month. Then, in the exams today and tomorrow, tell those who looked down on you in the past. You. , All the students in Class 13 are no longer the hopeless undergraduates in the eyes of everyone! You, will be the group of people who made miracles in our Lingxiang Junior High School! Go, start your battle!"

"Class 13, we will win!" Ye Lan glanced around, stood up and said in a deep voice, "I have confidence in you, then, do you have confidence in yourself?"

"Yes!" Under Luo Xiao's leadership, all the students replied with fighting spirit.

"In that case, then, I wish you all the best!" He Ben squinted his eyes and nodded in satisfaction.

Then, all the students filed out to their respective examination rooms to start their own battle.

Calmly ignoring the various gazes of the people around, the students of Class 13 sat in their respective exam seats, waiting for the ringing of the exam bell.

With a sound of "bell~~", the battle for the midterm exams officially started. Looking at the handed out test papers and the familiar question types, they silently cheered up for themselves in their hearts: to help their teachers, academic committees, class leaders, and to give them another test. Parents who have expectations, they will definitely go all out!

After finishing the day of exams, sitting in the classroom again, some students showed pessimism on their faces. Seeing the situation below, He Ben spoke again: "The exam has just been completed, and we dont know how everyone is relying on their grades, but, no matter what, we should put everything today and start preparing for tomorrow. Exam."

"But, teacher, I..." a voice with a trace of anxiety sounded, "I am..."

He Ben reached out his hand to stop his words, he said solemnly: "Who are you?"

Hey? The people below were stunned for a while, and they didn't understand what their head teacher meant. Except Luo Xiao and Ye Lan gave him a smile in their eyes.

"You are well-known students from Class 13 in the whole school!" He Ben continued after a pause, "Why are you famous? Just because of your poor grades and relying on various relationships to get in? No, more importantly, what you have There is a strong sense of dissatisfaction. But, look now and see how languid you are, where is the original strong strength?"

Yeah, when did they become like this? Who are they? They are the students of Class 13, they are the "bad students", and they are the thorns who have the energy to admit defeat!

It doesn't matter, the big deal is that they lost to the first class in this exam, and there is still a chance to win it back in the future! What's more, there is still one day for the test tomorrow, and their test results will not be available until two days later. This result hasn't come out yet, how can they panic first?

Seeing every student who wanted to understand, He Ben was satisfied: He just said, these kids are all good kids who can sculpt!

One night later was the intense exam the next day. The people in Class 13 once again embarked on a new day of fighting.

Soon, as a bell rang, which represented the end of the final exam of the mid-term exam, they looked at the collected test papers, and they breathed a sigh of relief: They tried their best, and everything will be up to two days later.

Because the exam time happens to be Thursday and Saturday, so after the mid-term exam, the whole school has a holiday. Luo Xiao and Ye Lan walked towards their home with a relaxed mood, they are still very sure of their test results.

"Xiaoxiao, are you coming tomorrow?" Standing at the fork in the road, Ye Lan looked at Luo Xiao and asked quietly. Because the two of them were preparing for the midterm exams, Mr. Huo gave Luo Xiao a special leave, and there was none last week. come.

Luo Xiao nodded naturally, "Well, I will come over." To be honest, he was still a little worried about the last time he went to Tongjia Village. It has been two or three weeks, and I don't know how it is going.

"That's fine, I'll let Auntie prepare a few dishes that you like to eat! Would you like to come to my house for breakfast?" Ye Lan said with a smile and narrowed his eyes.

Luo Xiao thought for a while, and shook his head: "My mother and the others are busy with the store's things these days. I have to get up early to deliver breakfast to them, so I won't go to your house for breakfast."

"Oh, okay." Ye Lan drooped his ears immediately, but then when he heard Luo Xiao's next sentence, he was full of joy.

"However, my mother and the others will settle the dinner in the store, so I have to take the dinner by the way."

"Well, okay, no problem!" Ye Lan waved at him, "Then we're done, Xiaoxiao, be careful on the road, see you tomorrow!"

"Well, see you tomorrow!" Luo Xiao looked at him tenderly and said goodbye.

As soon as he walked into the house, before he put down his schoolbag, Luo Qian asked anxiously: "Xiaoxiao, the midterm exam is finally over, how do you feel about the exam?" In order not to affect her son's mood for the exam, She endured no question yesterday and only spoke today. Although she is very relieved of her children's academic performance, the previous few quizzes have achieved good results. However, this is a mid-term exam after all. It is the only major exam in a semester. In addition, this exam is for the whole year. The major exams in Lingxiang Junior High School are notoriously difficult exams in the city.

Luo Xiao put down his schoolbag, took a sip of water and said relaxedly: "Mom, don't worry."

"That is to say, Qian, you have to believe in Xiaoxiao's strength." Xu Yan stepped forward and patted Luo Qian on the shoulder, "Don't forget, Xiaoxiao, this kid, is the champion in the high school entrance examination in our town!"

"I know this, but I'm still worried." Luo Qian smiled, there is no way, probably this is the generality of motherhood, even if she knows the abilities of her own children, she can't help but worry.

"You!" Xu Yan shook her head and smiled, "Well, Xiaoxiao, you go and wash your hands, we can start eating."

"En, all right." Luo Xiao walked obediently towards the bathroom.

After eating, Luo Xiao reviewed the next courses, and then went to bed early.

In the early morning of the next morning, Luo Xiao prepared breakfast for his mother and godmother, and then went straight to Father Huo.

As soon as he stepped in, Ye Lan's warm welcome was bound to be welcomed, Luo Xiao said, just calm down. He walked straight to Old Man Huo, "Master, good morning."

"Xiaoxiao, come here?" Mr. Huo nodded, and pointed at the chair next to him with his chopstick fingers, "Sit down first, I'll finish the meal before talking."

"Well, okay, master." Luo Xiao took his seat after hearing the words, "just take your time."

Ye Lan on the side had already made a glass of juice diligently, "Come here, Xiaoxiao, warm up with a glass of water first."

Luo Xiao smiled and took the cup. This scene fell into the eyes of Old Huo and only got a blank eye: This Ye Family kid's intentions are becoming more and more obvious, and it is as annoying as his grandfather!

Not long after the old man Huo finished eating, there was a burst of hearty laughter outside the house. Hearing this sound, the old man's brows wrinkled fiercely: What day is it today? Why add another person who hates you?