Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 43

Chapter 42:

After the sun rises, it is the Monday that every student looks forward to and fears most. Especially for the students in Class 13 and Class 1, this is not just a simple mid-term exam, but also a contest between the two classes. It is also a class of poor students and top students in Lingxiang junior high school. In a competition in the student class, everything is about to reveal the answer.

As soon as Luo Xiao and Ye Lan walked into the campus, they kept listening to the various discussions of the surrounding students, and they were also very concerned about the results of the game. What's more, all kinds of bets were placed, although most of them were betting on the first victory.

The two of them calmly ignored the hot gaze that had been paying attention to them along the way, and walked into the classroom of Class 13 at a leisurely pace.

"Hey, the academic committee and the squad leader have come in." I don't know who shouted. The people who were discussing what they were talking about, brushed their eyes and looked at them both.

Quietly pulling the corners of their mouths, they said: What's the situation?

"Sir, do you know how our class's test results are?" Jiang Li anxiously stood up and asked directly.

"I don't know." Ye Lan followed Luo Xiao and walked to his seat. After putting down his schoolbag, he slowly said, "Why, don't you have confidence in yourself?"

"Hey, this confidence, we naturally have it. But, after all..." Jiang Li touched his nose, "After all, it's the first time I have been preparing for an exam so seriously in so many years. Naturally, I am nervous about this result."

"Yes, so am I!"

"Me too, my mother also said, if I don't take a course this time, I will take me to play abroad!"

"Hey? That's good? But, I also got a promise, if I don't have a license, I can buy that new game console!"

"Hey? Really? Really?"

Listening to the students who were discussing, Ye Lan put a smile on his eyes, then turned to Luo Xiao and said quietly: "Xiaoxiao, you said, if I do well in this exam, what will you give me? What about the reward?"

"Do you want a reward?" Luo Xiao raised his eyes and said faintly, "Yes, as long as you get the first grade in the exam."

"Really?" Ye Lan felt a secret joy in his heart, "any gift is fine."

"...Yes." Luo Xiao looked at him with a look of expectation. After a little hesitation, he nodded and agreed.

"Then, the gentleman said." Ye Lan stretched out the palm of his right hand and looked at Luo Xiao.

Luo Xiao quickly gave him a high five, "It's hard to chase a horse."

Ye Lan got the promise he wanted, and he couldn't help but be filled with a happy breath. Although he was a little cautious about knowing his scores and rankings in the midterm exam early, but for the reward he wanted for a long time, he said, what is a guilty conscience, can I eat it?

With a bell~~, the class bell rang, and everyones expressions suddenly became tense.

"Oh, what's the matter?" He Ben received eager eyes from everyone as soon as he opened the door with his textbook. He raised his eyebrows and said, "With such a serious expression, what happened?"

"Teacher, can you not deliberately pretend to be ignorant?" Jiang Li made a roll of eyes, "You clearly know what we want to know most now!"

"But, I'm not the roundworm in your stomach, how can I know it?" He Ben concealed the smile in his eyes, and said in a puzzled manner, "If you don't make it clear, how do I know!"

"Teacher!" Ye Lan gave a warning call without missing the expression on his face. He knew all about this guy's evil taste.

He Ben curled his mouth unwillingly. Okay, can't he not afford this little ancestor?

So, after adjusting the expression on his face, He Ben coughed, and said seriously to all the students below: "I have both good news and bad news about your exam results. I dont know. What news do you want to know first?"

"Hey? There are good news and bad news? Could it be that?"

As soon as the students below heard it, they began to discuss it, and their hearts were directly suspended in the air.

"Teacher, you can tell the bad news first." Ye Lan looked around, and under his strong aura, the classroom immediately became quiet.

"All right." He Ben sighed. "The bad news is that you haven't won a class in this exam."

"Hey? Isn't it?" The disappointment below one after another, their mood plummeted. Could it be that they were poor students before, but now they are still poor students even after working hard?

Looking at the dejected little heads, He Ben said, why are some little ones unbearable? Well, it should be an illusion, right? Well, it must be an illusion!

"Well, since the bad news has been said, let's talk about the good news." He Ben continued, "This mid-term exam, none of the classmates is a red light!"

"Oh, there is no red light. Hey? No one who failed?" The students who reacted after a while opened their eyes and wondered if they had auditory hallucinations.

Since no one failed the course, why didn't they beat the first class? Could it be that?

"Teacher, our two classes... is it a tie?" Jiang Li hesitated and said.

Seeing He Ben nodded, the students who got the result looked at each other for a while, and then suddenly burst into a loud cheer.

Although it is a small regret that the result of this match was a draw, at least, none of them won the other side, right?

And ah, none of them have failed the subject, this matter, this matter is really great!

"My trip abroad, here I am!"

"My game console, here I am!"

"Hahaha, little master, I finally don't have a subject!"

Seeing all the excited people underneath, He Ben said that he didn't mind making everyone happier. After all, after this incident is said, it is still conducive to increasing the cohesion and unity of the class, isn't it?

"Cough, okay, calm down first, I have another good news to tell everyone." He Ben stretched out his hand to signal everyone to quiet down and listen to him.

"Hey? There is good news? What is it?"

He Ben looked in the direction of Luo Xiao and Ye Lan with a relieved gaze, "In this mid-term exam, there were five students who were tied for first place in our first grade, and this included our class. Two of them."

"Hey? Really?" At this moment, everyone's emotions increased even more, "The academic committee is mighty! The squad leader is mighty!! The thirteenth class is mighty!!!"

Unexpectedly, unexpectedly, their thirteenth class will also get the first place! Moreover, one is still two! Sure enough, their 13th class was not built!

"Oh? Number one?" Luo Xiao turned his eyes and immediately understood, looking at Ye Lan with a smile.

Ye Lan touched his nose awkwardly, okay, he was immediately seen through by Xiaoxiao. However, he still grinned and said in a low voice: "Xiaoxiao, we are masculine husbands. Since we have already said a gentleman's word, then it will be hard to follow!"

Luo Xiao raised an eyebrow, "Did I say I plan not to honor my promise?"

"Hey, that's good~~" Ye Lan smiled and nodded, rewards, rewards, don't worry, I will be here soon~~~

"Okay, okay." He Ben saw that everyone was almost cheering, and raised his hand to indicate, "Be excited, you will continue to be excited after class. Come on, Bai You, you distribute the test papers, we will start to talk about the test papers. . You all listened carefully to me. If your grades in each of the final exams this semester improve, I will prepare a big surprise for you!"

"Teacher, what's the surprise?" Some students raised their hands curiously and asked.

He Ben smiled mysteriously, "It's definitely a surprise that none of you expected!"

"Hey?" At this moment, everyone's curiosity was suspended. After all, their thirteen or fourteen-year-olds are now in a booming period full of curiosity about the world.

Some people still dont give up, "Teacher, then you just tell me a little bit? What kind of surprise is it?"

But no matter how the students asked, He Ben was there just laughing but not speaking. After Bai You distributed all the test papers, he slowly said, "Okay, let's start talking about the test papers. This time, the main content of the test paper is..."

Listening to him starting to analyze the test paper seriously, the students below slowly calmed down and listened carefully. They will definitely get better results in the final exam!

One day and the next two days were spent in analyzing various test papers. Because of the announcement of the results of the test, the thirteenth class made a lot of people's eyes dropped: unexpectedly, unexpectedly, the city was out. The well-known Class 13 of Ling Xiang Junior High School had a new day.

After learning about the test results of their children, the parents of Class 13 took time to come to the school to thank the principal, the dean, and even He Ben, the head teacher. This makes He Ben, who has always been confident about everything, is also a little bit overwhelmed. Sure enough, the "combat value" of the parents who are too enthusiastic is properly exploded!

Moreover, after passing this mid-term exam, the students in Class 13 also noticed in secret that the students in other classes no longer looked at them with all kinds of contempt and disdain. Instead, they started to look at them with a normal look at ordinary people, so that the people who had always been a little sensitive in their hearts were secretly happy for a long time.

In fact, no one has been like this since birth. They all began to dislike learning for different reasons, they didn't want to learn, and they didn't have any motivation to learn. Anyway, they are all people with backgrounds at home, right?

Don't look at them as nonchalant on the surface, but they still care a lot on the inside. It's just that after a long time pretending to be indifferent, they can't tell what it is.

However, after this mid-term exam, they not only changed the way others think about them, but also changed themselves. They like the effect of this change, and they want more, more...