Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 46

Chapter 45:

Although the two masters and apprentices agreed to put the book up for auction yesterday, because Sidley Auctions only held two auctions a year. They have already missed the auction in the second half of the year and can only wait for the one in March in the first half of next year.

Since there is still plenty of time, it is convenient for Mr. Huo to contact a person, someone who can help them hide their identity and auction anonymously.

Because Elder Huo had already patted his chest and said that it was enough to leave it to him, so Luo Xiao went to school with peace of mind.

As soon as I walked into the classroom, my **** hadn't been sitting on the stool, Ye Lan came up with a grieving face, "Xiaoxiao, we haven't seen each other for a long time, do you miss me?"

"Huh?" Luo Xiao twitched the corners of his mouth silently, can we be normal? "I remember, we haven't seen each other for two days?"

"But, it's not that the old saying goes, one day is like three autumns!" Ye Lan said aggrievedly, "we haven't seen you in more than six autumns!"

"..." When did your face become so thick? Luo Xiao complained silently in his heart.

As for the classmates in the front and back rows, they said that this is a playful joke between the school committee and the squad leader. It is better not to interfere with these outsiders! Didn't you see the person who intervened last time, was he directly "frozen" by the squad leader? That's not a big deal. What's more important is to be taken care of by every teacher! Thinking about that encounter, it was really a snot and tears!

"By the way, Xiaoxiao, I thought about it. I want to save the reward this time. You can give it to me later!" Ye Lan's eyes flashed a sly light, well, for that big goal, Start now, work hard to earn rewards!

"...As you like." Luo Xiao rolled his eyes to him, then picked up the textbook and looked at it.

Ye Lan couldn't help but darken when he thought of what he accidentally found at He Ben yesterday. He didn't expect that it could still be like this.

Time passed day by day, just one month before the final exam, something shocked everyone in Ling Xiang Junior High School. Of course, what happened this time was not the well-known Class 13, but Class 2, which is also one of the top classes.

In the early morning of this day, since Lingxiang Junior High School has practiced morning exercises since its establishment, all teachers and students of the school participated in morning exercises as usual. However, who would have thought that not long after the morning exercise, a chaotic situation appeared in the team.

Luo Xiao and Ye Lan looked at each other, then nodded and consciously led their class members to the side in an orderly manner, without adding to the chaos in front of them. But everyone's eyes flashed with curiosity. Before they had waited long, they saw several medical staff carrying a stretcher and quickly carrying one person away for treatment.

From the mouths of a few classmates who passed by, they vaguely heard the vague and fragmentary words such as "blood", "female", "Second Class", and Luo Xiao had a vague premonition in his heart. So he attached his spiritual power to his eyes with the method he had thought wrong, but he didn't expect that things really got worse.

"Xiaoxiao, what's the matter with you?" Ye Lan asked worriedly while looking at his frowning brow.

After Luo Xiao released his spiritual power, he lowered his voice and said to him: "Ye Zi, I saw a trace of resentment."

"Hey?" Ye Lan opened his eyes wide, "could it be that?"

"En, yes." Luo Xiao nodded heavily, "I'm afraid it has something to do with the girl who was taken away."

Sure enough, during the lunch break, the incident in the morning spread throughout the school. It turned out that the girl was named Zhang Meng, and she was the representative of the top ten Chinese class in the second class. Because of his sweet looks and gentle personality, the people in the class are still very good.

This time, her good friend discovered the accident during the morning exercise. Although, some time ago, I noticed that her personality suddenly became a little strange, but I just thought that she was like this because she didn't pass the exam. But she didn't expect such a thing to happen, and she went into a coma with bleeding from her lower body.

According to reliable sources, Zhang Meng bleeds because she was pregnant and strenuous exercise led to a miscarriage. As soon as the news came out, well, the whole school was boiling.

Think of the fact that Ling Xiang Junior High School was founded more than 50 years ago. This is the first time such a thing has been exposed. Lingxiang Junior High School has always been a key junior high school in S City. In addition to the fact that it has consistently ranked among the best in all aspects, there is another reason that there has never been any negative news, such as fights and so on. Of course, Class 13 is a special class, not included.

The head teacher of the second class who knew this had frowned. It was really a tight one. He never dreamed that such a thing would happen to the class he was in charge of. A 14-year-old young girl who has always performed well, is pregnant? !

However, not long after everyone had just discussed the matter, a news came, which pushed the matter to a new height: after Zhang Meng was rescued, the child was ultimately not saved. Moreover, on the second night after the operation, she died on the hospital bed with a strange and content smile on her face.

This time, not only did the school explode, it also caused a great sensation in society. The reason is simple. After repeated inspections by the police, Zhang Meng should have been killed by external forces, but the problem is that from the monitoring point of view, no one had ever entered her room during the time she died. There were no signs of being pried open from the outside in the windows and door, so how did she die?

Suddenly, various versions of the cause of her death appeared endlessly. At the same time, a tense atmosphere began to pervade the school.

This incident directly reduced the blessed headmaster by several waist circumferences, and there were obviously several white hairs on his head. In the end, the spread of those rumors was suppressed by tough measures.

And Luo Xiao also told Elder Huo what he had discovered on the weekend, watching his frowning eyebrows, and wondering in his heart: Is there anything he didn't know about it?

Sure enough, after Mr. Huo was silent for a while, he told him the latest news. It turned out that they didn't pay attention to this matter at first, or it was because the policeman in charge of this matter happened to have a good relationship with a person under Mr. Yu, who attracted the attention of that person when he mentioned this incident accidentally.

For reasons of caution, the person reported the incident to Lao Yu, and it happened that at that time, Old Man Ouyang also happened to come to Lao Yu for something. As a result, Old Man Ouyang tried to recruit Zhang Meng's soul to ask questions, but unexpectedly, several treatments failed to attract her soul. The only explanation for this situation is that her soul has already been imprisoned by others.

So, the question is, who will confine this person's soul, and why should we confine it if something happens?

You know, to imprison the souls of others at will, for those practitioners who possess spiritual power, it will be punished by heaven. And Heaven Punishment is not a small punishment like losing aura, it's going to be dispelled! It dissipates directly between the heavens and the earth, and there is no chance of reincarnation. Under normal circumstances, no one is willing to take such risks to do this kind of thing, because no one who does this kind of thing has escaped the punishment.

In addition, there was another thing that made them feel puzzled. After Zhang Meng's parents learned about this incident, they had not come to find anyone in trouble. Moreover, there was a happy smile on his face when he saw the death of his daughter.

This made the police and medical staff who accompanied them all feel cold. How could a normal parent behave like this?

At the same time, the two of them even lost contact after leaving the hospital holding Zhang Meng's body. When the police had spent a lot of effort to find the husband and wife, both of them had amnesia, and they did not remember that they had a daughter who went to junior high school.

After such a situation, they had no choice but to put the matter down first. After all, besides this matter, they still have many other things to be busy with.

Luo Xiao put this down in advance, there is no way, now the most important thing is the upcoming final exam. As the final exam is approaching, all the students in the school put more thoughts on the intense review. Especially the students in Class Two, they no longer pay attention to matters with Zhang Meng anymore, only her good friends still remember her in their hearts.

"Then, dear classmates, remember to take the exam!" He Ben smiled and squinted his eyes, "After the exam is completed, I will give you that surprise. If the exam is not good, then there is no way."

"We will definitely do well in the exam!" They have been working hard since the last mid-term exam and got results that they couldn't believe. They still want to continue to see the look in their parents' expectations. !

"Okay, then I'm looking forward to it." He Ben nodded, um, sure enough, the more you look at this group of children, the cuter they are!

Soon, the pace of the final exam was approaching as scheduled. The students in Class 13 are all gearing up to show their fists in this exam.

After two days of hard work, the exam finally ended. The rest will be a holiday of more than a week, waiting for the teacher's approval results.

In the expectation of everyone, the test results were in He Ben's hands, and he raised the report card in his hand downwards: "How about it, are you impatient?"

"Teacher, you are not bullshit!" Several students below booed, "Hurry up and send it to us."

"Since you are all so impatient, then okay." He Ben recruited several class cadres to distribute these results one by one. In my opinion, the students who got the transcripts are happy and sad!

"Cough!" He Ben coughed, and after attracting everyone's attention, he slowly said: "Although your exam results this time did not meet my requirements. However, compared to the previous midterm exam. It has also improved a lot. So, the rewards for you are still given!"

"Hey?" After a while, the whole class burst into cheers, "Great, great! Teacher, what surprise can you say now?"

"Well, it's not time yet." He Ben shook his finger, "Assemble at the school gate next Friday. Remember to bring food and backpacks. I will take you to see the surprise!"

After finishing speaking, ignoring the confused people, they walked directly out of the classroom with their hands behind their backs, leaving only fragments of the discussion that kept ringing there.