Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 48

Chapter 47:

In a low and dilapidated small bungalow, there are three ordinary-looking men, but their eyes reveal that a vicious man is sitting around a table. The thought of their careful tracking behavior over the past few days has been When people notice it, there is a burst of trouble in their heart.

"Big brother, you said, what shall we do now?" The shortest man looked up at the man who was smoking and asked in a low voice, "If the crazy woman finds out, we will end up, then But..."

"That's right, big brother, the third child is right." The tall man who was thin and resembling ribs frowned and said worriedly, "We didn't manage things two years ago, if we mess up again this time. If it's gone, I'm really worried that we will go back again."

"Big brother, I don't want to go back!" The third one thought that he would go back there again, with obvious panic on his face. He finally crawled out of hell. No matter what the price, he didn't want to go back again.

The smoking boss threw the cigarette **** to the ground and smashed it with his foot. "Second, third, we all came out from there. Like you, I dont want to go back again. Although, ours The whereabouts were discovered, but at least the place where we were hiding has not been revealed. In this way, we are still safe for the time being. As long as we wait for a good time, we will go and stop the matter."

"Well, we all listen to your boss." The second child and the third child looked at each other, nodded and said in unison.

"Okay, this time we will give it up. If we don't succeed, we will become benevolent!" The boss gritted his teeth and said harshly.


The Spring Festival of another year is approaching, and the streets are full of cheerful and lively scenes. Since Xu Yan has severed her relationship with her adoptive parents, Luo Qian and her godson Luo Xiao are the only relatives mentioned. And Luo Qian is because being a single mother with another child has already added a lot of trouble to her family, and she doesn't want to continue to increase it.

Therefore, the three of them discussed it and decided not to go back this New Year's Eve, and just spend it in S City. Then, just go back and take a look at the time of the first or second grade. After all, ordinary business people started to do business in Yingmen one after another after the third grade.

Both of them are busy preparing for next year's adult exams, so they have to take advantage of the time available to make money. Once they have passed the exams, they will have to pay three people's study fees at that time!

Luo Xiao didn't tell them directly because the book hadn't been auctioned yet, because he knew that even if he said it now, mothers and godmothers who are strong in their own family would definitely not use the money.

Because, in their view, this is his money, which is to be reserved for his future study and life plus his wife's use. Moreover, coupled with the amount of money obtained from the auction is too huge, it must be more surprising to them. Instead, they will distract them from worrying about whether the money will be lost, whether they will be robbed, whether they are dreaming, etc.

Luo Xiao has already thought in his heart that once the book is auctioned off, he will leave a portion of the money, and then spread the remaining money for investment. You know, this is the famous magic city in the future! As a rebirth person, how could he miss the opportunity given by God?

Although he has no talent in business, he knows very clearly about some fixed asset investments! After all, he also lived in this city for nearly ten years in his previous life.

When I thought that the house I had worked so hard to make money for in my previous life was taken away by those two bitches, I felt uncomfortable. After all, the house price at this time is really a cheap cabbage price compared to that time!

In the past, he still felt that he had no money earlier, if he had money, he could buy a house and wait for a rapid price increase! You dont have to be busy with all kinds of hard work and entertainment, just for the little salary.

Fortunately, he was born again. With that said, Luo Xiao squinted his eyes and touched his chin and thought: Does he still want to thank those two bitches? If it hadnt been for them to be caught, raped, and in bed, coupled with the push of his good brother, he would not fall off the cliff, and he would not be reborn, let alone meet and cherish his life again. Of these people.

However, even so, he wouldn't forget this account easily. In due course, he will definitely double back!

On the morning of New Years Eve, Luo Xiao got up early and cleaned the rented house where they lived with his mother and godmother, and began to prepare the New Years Eve dinner to be eaten in the evening. Naturally, there was a godmother with the best cooking skills. .

"Xiaoxiao, go and call your master and Xiaoye together. We will have a meal together tonight." Luo Qian said to Luo Xiao who was sweeping the floor.

"En, okay." Luo Xiao nodded, and after sweeping the floor and handling the garbage, he turned and ran outside the door.

"Master, Ye Zi, are you there?" Luo Xiao opened the door and shouted as he ran towards the house.

As soon as Ye Lan heard his Xiaoxiao's voice, he didn't care about being confused and ran away: "Xiaoxiao, yes, we are all there."

"Puff, hahaha!" Luo Xiao looked at the cat-like look on Ye Lan's face, and couldn't help but burst out laughing, "Ye Zi, you, you are, hahaha."

Ye Lan looked at Luo Xiao who was bending over with a smile, a little embarrassment flashed across his face, but then the eyeballs turned, the corner of his mouth was hooked, and the smirk approached Luo Xiao a little bit. Funny? Huh?"

"No, no, I didn't mean that." Luo Xiao dodged around with a smile. However, he was not as fast as Ye Lan, so he had to beg for mercy directly, "Ye Zi, Ye Zi, I was wrong, really, I knew it was wrong. ."

"Really?" Ye Lan deliberately looked at him up and down. "Me, I still think that you are better than me!"

"No! I think it's better to keep the status quo." Luo Xiao suppressed a smile, staring at Ye Lan's face seriously and said seriously, but it was a pity that he still broke the power after maintaining it for less than three seconds.

"Yeah, are you young couple flirting and yelling again?" At this moment, a familiar teasing voice came into their ears.

Luo Xiao turned his head to look, and tilted his head in doubt: "Teacher He, why are you here?"

Ye Lan directly ignored the gossip look on someones face, and directly dragged Luo Xiao towards the kitchen: "Its not New Years Eve today. Aunt Zhang has already gone back to her hometown for the New Year. The shop is open, so we plan to make some dumplings by ourselves."

Luo Xiao walked into the kitchen and saw the mess inside, silently leaving a black line: This is not like making dumplings, it is more like playing a flour war, right? Also, Master, why dont you even know how to make dumplings? Obviously, he looks like an expert in everything. So, is it really an illusion?

"My mother asked me to come over and ask you, do you want to go to my house to have a New Year's Eve dinner?" Luo Xiao leaned over and started to organize it. He understood that none of the three had a talent for housework.

"Hey? That's great, you say, isn't it?" He Ben patted Ye Lan's shoulder with excitement, and finally he didn't need to drive the ducks to the shelves, and finally he could have a normal meal. It's supper!

Ye Lan rolled his eyes at him: Hmph, don't think that I didn't see you relieved. Wouldn't I be so embarrassed if it wasn't for your troubles? The most disgusting thing is that Xiaoxiao was even seen by him, and he couldn't maintain a perfect image in front of him!

Elder Huo on the side also nodded with a smile on his face: "In that case, I really want to trouble your mother and the others. By the way, your godmother's cooking skills are still very good."

"Well, this time I also specially prepared a lot of dishes that you like to eat," Luo Xiao said while wiping the table.

"That's it, when the cleaning is finished, let's go to your house." Old man Huo made a final decision.

"Okay, Master."

"Xiaoxiao, I'll help you clean up together." Ye Lan picked up the broom and walked over, then raised an eyebrow at He Ben, "What are you looking at, why don't you come over and help with cleaning? Otherwise, you'll be cold alone. Lets go."

He Ben touched his nose and said: He is short-handed now, and it is better to be honest and obedient.

When Luo Xiao saw the interaction between the two people, he couldn't help but raise his eyebrows: It seems that the relationship between the two people is not just that of teachers and students!

After a lot of hard work, the three people not only cleaned the kitchen, but also other rooms in the building. The three young boys were so tired that the stomach groaned even more.

By coincidence, it was almost time for dinner, and the four of them closed the doors and windows and walked towards Luo Xiao's house.

"Mom, godmother, we are back." As soon as Luo Xiao entered the door, he saw Luo Mu standing at the door.

Luo Qian hurriedly stepped forward and greeted: "Come on, all here, come inside, the food happens to be ready, just wait for you."

After everyone was seated one by one, Elder Huo, as an elder, took the lead in raising the cup: "Here, a year is about to pass. Let us toast together. In the new year, everything will come true and everything will come true!"

"Cheers!" everyone agreed.

After eating a New Years Eve dinner, everyone who ate it smiled. Because I didn't buy a TV in the house, I couldn't watch the Spring Festival Gala either. A few people sat by the fire and chatted for a while after the meal. Because Mr. Huo was getting older, Ye Lan and He Ben accompanied Mr. Huo for a walk home.

When he was less than a hundred meters away from home, He Ben suddenly gave Ye Lan a wink, and Ye Lan nodded without understanding. It seems that those guys can't help but finally make a move?

After sending the old man Huo into the house and seeing the old man walk into the room to turn off the light and rest, He Ben and Ye Lan looked at each other, nodded to each other, and gently closed the door where they walked.

When the old man lying on the bed heard the slight closing sound, he could not help but opened his eyes, then smiled slightly, and closed his eyes comfortably.

At this time, the two people who went out walked directly to the empty street, "Come out all, why are you so annoying for the New Year?"

The three people walked out slowly from under different buildings on the side. Ye Lan couldn't help frowning when he saw the looks of the three of them: "Why are you guys again? There is one other person? Dead? ?"