Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 49

Chapter 48:

On the empty street, the two groups faced each other, and in the distance was the continuous sound of fireworks. He Ben embraced his arms and looked up at the embarrassed three people with a disdainful face: "What's the matter, haven't you learned a lesson from that guy last time? You still have the guts to make trouble again?"

"Hmph, you guy, don't give me madness!" The third child remembered that the guy in front of him had seriously injured his fourth brother and died. "You killed my fourth brother. We are all responsible for this. I still remember it deeply! Besides, last time there were a lot of people, but this time it was different. We have three people, but you are the only one with a child, so how could you be our opponent."

"Oh?" He Ben raised an eyebrow inconspicuously, "How do you know that there are only two of us?"

The always cautious boss tried a wink at her second child, and the second child nodded his head with comprehension, and began to observe the surrounding situation carefully. After several times, he relaxed slightly.

"Boss, I've seen it, there is nowhere to hide people." The second child whispered, leaning close to the boss's ear.

The boss nodded in peace, and then looked at He Ben and said cruelly: "Well, you don't lie to us, we won't be fooled so easily. Those who are more acquainted should hurry up and take the one next to you. Give the child to us, so we will generously leave you a whole body."

"However, I have always eaten soft or hard." He Ben tilted his head and looked at them with a little distress. "Your attitude is so bad, I am afraid I can only be hard. Forget it. I will treat it as a good deed and send the three of you to reunite with your little brother during the Chinese New Year. How about?"

"You!" The hot-tempered youngest was trembling with anger, "Okay, very good. Since you toast and not drink fine wine, don't blame us for being cruel!"

He Ben immediately posed and looked at them provocatively: "Okay, I want to see who is the last laugh."

After that, the three of them rushed towards the place where He Ben and Ye Lan were. The best boss and the third cooperating to entangle He Ben, while the relatively weaker second was directly. Attacked towards Ye Lan.

Ye Lan turned around and avoided the second child's attack, then quickly raised his right foot and kicked it, directly attacking his lower body. He said that there is no need to say anything at this time, the most important thing is to subdue the opponent.

Besides, according to the height difference between him and his opponent, attacking this part is the most effective and easy. And He Ben over there faced the joint attack of the two people, instead of being inferior, he seemed to be able to do so, and he looked at the two people as gritted teeth.

Although Ye Lan has been exercising unremittingly, children are still children, no matter how strong they are, there is still a certain difference between them and adults. At first his attack was still very fierce, but then his strength gradually weakened. He took the time to take a look at He Ben, who hadn't tried his best to fight with others there, and a sorrow flashed in his eyes: Hmph, don't think he doesn't know, maybe he just talked about his embarrassment during the meal. , Do you need to be so careful? There was such an obvious smile in his eyes, he was not blind, how could he not see it.

"He Ben!" Ye Lan shouted angrily.

"Hey~hey~ I see, Master Ye Da." He Ben shook his head. There is no way. The eldest master is angry. He has to be serious. Otherwise, he will be the one who is accused of miserable charges. "Then, two, our eldest master is angry, so I won't waste time with you!"

"What?" Before the two people could react, the rhythm was disrupted by He Ben's sudden violent movements. Originally, there was resistance to resistance, but now only defense power is left.

With two sounds of'touch, touch', two people in a coma soon appeared on the ground. As soon as the second child saw that the situation was not right, he immediately speeded up the offensive, trying to take Ye Lan down and reverse the situation. Unfortunately, before he had time to implement this idea, He Ben was overpowered by a master.

As soon as Ye Lan saw the situation, he immediately ran home to get a thick and strong hemp rope, and tied the three people to Wuhuada with two strokes.

"Then, Ye Lan, what do you plan to do with these three people?" He Ben looked at the three people who were dragged in by them and threw them in the utility room, patted Ye Lan on the shoulder and asked curiously.

"Naturally it was an interrogation." Ye Lan kicked the only awake third child, "Say, who sent you here?"

"Hmph, even if you beat me to death, I won't say it!" The third child said stiffly.

"Oh? Are you quite spine?" Ye Lan squatted down and patted his face, "Unfortunately, this young master has no time to waste time and energy with you. Here, it's over to you." He got up and looked at He. He ran a glance, then turned and closed the door and walked outside to wait for the result.

He Ben looked at the closed door, and then turned to look at the three people lying on the ground. Okay, he is a coolie~~~ Reluctantly shrugged, then a trace of evil flashed in his eyes Fun: Hey, don't worry, the results will be reviewed soon!

Ye Lan stood at the door, watching the gorgeous fireworks appearing in the sky, and was stunned: It was this time two years ago that he was lucky enough to run into his family Xiaoxiao.

Thinking back to the bits and pieces of the past two years, his eyes are full of warmth. However, before he could finish his memory, the door opened behind him: "Ye Lan, it's done."

Ye Lan narrowed his smile and walked into the room solemnly, looking at the youngest man on the floor with a nose and tears, he couldn't help frowning, and looked at He Ben with a weird look.

He Ben immediately raised his hands to express his innocence. You know, he is a good person!

You know, these methods of his are not anxious for one-tenth of that person, but these people are too unprofessional, OK! Obviously he seemed so spineless just now, but he didn't have a lot of fun and even recruited him, all giving bad reviews!

Ye Lan no longer struggled with this place, and asked directly: "How about it, can I recruit now?"

"Trick, I will recruit everything, please, save me, save me." The third child looked at He Ben in horror, and kept moving on the ground, trying to stay away from this devil as much as possible.

Looking at the two people who were still lying there, Ye Lan felt deeply that perhaps in the heart of the youngest, he still hoped that he was the one who was in a coma?

"Let's talk about it, who sent you here?"

"We don't know who it is. Every time someone sends the news over, and then we follow the instructions above to do things." The youngest replied quickly with a trembling voice, fearing that if he speaks slowly, he will come again. "Moreover, the person who sends the message is different every time, it seems that the person found it at random."

"In other words, you don't know if that person is a man or a woman?" Ye Lan frowned, "Why does that person want you to deal with me?"

"I don't know this. Two years ago, we asked us to sell you far away. It's better to let people not find it." The third child swallowed, "But this time it was for us Let us give you directly and do it."

"Oh?" He Ben leaned against the wall, watching Ye Lan jokingly said, "It seems that the measures taken by your father are effective, and they want to end you so soon."

"By the way, do you still have the content you contacted?" Ye Lan actually had several suspects in his heart, but he still wanted to confirm.

The third child's face suddenly became bitter, "Well, for safety's sake, we will burn the slip of paper every time we look good."

After Ye Lan continued to ask a few questions, and found that there was no valuable news, he threw the person directly to He Ben and asked him to deal with the three people.

He Ben touched his chin and looked at these three people. With his eyes rolling, he knew what to do with them. Well, sure enough, he is smart!

After Ye Lan washed the grass, he lay on the bed, recalling the information he had just received, his eyes darkened involuntarily: I hope its not that person, otherwise, he really doesnt know that he should use it when meeting again. What kind of attitude to treat them. He was really afraid that he would lose control of his emotions for a while and do something irrational.

When Ye Lan got up early the next morning, Ye Lan wanted to go to his home Xiaoxiao, but thought yesterday that they seemed to be going back to town c to visit relatives today, so he thought about it and continued to stay at home. Good reading.

As for Mr. Huo, he fiddled with a few newly raised pots of flowers and plants as usual, exercised, and then drank tea to keep in good health. As for He Ben, he was still asleep in the room.

After the Spring Festival, the time to leave school is not far away. For some students who haven't finished their winter homework, this time is very busy. For students who have finished their homework a long time ago, that's another scenario entirely.

But anyway, as long as it can be completed before the teacher checks the homework. So, on the first day of school, what Ye Lan and Luo Xiao walked into the classroom together was a lively scene.

"Quickly, whose math homework is finished?"

"Also, Chinese, Chinese"

"Hey? Where was the paper I was copying just now? Which **** did it for me? Give it back to me quickly!"

"I got this first, so I should copy it first!"

"Haha, is it really energetic?" Luo Xiao glanced at Ye Lan's dark face, and said with a smile.

Ye Lan suppressed the blue veins that emerged from his head, and took a deep breath several times: He knew that this group of bear children must be so right after school. But can't you give him a little surprise?

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