Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 50

Chapter 49:

The new semester has been spent little by little in the increasingly harmonious relationship between everyone, and the relationship between Luo Xiao and Ye Lan is gradually deepening.

On a Sunday three weeks later, Mr. Huo took an inconspicuous cloth bag and set off with Luo Xiao and Ye Lan to participate in the first-half Sidley auction held in S City. No way, the reason why he brought Ye Lan this time is because he asked his grandfather to enter the auction smoothly.

"Come on, Xiaoxiao, Ye Xiaozi, you two, eat this pill." Old Huo handed them two small black pills before going out.

"Master, is this?" Luo Xiao asked suspiciously after taking the pill.

Old man Huo smiled mysteriously, then put the same pill in front of them and swallowed it, and then he saw the surprised eyes of both of them wishfully.

"Master, this, this is..." Luo Xiao was shocked. He did not expect that there would be such a magical pill in this world.

That's right, don't underestimate this humble little pill, it is a magical deformed pill. It can not only change a person's appearance and height, but also form a corresponding personal temperament.

After taking the medicine, the three people looked unfamiliar and smiled with satisfaction. Very good, so that no one will track their whereabouts in the future. After all, the effects of this pill are different for everyone. Moreover, even if the same person takes it every time, the same day will never occur. This is really a must-have product for home travel and murder!

Of course, it is impossible to make such a heavenly pill so easily. Otherwise, if someone is taking advantage of it, then this society can't be messy? Therefore, even for cultivators like these, few people know about this pill, let alone ordinary people.

And Elder Huo only has less than ten pills handed down from the previous generation. Excluding the three used when he was young and the three this time, there are only four in stock. . Once these four are used up, there is no place for replenishment. After all, there are no people in this world who can make this kind of pill. Even if there is, it is difficult for a clever woman to cook without rice now when the key raw materials are extinct.

Of course, someone once asked whether it could be replaced by something, but unfortunately, after several generations of hard work, they still failed. Even if it succeeds, the effect will be greatly reduced. It can only change a person's appearance in a small way. Don't think about height or temperament.

"By the way, Master, how long can this last?" Luo Xiao couldn't stop being curious, pulling Ye Lan back and forth for a long time.

Elder Huo raised his head and thought for a moment, "Well, I remember it was ten hours."

Ye Lan carefully calculated the time. Excluding the time on the road and the usual auction time, there is still more than an hour left. Well, it's enough.

The three people deliberately chose a complicated route, and it took nearly an hour to finally arrive at their destination-Sidley Auction House.

Looking at the ordinary two-story bungalow in front of him, Luo Xiao never thought that this is the famous Shengde auction house, not to mention that there is a house number at the door that is not hanging at all. The sign of that auction house.

"Let's go." Elder Huo nodded to them, then calmly pressed the doorbell at the door.

"Hello, who are you looking for?" A young guy in a cyan gown walked out with a smile, and asked softly through the big iron gate.

Elder Huo took out a golden invitation card printed with dark red vintage shading from his cloth bag. The young guy took it and checked it carefully, then returned the card with both hands to Elder Huo, and smiled more sincerely. The open iron door greeted them into the house.

"A few, here are your masks. Let's walk here. Please be careful of the steps under your feet." After another waiter handed them the mask that had been prepared, he led them into the opinion room on the second floor. .

"What you want to auction, our appraiser will come over in a while. Please also have some tea and wait a while." After the waiter finished speaking, he closed the door gently and walked out.

At this time, the three people relaxed slightly and looked at the layout of the room. This is a room with walls on three sides and glass on one side. Through the glass, the lobby on the first floor can be clearly seen.

In the middle of the lobby on the first floor, there was an auction stand for displaying goods. Around the stand were three rows of staggered mahogany tables and chairs, roughly forty to fifty pieces.

Moreover, Luo Xiao discovered that because the whole second floor is circular, he can clearly see the appearance of other rooms. It seems that the decoration style is the same.

Not long after the three of them sat down, there was a knock on the door. After the old man answered, a middle-aged man pushed the door and walked in.

"Hello everyone. My name is Song, and Im the No. 032 appraiser of Shengde Auction House." The middle-aged man said with a fist and smiled, "I wonder, what do you want to auction this time?"

Elder Huo glanced at him calmly. He didn't expect that the Sidley auction house really deserves its reputation, and even an appraiser is a hidden person. He opened the cloth bag on his body and carefully took out the book from the inside. After reluctantly giving it up, he passed it out, "It's this thing, you can take a look."

The middle-aged man actually saw the book clearly at the same time it was taken out. After taking a look at it with his hands trembling slightly, a bright color appeared in his eyes, and he immediately said to the old man Huo with a more respectful tone: "Dear guest, because this item of yours is too valuable, please wait a moment. I will send someone to invite our master to wait for him to decide."

"En, yes, you go." Old man Huo looked at him and nodded.

Then the middle-aged man carefully returned the things to Mr. Huo, walked quickly to the door, opened the door and invited a waiter to invite someone, and he was here to accompany him respectfully.

After a while, there was a rush of footsteps at the door. Sure enough, the next one was pushed in by someone. A man in his thirties but with white hair appeared in front of everyone. The middle-aged man stepped forward: "Master, they are going to auction the book."

The white-haired man stared tightly at the book on the table at the moment, his face was uncontrollable excitement. I think at the beginning, because of a slight deviation in his cultivation, he had gray hair. What's more troublesome is that the spiritual power in his body is constantly losing, and his strength has dropped a lot.

And the book Luo Xiao took out can not only be used to improve their strength, but also have the effect of tempering their bodies. For people like him whose body has been injured, that is even more effective. Therefore, in any case, he must buy this book.

Suppressing his excitement, the white-haired man looked at Mr. Huo with a smile: "Hello, may I ask, you want to auction something like this, right?"

Although Elder Huo wanted to say no, he nodded reluctantly when he thought of his apprentice. At this moment, the white-haired man became even more excited, "Look, is this good? I bought this item directly and it won't be put up for auction, can it?"

"Hey?" The old man Huo hesitated when he heard it.

The white-haired man immediately said: "Dear guest, don't worry, I will never treat you badly in terms of price. How about five million?"

five million? Luo Xiao was surprised when he heard this number. Although he had thought that this book might exceed one million, but suddenly it was five million. Why did he suddenly feel that money is not money? Of course, thinking about the more advanced books on cultivation in his own space, he is not good. Unexpectedly, unexpectedly, the value of these books will be so high!

Luo Xiao glanced at his master secretly and saw that his old man still looked calm. Could it be that the master still felt that the price was not high enough? But, he thinks he is already very tall? Well, please forgive him for being a monk halfway through, and he doesn't understand the current situation in the realm of cultivation.

Seeing the situation, the white-haired man gritted his teeth and said again: "Let's do it, I will add three million yuan. In addition, you can shoot three things at this auction, all for free. "

When the old man Huo heard it, he smiled with satisfaction. Sure enough, what the old man Ye said was right. Look, the other party immediately increased the price. Well, seeing that he is bleeding like this, it is better to accept it as soon as he sees it.

So, Mr. Huo pretended to struggle, and reluctantly handed the book to the white-haired man. The white-haired man immediately stepped forward and took it excitedly, then gave the middle-aged man an order and hurriedly left the room.

The middle-aged man smiled and invited them to their seats, "Everyone, your money, we will prepare it for you later. In ten minutes, our auction will begin. There are three participants in this auction. Ten items, if you have something you value, you can participate in the auction, and we will send the items you have taken. If there is anything you need, you can ask the waiter at the door for help. Then, I will leave first." After nodding with everyone, the middle-aged man also exited the room.

When there were only three of them left in the room again, Luo Xiao couldn't help but stretch out a thumbs up: "Master, you are so amazing! Even let the other party raise the price so much." You know, at the current ten thousand yuan In an era when households were rare, these eight million would be equivalent to future billionaires, okay?

Elder Huo looked up happily, hum, he wouldn't say that he was relying on someone's prompt!

Soon, there was an opening sound from below, and the auction officially began.