Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 54

Chapter 53:

In 1992, this was an unusual year. This year, Luo Xiao ushered in the first important exam in his life-the high school entrance examination. This year, Luo Xiao finally got the ID card he had been looking forward to for a long time. This year, an old man made an important speech, and the original stock that many people later hated that he had no life to buy the original stock finally ushered in its spring.

Thanks to the help of Uncle Han, Luo Xiao and Ye Lan successfully obtained a large amount of capital accumulation by virtue of the shares they subscribed for. Neither of them is comfortable with the status quo, especially Ye Lan. With the passage of time, his feelings for Luo Xiao have grown deeper. In fact, both people have reached a situation where only one layer of paper is missing, but they both know that they are both too young, and their life has just begun not long. Every time Ye Lan thinks of the family behind him, he knows that he can only suppress it now, unless he has enough ability to protect his lover from outside harm.

Moreover, seeing his lover so good, his heart is also very stressed, OK? Therefore, he decided, in order to be able to support his lover in the future, he decided: Work hard and work hard, we must catch up!

Since Luo Xiao didn't know the stock market very well, the reason why he would sell stocks at this time was because he was deeply impressed by the matter, and the other reason was that it is good for someone who knows to be in the bank~~ ~

However, he also sold all the stocks in his hands before the crash after his own funds doubled several times. Of course, Ye Lan was determined to follow the route of his wife, and he followed Luo Xiao's suggestion. He also invested all the money he had for so many years in his hands, and he rolled in and out.

Luo Xiao still remembered that when he first saw the amount of Ye Lan's lucky money, it was a big hatred for wealth. So, rich people are really annoying. Well, this kid has forgotten that he is also one of his enemies.

Of course, he also told his mother and godmother about the stock purchase, and he also took out the 100,000 yuan that he had prepared in a timely manner. As an excuse, he was lucky to find an antique. book. Anyway, the two of them had read this book and asked curiously, and coupled with the evidence from their own master, the source of the money must be properly resolved.

Luo Qian and Xu Yan divided the money equally. After listening to Luo Xiao's persuasion, they put all the money into it out of trust in their children. Seeing the final reward, the first reaction of the two women was to pinch their faces directly. After realizing that it was true, they couldn't help crying.

Looking at the two people crying there, Luo Xiao stood aside and looked at them silently. He knew deeply that they really needed to vent. For so many years, although they have been facing life with a smile, they are still unavoidable from all kinds of pressure from all walks of life. The shell they carry is too heavy.

And one thing worthy of gratifying Luo Xiao is that neither Ye Lan nor his mother and godmother were blinded by everything in front of them. They all knew that they were able to get the money this time by luck. However, in this world, luck is the most unreliable thing. In this case, they should take it step by step with their feet on the ground.

Now that there is no shortage of money, they need to work harder for their bigger goal! By the way, because of this incident, Luo Xiao was directly crowned the title of lucky baby in their hearts. Sure enough, my child is the best in the world!

Luo Xiao didn't save the money in his hand this time, but directly used it to buy land through the relationship of Mr. Huo. Of course, the few pieces of land he bought now seemed to others to be wasteland that no one wanted. However, Luo Xiao knows that these places will become the commercial centers of this city in ten years, and everything will be rewarded in the future.

Seeing that there was less than one million remaining after the purchase of the land, Luo Xiao decided to save the money just in case.

As for Ye Lan, he did not choose to invest money in this area, but chose to start his own business. Of course, he also found a good senior migrant workerHe Ben. Yes, everyone read it right, it is He Ben.

It turned out that after Ye Lan graduated from junior high school, He Ben directly declined the stay of the principal, instead of continuing to teach in the school, he chose to come out.

Every time he thinks that for Ye Lan, his cousin, he wants to be as dedicated as he is, and he can't help but give himself 32 praises! Of course, although he is now helping his family to manage the company, it is also because he has 30% of the shares in it! Those are all his hard-earned money. If we dont let the company develop well, his hard-earned money will not be available~~~

At the beginning, Ye Lan also asked Luo Xiao if he wanted to start a company with him. Luo Xiao thought about it and refused. He felt that it would be better for the two people to be separated financially. He didn't want to see some unpleasant situation between the two of them due to economic issues.

Of course, if Ye Lan knew what he was worried about, he would definitely pat his chest to ensure that this would not happen. Speaking of it, he hoped that Xiaoxiao wouldn't be so capable, he could rely more on him!

Lingxiang High School, Lingxiang Junior High School's straight high school, where Ye Lan and Luo Xiao will study for the next three years. Due to the direct promotion, their original 13th class lineup was maintained to high school, and it was still the 13th class. Of course, the thirteen classes this time no longer have the meaning of the previous default. They are all ordinary classes like other classes.

High school life is not as relaxed as junior high school. As one of the key high schools in s city, Lingxiang High School has stricter requirements than other general high schools from the beginning of high school, and the learning atmosphere is also stronger. In this age of high academic status, entering university is the biggest wish in many people's hearts. This wish includes not only his personal, but also the expectations of many people from his parents and grandparents.

Just as Luo Xiao and their first semester of high school was about to end, an increasingly mysterious rumor began to appear in the school. When he first heard the news, Luo Xiaohe did not take it seriously. After all, their study life was relatively stressful, but they could not hold back the curiosity of teenagers at this age.

At noon that day, Luo Xiao and Ye Lan were sitting together in a quiet grove to relax, but they didn't want to hear a whisper in their ears at this time.

"Hey, have you heard? That's it."

"What's the matter?"

"Oh, that's what happened there last Thursday."

"Oh! I know, what? You know about this too?"

"Well, what I didn't know was that someone told me that this incident was not fake at all, it was fabricated, but it happened!"

"Hey? Really? If this thing is true, wouldn't it feel terrible?"

"Yes! I didn't believe it, but, do you know? I heard that this is not the first time this happened!"

"What? Not the first time? Could it be that?"

"Well, yes, they said that the same thing has happened in three or four schools nearby."

"Hey? Then you say, will it happen in our school?"

"This, I think it is probably possible!"

"What? I don't want it! It's horrible, okay! How do I feel that this small forest feels so dark?"

"Oh, don't you say that I didn't feel it, as soon as you say it, I also feel that this back is cold! Let's go, let's go quickly! It is better to go with more people, for example, the yang energy is strong!

"Well, yes, let's go."

With that, the two voices moved further and further apart. Luo Xiao and Ye Lan listened to this conversation. Although they didn't know what happened, they intuitively felt that something bad had happened. They decided to go back and ask Jiang Li.

Well, my dear classmate Jiang Li has now become the best student in Class 13. Because he loves sports and is open-minded and generous, he will soon be able to mingle with other people. Naturally, he knows more friends and knows a lot more gossip.

"Jiang Li, are you free now? I have something to ask you." Luo Xiao walked to Jiang Li's desk, patted Jiang Li on the shoulder and asked with a smile.

Jiang Li raised his head and found that it was Luo Xiao who was still serving as the study committee member of his class. He immediately smiled and nodded: "The sire of the Academic Committee is looking for me. The younger one must be free!"

Listening to his tricky answer, Luo Xiao smiled, "Okay, let's go outside and talk. Now only the three of us, I won't go around with you anymore, I just want to ask you, you know What happened last Thursday that we were talking about in the school recently?"

As soon as Jiang Li heard this, his face immediately curled up with a smile, frowned and said to Luo Xiao solemnly: "Sir, you should not be curious about this matter. As far as I know, you should know everything in detail. People involved in this incident have accidents without exception. The one who is slightly injured is fractured, and the one who is seriously injured is...dead."

"What?" Not just Luo Xiao, Ye Lan was also surprised.

Seeing Jiang Li nodded, Luo Xiao knew that this incident would definitely not be a joke. So, what is it that actually needs to pay the price of life? There was a vague feeling in his heart, and he always felt that this matter would definitely not end so easily.

So, he was silent for a while and asked again: "Jiang Li, please tell me everything you know."

Seeing Luo Xiao with a serious face at this moment, Jiang Li hesitated again and again, and still did not hide some news that he only knew.

Blood, red, girl.