Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 56

Chapter 55:

A sweet-looking sixteen-year-old girl with ponytails was walking home carrying a schoolbag. When she passed the corner as usual, she was surprised to find that a new clothing store with dreamy decorations opened on the street. However, the girl didn't walk in immediately. Instead, she tilted her head and looked at the store in a puzzled manner. It was obvious that when she passed by here in the morning when she went to school, there was no such store. Why does it exist now? It's like popping up suddenly!

Can't think about it, she decided not to think about it anymore, and was about to turn around and leave to go home. However, as soon as she turned around, there was a pause in her body, and then her eyes turned around and opened the glass door and walked into the clothing store.

"Hello, girl, do you have any clothes you want to buy?" A coquettish-looking woman dressed in a red tight-fitting dress, looking at her with a charming smile.

The girl stood there blankly for a while, and then raised a finger to the white long dress hanging in the most conspicuous position: "I want that one."

The woman looked in the direction of her fingers, and the smile on the corner of her mouth became more obvious: "Okay, I will get it for you. Come on, here are the clothes you want."

The girl reached out and took the clothes bag, then turned around and walked out of the clothing store. As for the girl's failure to pay, the woman didn't react at all, but said to the air with a hint of excitement: "This is the last one, remember not to make a mistake."

"Yes, I know." A voice replied out of thin air.

Then, before everyone noticed, the clothing store disappeared strangely, as if it had never appeared before.

"Jiajia, what are you holding in your hand?" The girl holding the clothes didn't react until she returned home and was questioned by her mother. She looked down and shook her head blankly.

"Come on, show me." Jiajia's mother reached out and took the bag and opened it, but it turned out to be an empty bag, "Hey? Why is there nothing?"

"Hey? No, it's not..." Jiajia looked at the exquisite clothes in the bag with obvious surprise on her face. She obviously reacted the same, and again whispered to confirm: "Mom , Did you see the contents of the bag?"

"Something?" Jiajia's mother smiled and nodded her head, "Oh, you are a bad boy, and you are joking about your mother, right? Your mother doesn't have presbyopia. Is there anything you can't see clearly?"

"Hehe." Jiajia smiled and did not speak, because, just now, she heard a mysterious voice in her mind, because of this voice, she decided not to say anything.

After eating, Jiajia closed the door alone and took out the white dress in the bag. Under the temptation of the voice in her head, she changed into this dress and looked at herself in the mirror. A drunken look appeared on his face.

"Jiajia, it's late, remember to go to bed early." Jiajia was awakened by the sound from the door, and she frowned slightly, feeling as if she had forgotten something.

"Okay, I'll go to bed right away." Jiajia took off her clothes, then went to bed and went to sleep. Just before she closed her eyes, a light breeze blew from the window, and a vague figure appeared in the mirror. She was wearing the same skirt she had just taken off, but not much. The color is dazzling red.

Luo Xiao and Ye Lan were not in a hurry to tell Old Man Huo their conjectures in their hearts. They were worried that it would be empty and happy, so they planned to wait until they were more confident.

At noon that day, the two of them finished their lunch and just took a walk on the playground to relax while digesting. Suddenly, the words between the two girls who passed by them aroused their alarm.

Luo Xiao and Ye Lan looked at each other, then turned around and slowly followed them. With their good hearing, the more they listened, the more solemn the expression on their faces.

"Ye Zi, you said, that person shouldn't be..." Luo Xiao frowned worriedly.

Ye Lan nodded heavily, "Let's tell Grandpa Huo when we go home from school in the afternoon about this matter. I think this matter is definitely not easy."

It turned out that from the small talk of the two girls, they found that the girl named Song Jia was very likely to be the next victim. Because, according to Grandpa Yu's investigation, the previous victims all suddenly became a little weird, and sometimes they became sluggish like a wooden person.

Now that the clues are found, it is naturally better to hold them in your hands. Therefore, Luo Xiao and Ye Lan caught up with the two girls in front of them in a few steps. Luo Xiao smiled and asked: "Well, I want to ask, the girl you mentioned called Song Jia, what grade is she in our school?"

"Why are you asking about this?" One of the girls with short hair looked at them both warily.

Luo Xiao radiated his greatest kindness as much as possible, smiled and waved his hand: "Dont get me wrong, we two have nothing malicious. Its just that I accidentally heard the conversation between the two of you just now, and then, this one next to me The classmates are a little curious about the girl you call Song Jia. Because we once had a classmate who had a similar situation. However, he was embarrassed to ask you directly, so I cheered to gossip with you."

"Oh, that's it." The short-haired girl nodded and glanced at Ye Lan, who was paralyzed, with a complicated look in her eyes. But, it seems that the two of them really don't look like bad guys, so they said, "We also listened to others. This one named Song Jia is a student in Class 2 and 6 of our school."

"That's it, thank you, classmate." Luo Xiao smiled and thanked them. After the two girls left, Ye Lan looked at Luo Xiao with a smile on his face: "Oh? I'm very gossip?"

"Hey, the slip of the tongue is purely a slip of the tongue." Luo Xiao smiled with a smile, "Ye Zi, the adults don't count the villains, let alone you are such a generous person!"

"You!" Ye Lan looked at him dozingly, then reached out and rubbed Luo Xiao's little furry head.

After school, the two told Elder Huo what they had discovered. In particular, Luo Xiao also pointed out that he had gone to the sixth grade of high school to confirm that the girl named Song Jia had an uncomfortable feeling on him.

After Elder Huo listened, he immediately attracted attention and directly called Elder Yu and Elder Ouyang. After they arrived, they immediately told them what they had discovered.

After the two elders listened, their faces also showed solemn expressions. Father Yu clapped his hands, stood up and said, "Okay, we don't guess here anymore. Now that we have clues, it's better to come and find out."

The group drove towards Song Jia's house by car, but unfortunately, they were still a step late after all. When they arrived, before entering the house, Luo Xiao's sensitive sense of smell told him bad news.

Sure enough, when they broke in and saw the situation inside, Song Jia was already pale and lifeless and fell to the ground. When Father Song and Mother Song saw this scene, they immediately collapsed to the ground. This is the only jewel in their palms that they held in their hands. It was the only one that the couple had been looking forward to for five years before they could easily obtain it. A child, how can you say that if you dont have it, you will be gone?

Grandpa Yu immediately called the nearest man nearby and directly sealed off the scene of the crime so that they could find useful clues this time.

Through the questioning of the husband and wife, a detail mentioned in Song's words caught the attention of the old man. He further asked: "Ms. Song, you just said that when your daughter came back yesterday, she looked something wrong?"

"En, yes." Ms. Song recalled as she sobbed, "Jia Jia is a cheerful and caring child. He greets us loudly every time he comes home. But yesterday, she did not talk to us. Say hello, when we talked to her, she still wandered from time to time. When we asked her what was wrong, she just shook her head. At the time, her dad and I thought she might be too tired from studying recently and didn't think much. But, I thought there, she, she, woo~~~"

"Ms. Song, please be sorry." Father Yu sighed, "By the way, except for your daughter's expression yesterday, what's wrong?"

"What's wrong?" Ms. Song thought about it carefully, then clapped her hands and said excitedly: "I remember. Yesterday, my daughter came back with an empty clothes bag in her hand."

"Empty clothes bag?" A hand on the side raised his voice involuntarily, "Is it the kind of delicate white bag?"

Father Yu frowned and glanced at him: "Qiangzi, what's your name?"

Seeing Ms. Song nodding, Qiangzi said to Mr. Yu with a little excitement: "Master, bag, this bag is the same thing."

"You mean?" Father Yu raised his eyebrows and immediately reacted, turning his head to Ms. Song and said, "Ms. Song, where did you put that clothes bag?"

"It should be in Jiajia's room. I haven't touched that bag."

Father Yu raised his head to signal to Qiangzi, but the Qiangzi who came out afterwards was disappointed: "Master, like those few, the bag is gone."

When Mr. Yu heard this, he immediately frowned: They have finally made a little progress now, but are the clues broken again?

At this time, Ms. Song hesitantly said: "Um, I remember, there seems to be a pattern on the bag."

"Pattern? What pattern?"

"It should be a red flower, and there is something on it." Ms. Song intermittently said what he remembered.

When Elder Huo on the side heard Ms. Song's description, he had a vague guess in his heart. He walked to a corner with no one, cast a spell to reveal a pattern on a piece of white paper, and then took the piece of paper and said to Ms. Song: "Ms. Song, look at it, is it this pattern."

Ms. Song took a closer look and immediately pointed to the piece of paper excitedly and said, "Yes, this is it!"

Seeing the suspicious eyes of others, Old Huo glanced over, and Old Yu, Old Ouyang, Luo Xiao and Ye Lan walked aside, only to hear Old Huo spit out three words: "Bloodthirsty girl."

Grandpa Yu and Grandpa Ouyang opened their eyes one after another, while Luo Xiao and Ye Lan looked at them for unknown reasons.

Bloodthirsty girl? What is that?

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