Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 57

Chapter 56:

Bloodthirsty girl. As the name suggests, they are women who make a living by sucking blood. They usually appear in southern Xinjiang, but they have been eliminated by the various martial arts because of **** methods. They have repeatedly confirmed that there are no survivors. Why do they appear now?

Just when Mr. Huo and others were puzzled, a new conspiracy was quietly proceeding in the basement of a remote farm house located in the suburbs of S City.

"Meng Ji, you have smoothly ingested the blood of six virgins born at different times on the same day of the same year, and the power of the soul has also been stabilized. Now, it is time to perform the task that I gave you."

"Yes, Master Hua." Meng Ji was wearing a red long dress and knelt on one knee. Her head, which was originally drooping, was slowly raised. If Luo Xiao were here, he would be surprised. I saw it, because this girl named Meng Ji was Zhang Meng who died in their school two years ago.

And this woman, called an adult, was the enchanting woman in the clothing store that day. Today she is wearing a tight-fitting black cheongsam with a large pattern of flowers stitched with red threads to reflect her white skin. The complexion looks very attractive.

After Zhang Meng took the order, she disappeared into the air. Looking at the scene in front of me, a black shadow suddenly appeared in the corner of the empty person. As the black shadow darkened, a woman with blood-red eyes only appeared. She stood in place and said to the enchanting woman sitting in the chair: "Hualing, it's not long before that guy has just become the bloodthirsty girl. Is it okay to let her execute the next plan? After all, you are right Her constraints are not great either."

Hua Ling smiled disdainfully, "Aunt Xue, don't worry. A guy who has just become a bloodthirsty girl, I don't care about her strength. What's more, I still hold her in my hand. An important weight for her, she will never do anything to betray me."

Aunt Xue nodded and didn't say anything. Instead, she started talking about the reason for her coming this time: "Hualing, your mother's condition has deteriorated again. You'd better speed up and find that thing earlier, otherwise, I'm afraid..."

Hearing this, Valing frowned tightly, and the anxious color on her face was clear. She bit her lower lip and said dumbly: "Aunt Xue, don't worry, I will speed up that thing. Action. I have to rely on you for my mother's affairs."

Aunt Xue waved her hand, "It's okay. Your mother is my sister. Taking care of her is naturally what I should do. Besides, without your mother, I would not have survived for so many years."

"Auntie Blood." Hua Ling looked at her with gratitude in her eyes. After all, if it weren't for Auntie Blood, she wouldn't even have a chance to be born. Besides, she would definitely not let go of those nasty guys. Pass them! Definitely not! !

After investigating Song's home several times, Huo and his group had no choice but to leave. After coming back, sitting around a table of Eight Immortals, several people looked at the clues that might have clues brought on the table, all with serious faces.

"Ouyang, can you find the soul of this girl?" Father Yu asked Father Ouyang, who was sitting on his right.

Old man Ouyang glanced at him, and did not make a guarantee: "I can only say, I will try."

Afterwards, the old man Ouyang closed his eyes and began to perform their unique soul-searching technique. As time passed by, everyone's heart was aggravated bit by bit. Could it be said that this time, like the five girls last time, they couldn't find their souls?

Just when everyone was about to be disappointed, Mr. Ouyang finally opened his eyes, and the corners of his mouth raised slightly: "I found it."

"Hey? Really?" Mr. Yu looked at him in surprise, but he didn't expect to find it this time, "Quick, quick, let her live."

Father Ouyang waved his hand, and a small, vague figure only ten centimeters high appeared on the table of the Eight Immortals. Looking at Song Jia in this state of soul, Luo Xiao and Ye Lan said they had opened their eyes. It turned out that the soul after death is this. Looks like it!

"Who are you?" Song Jia's soul finally reacted from a burst of dizziness, and saw that he was surrounded by several huge figures, and immediately asked with fear, shaking his shoulders.

Father Ouyang said in a gentle voice with a touch of soothing breath: "Little girl, don't be afraid, we are not a bad person. We recruited you this time, just want to ask you something."

"What? What?" Song Jia looked up at him suspiciously.

"Well, do you remember how you died?" Father Ouyang asked softly.

"Dead?" As soon as Song Jia heard the word, the whole person, no, now it should be the whole soul, she was stunned. She looked down at herself in disbelief, "Ah!!!"

Well, it turns out that even if it is in the state of soul and the figure is only ten centimeters tall, you should never underestimate the sharp shouts of girls.

All of them were unprepared, and they were all stabbed in their ears by the treble. It was because the old man moved quickly and after a silencer technique, their eardrums were finally liberated.

Seeing Song Jia who was in a panic at the moment, Father Ouyang had no choice but to perform the meditation technique again. After a minute, Song Jia finally calmed down.

Elder Huo picked up the drawing he had drawn on the table and asked Song Jia: "Little girl, do you remember this pattern?"

Song Jia looked at this familiar pattern, and then his eyes lit up, "I remember this, this is the pattern on the clothes bag I brought back yesterday."

When everyone heard this answer, a smile appeared on their faces. It seemed that this clue should be able to continue to explore.

"Then do you remember where your bag came from?" Father Yu asked anxiously.

"Where did it come from?" Song Jia tilted his head, thinking hard for a long time before intermittently saying: "Shop, pretty sister, give clothes."

"You mean, originally there were clothes in this bag?" Grandpa Yu grabbed a detail, "What kind of clothes?"

"White, skirt." Song Jia replied after a long memory this time.

"Then do you remember, where is the shop where you got this skirt?" Old man Huo also raised a question.

"..." This time, Song Jia thought about it for a long time and didn't remember it, so she could only watch them and shook her head.

"Then, can you tell us, who actually killed you?" Father Yu asked straightforwardly and seriously.

Against the sight of such oppressive people, Song Jia couldn't help but stepped back several steps, and almost fell to the ground with a buttock, the color of horror on his face became more and more obvious. When Elder Huo saw that the situation was not right, he immediately gave Elder Yu the back of his head, "What do you look at, do you scare you to cry if you don't see the little girl? Pay attention to this!"

"You!" Mr. Yu glared at Mr. Huo, ready to do a big job.

"Okay, well, you two don't have trouble, we still have business to do." Old man Ouyang gave a gift for free, and then smiled at Song Jia and said: "Little girl, don't mind, they are not malicious. Hehe, okay, come and tell grandpa, do you remember who killed you?"

After the trouble between the two elders, Song Jia's expression relaxed a lot, so she slowly became immersed in her last-minute memories before being killed: "I remember, I finished my homework yesterday. Somehow, my eyes looked again. I turned to the white long dress hanging in the mirror. Then, I felt my body walked over and put on the dress. Then, my consciousness became more and more blurred, just faintly. I felt a pair of cold hands wrapped around my neck, followed by a tingling pain in my neck. I could clearly feel that the blood in my body was sucked little by little, and swallowed clearly. The sound made me more and more frightened. I tried desperately to wake up, but I couldnt wake up. In the end, I could only vaguely see a figure in red clothes from the mirror in front of me. I don't know."

"Red clothes?" Mr. Huo obviously thought of something. He asked, "Then can you think about it carefully, what does that red dress look like?"

"What's it like?" Song Jia recalled over and over again, suddenly seeing her eyes widened, and shouting loudly: "I remember, it was the same style as the dress I was wearing, but the color was different."

"Sure enough, this is the case?" Elder Huo touched his chin and nodded.

After everyone on the side looked at it, there was obvious puzzlement in their eyes. Mr. Yu was still kind of impatient, and couldn't wait for anything, so he asked out loud, "Dead fox, do you have any new discoveries?"

Elder Huo looked at him and nodded heavily, then turned to Elder Ouyang and said: "Ouyang, this little girl has already told us everything that this little girl knows. You can send her back and let her die early."

Father Ouyang nodded, and was about to cast her spell to send her back, but was interrupted by Song Jia. She looked at Father Ouyang with pleading eyes. There is no way, who can let this old man give her the best feeling. It.

Of course, this is indeed the case.

"Grandpa, I want to ask you something." Song Jia bit her lower lip, and then she looked certain on her face, "I know you are all masters with spells, I want to beg you, can you, can you? Cant erase my parents memory of me, as if they had never had a daughter like me."

Ouyang raised his eyebrows after hearing this, "Little girl, do you know what you just said?"

"I know." Song Jia closed her eyes, then opened them fiercely, with a firm expression in her eyes, "It was not easy when my parents gave birth to me, and my mother almost died of a **** death because of me. . But even so, they still gave me wholehearted love. But I didnt expect that I even let them send white-haired people to black-haired people, which is really unfilial. I dont want them to be sad for the rest of the day. Live on. So, please, grandpa, please!"

"Well, I promise you." Father Ouyang still softly agreed to Song Jia's request, and then sent Song Jia back to where she was supposed to go, who had no regrets.

After Song Jia left, there was a small silence in the house. In the end, Father Yu broke the heavy atmosphere at this moment: "Dead fox, can you say it now? What did you find out?"

Elder Huo glanced around at them, and said in a low tone: "This bloodthirsty girl was created by people, not naturally formed."

"Hey?" Everyone couldn't help but exclaimed, what is going on?