Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 58

Chapter 57:

Elder Huo naturally did not miss the surprised expressions on everyone's faces. He coughed and said: "We all know that this bloodthirsty girl is directly transformed by a powerful female ghost. And the reason why they can **** blood , That was also for the growth of their own hostility. However, the Bloodthirsty Fairy we met this time was different. She should have been directly sucking blood and then turned into Bloodthirsty Fairy through a secret method."

"Secret method?" Grandpa Yu called out directly, "You said, isn't it the secret method of that school?"

Father Ouyang naturally reacted, and he also looked at Father Huo with a serious face, but this is the fact. Seeing Elder Huo nodded, the expressions on the faces of the two fathers became more solemn.

"Master?" Luo Xiao and Ye Lan couldn't understand the mystery between them, and they couldn't help but wonder.

Elder Huo glanced at his little apprentice, then sighed deeply: "It's the school we talked about before-Shengjiao. There is a book in their teaching that records some **** and cruel methods. , Can make the living people into what they want, such as puppets, zombie people, living dead, etc., which naturally includes this time bloodthirsty girl."

After Luo Xiao and Ye Lan listened, they took a breath: Let me go, what book is this? It's too cruel, right?

"Master, this book?" Luo Xiao asked worriedly.

Elder Huo touched his head, "This book has naturally been burned on the spot, but we can't guarantee whether the content in it will be circulated, but it seems that it should have been circulated. I only Hope, not much content has been circulated, otherwise, I'm afraid..."

Everyone nodded unanimously. That's right, once the content inside spreads in a large area, then things are not as simple as 11=2.

"By the way, Lao Huo, can you see how well the bloodthirsty girl is made?" Old man Ouyang asked. After all, among them, only Mr. Huo knew a little about that. .

Sure enough, I saw Old Man Huo meditating for a while before he said: "According to my current situation, that bloodthirsty girl should have just passed his birth period. I don't know, have you noticed a detail? The little girl named Song Jia mentioned it before. She said that the bloodthirsty girl wore a dress that was the same as her but in a different color."

"Well, I heard, what's the matter with this?" Grandpa Yu looked at him suspiciously.

"According to my guess, this is the key." Old man Huo sullenly nodded on the table, "Every Bloodthirsty Fairy will have a special thing next to him, so that the color will darken as they take blood more often . So, I speculate that this special thing of this bloodthirsty girl should be the skirt."

"You mean, her skirt was originally white, but because she sucked blood, that skirt slowly turned into the red now?" Old man Ouyang took his words.

"Yes, that's right." Elder Huo nodded and continued to speak, "As far as I know, as long as that thing turns red completely, it means that this bloodthirsty girl has passed the birth period. And they have entered the growth period. Once they enter the growth period, it means that their demand for blood will start to gradually decrease bit by bit, until finally they dont need blood at all, and they can become more and more related as long as they take specific pills. Normal people are no different."

"Hey? Then, won't it be more difficult for us to catch this guy?" Yu Lao opened his eyes wide, and slapped the table angrily. "I won't let such a dangerous man get away with it all the time. , Soon, I will definitely catch her!"

Father Ouyang stretched out his hand and patted him on the shoulder, and looked at him supportively: "Lao Yu, don't worry, I will catch that guy with you."

"Grandpa Huo, don't we have any way to catch him before she doesn't need blood at all?" Although Ye Lan is a person with no spiritual power, he can't stand the strength of the Ye Family behind him, something about cultivation. I also know a lot about things in the world, "By the way, I really want to vaguely remember that my grandfather once mentioned something to me. He said that as long as you have that thing, you can easily trace the users heart. The person I was thinking of. Looks like what it is called, what the mirror is."

Elder Huo smiled and nodded to him, "Yes, this is what I want to tell you next-Xuantian Jing."

"Xuantian Mirror?" Father Yu frowned and looked at him, "Dead fox, are you kidding? You don't know, Xuantian Mirror is the treasure of the Xuantian school, how can it be so easy Lend it to us?"

"You are wrong, that person will not lend us, but he will lend you." Old man Huo shook his finger at Mr. Yu, and then winked at him for a while.

The old man Ouyang, who seemed to remember something, also lowered his head and tried to suppress the corners of his upward-turned mouth, but his shaking shoulders from time to time revealed his true emotions at this time.

"You, you two!" Father Yu flushed with anger, and pointed at them both with trembling fingers, "Believe it or not, Laozi has beaten you both in minutes!!!"

Looking at Mr. Yu, who was jumping with hair, Luo Xiao and Ye Lan glanced at each other, and silently shrank their bodies under the table, trying to weaken their sense of existence. They said that it is normal to transfer anger, so they should not rush to be cannon fodder! Although, they were curious and wanted to gossip. Hey, but life is the most important thing, and I didnt say it cant be the gossip after grandpa is gone~~~

In the end, the good old man Ouyang suppressed his smile and patted his shoulder comfortingly: "Well, old Yu, let's talk about business."

"Bullshit, I've been talking about business!" Father Yu still looked angrily.

"Well, well, I've been talking about business." Old man Ouyang said in agreement, but then his face was whole, and he looked at Old Yu seriously and said: "Lao Yu, we really want you to go to Xuantian faction, you Don't get angry first, listen to me and finish. You and I know how strict the Xuantian Sect is to take care of their town's treasures, and it is impossible to borrow them. As for stealing, robbing, what? Yes, not to mention, no one has succeeded for so many years, and even the real body of the Xuantian Mirror has not been touched. However, you are different. It depends on your friendship with their sect master to let It is possible for you to use it."

"But..." Old man Yu's face was full of struggle, he wanted to tell something, but he was interrupted by Mr. Ouyang.

"I know what you want to say. But, don't forget, this bloodthirsty girl was created by people. Just such a bloodthirsty girl makes us such a headache, in case the people behind her are making What puppets, zombie people, etc., then our situation will be more passive? And, at that time, will this society be able to stabilize? Do you want to see what happened three hundred years ago once again?"

"...Okay, I got it." Looking at the depressed look of Old Man Yu, Old Man Ouyang and Old Man Huo, who knew the truth, could not stop shaking their heads. Hey, I had to. Said that the two of them are a pair of enemies~~~

Things came to an end like this, and Ye Lan and Luo Xiao resumed their student lives every day.

After taking the final exam, Luo Xiao went home and cleaned up with his mother and godmother. They decided to go back to town c this year. Since moving to s City, they have not been home for the New Year with their families for four years. They just took the time to go back during the New Year. But this year is different. Luo Qian and Xu Yan want to get them admitted. The good news from the university tells them that they want to share this joy together.

Finally, the day after taking the final exam results, Luo Qian and Xu Yan will take the big and small bags that have been packed, and pull Luo Xiao into the car home together. Because, when I went back, it was already during the Spring Festival travel season, and there were crowds of people everywhere. The three of them finally reached their terminal station when they were squeezed into dried meat with their bags.

Squeezing the car and putting down the heavy luggage in their hands, the three of them couldn't help laughing as they looked at each other in embarrassment. After a little rest, the three of them continued to pick up their bags and walk towards the home in memory. It has to be said that in four years, as a developed coastal town, town C can be said to be changing rapidly, but of course it is not so exaggerated. But compared to at least four years ago, that has changed a lot.

This is because Luo Xiao and Luo Qian have returned to Town C in these four years, but Xu Yan hasn't been back here in four years. Listening to Luo Xiao and Luo Qian's introductions from time to time, Xu Yan was walking on this familiar and unfamiliar cement road, and she was deeply moved in her heart.

"Grandma, grandpa, I came back to see you with my mother and godmother!" After Luo Xiao saw the familiar house, he immediately ran over with the big and small bags in his hand, loudly as soon as he opened the door. Shouted.

The second elder in the house heard the shout of his grandson, and immediately walked out of the house. Seeing the three people in the courtyard, the second elder's eyes were hot.

"Parents, Yanzi, and I, and Xiaoxiao will come back this year to accompany you to celebrate the New Year." Luo Qian put the bag in her hand on the ground, and stepped forward and gently hugged the elderly.

Grandma stretched out her hand and patted her on the back, "Just come back, just come back. Come, let's sit in the house. Swallow, Xiaoxiao, come, come in."

"Well, okay, godmother, godfather." Xu Yan nodded and smiled and took the things in.

After everyone entered the house, no one thought that a fast figure flashed past their yard...