Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 59

Chapter 58:

"Grandma, grandma, guess who I saw came back?" A voice came from a long distance, "You will definitely be interested."

"What's your name? You are so noisy, my head hurts so much by you." At this time, the old lady who was sitting in a chair and dozing off was very dissatisfied that she was awakened, and patted the side angrily. The table, shouted loudly at the people who trot in all the way.

The boy who had just ran in immediately lowered his head, with a stubborn expression on his face. If Luo Xiao were here at this time, he would know who these two were. That's right, it's his ex-grandma, Mrs. Yu, and his ex-cousin, Lu Cheng.

"Say, what the **** is going on!" The old lady Yu let out a sigh of relief and asked impatiently.

Really, since the divorce six years ago, all the things in their Lao Yu family have not gone smoothly. Yu Jun, the white-eyed wolf who ate inside and out, left home to work without saying a word. And since the little daughter who she always loved gave birth to these two debt collectors, she didn't even know that she would go out to support her family and make money, so she knew that she would go out and fool around all day long.

At this time, Lu Cheng is no longer as arrogant as he was six years ago. As a child under the fence, he already understands what his situation is at this moment. Originally, he was still thinking about going to S City to study or something, but because of the failure of the senior high school entrance examination, he had to end his student life early under the suppression of Mrs. Yu, and went out to work to earn money to support his family.

"Well, grandma, I just saw those people come back." Lu Cheng thought that it was because those people refused to let him go to the s city to study, which led to his failure in the high school entrance examination. His eyes were uncontrollable. The fierce color.

"En? What those people?" The old lady Yu was stunned and did not react.

"It's that Xiao Hu Sheng and his idiot mother." Lu Cheng gritted his teeth.

"What? Those two shameless guys are back? They still have the face to dare to come back?" The old lady Yu's heart immediately filled with anger, because these two cheap hoofs, they are old The Yu family will become a joke in the town. If it hadn't been because they had been hiding outside in the past few years, she wouldn't have let them go so easily!

Of course, the fact is that Luo Xiao and the others actually come back every year, but the two have never encountered it. This time I was also accidentally ran into by Lu Cheng. Besides, are they just going to study? Where does the escape come from?

If Luo Xiao knew what they were thinking in their hearts, then he could only shrug his shoulders helplessly. After all, as a normal person, it is never possible to understand the thoughts and thoughts of those with neurological abnormalities. No way, the brain circuits are different!

"Mom, son, what's the matter with you?" At this moment, Mrs. Yu Zeng Jin's beloved youngest daughter-Yu Yi walked in with a smile on her face. When she saw the two people's bad faces, Asked aloud in confusion.

"Mom. Do you know? Those two people are back." Lu Cheng stepped forward and said in a low voice.

"Those two?" Yu Yi looked at his son without knowing it.

"Huh, aren't they just those two shameless people." Mrs. Yu snorted directly, with a clear look of disgust on her face.

After Yu Yi listened, she smiled: "Hey? Sure enough, do you know that those two people are back?"

"Huh, what do you mean? You even laughed out?" The old lady Yu couldn't tell the uncomfortable when she saw the obstructive smile on her face.

When Yu Yi saw her old ladys reaction, she understood. He immediately condensed the expression on her face and walked to her with a flattering smile. While squeezing her legs, she said carefully: "Mom, this is me. It's not for the good of our Lao Yu family."

"En?" The old lady Yu looked at her suspiciously.

Yu Yi smiled, "Mom, do you know? I saw a few of them return to Luo's house with my own eyes. But everyone took a lot of bags, and what about the clothes they were wearing? It's the kind with very good materials. Do you think they made a fortune outside?"

"Huh, just them? How could it be!" Mrs. Yu was full of disbelief, "If you want me to say, it must be that Hu Meizi made some bad idea and became someone's little wife, so that's why! "

Yu Yi rolled her eyes silently in her heart: Hmph, if this little wife was really so good at doing it, she would have done it long ago. Besides, it's just the way I saw it, so it doesn't look like a little wife. Moreover, I don't know if it was her illusion, I always felt that the woman's appearance seemed younger and more beautiful than it was four years ago.

Of course, these words cannot be said to my old lady. Therefore, Yu Yi nodded his head and said in agreement: "This is natural, this is natural, or my mother understands the truth. If I want to say it, it is the same thing."

"Huh, it's okay, don't pinch anymore." The old lady Yu retracted her foot, "Yizi, you go and cook the rice. By the way, where is that little bastard? Where did she go?"

"Um, grandma, my younger brother should be outside, I'll get him in." Lu Cheng stepped forward to please.

"Well, let's go." Mrs. Yu nodded, "I don't know what this little **** is running around all day long. It's okay to be stupid, and it's all troublesome. I don't know what sin I did in my previous life. , In this life, you have these unconscious bastards!"

Lu Cheng didn't say anything, but went directly outside to find his brother. Although his younger brother is a mentally retarded child, in any case, he is a brother who is related to him by blood. Even if his grandmother and mother don't care about him, he will stay in prison forever.

Lu Cheng walked to a corner outside the house, and as expected, he saw his younger brother lying on the ground alone, watching something intently. He shook his head, stepped forward and patted his shoulder with a smile, and asked, "Brother, what are you looking at?"

Lu Tu turned his head with a grin. After seeing the person, he smiled and pointed to a gap in the corner and said, "Brother, here, ants, no, wait."

Lu Cheng rubbed his small head and melon seeds, skillfully took out a handkerchief from his pocket, and gently wiped the saliva from the corner of his mouth, "Well, the ants have gone far away, and you will come back later. Look, they are back."

"Far door?" Lu Tu tilted his head puzzled. At this moment, his stomach just groaned, "Brother, hungry."

"Well, I know, let's go, let's go back to eat." Lu Cheng put the handkerchief back into his pocket, then took his brother's little hand and walked into the house.

Of course, before going to dinner, Lu Cheng took him to wash up, although he was definitely going to be scolded by his grandmother later. But after all, she hasn't hit anyone yet, hasn't she?

After eating a dinner that didn't have much meat, the old lady Yu went back to her own house and continued to recite the Buddha, but she wanted to go to the Western Paradise after her death. And Lu Cheng took his younger brother back to their brothers room. Of course, before returning to the room, Lu Cheng had to clean up the dishes as usual. As for Yu Yi, she walked into the courtyard, facing the direction of Luo Xiao's grandmother's house, with a complicated expression in her eyes.

For the time being, don't worry about what the family will do next, at least this time the atmosphere of the Luo family is very harmonious. Especially when the two elders heard that their two daughters had both been admitted to college, although one of them was doing it, it was no different from their relatives. In my heart, I was so happy.

In this era that is still the most optimistic of the older generation of intellectuals, two more college students came out of the family all at once. They said they were all earning face!

Grandpa was happy, so he asked grandma to take out his long-cherished champion red, planning to have a good drink today. Grandma has been forbidding him to drink because of his health, but today she also smiled and gave him a special case. Of course, there is still a limit to the number of drinks. You can only drink up to three glasses.

Three cups is three cups. Grandpa couldn't wait to persuade grandma to hurry up and take out the hidden wine. Today, he had to drink three cups and he must have a good taste.

"By the way, Qian, what did you and Yanzi learn?" Grandpa took a sip of her daughter Hong and asked with squinting eyes.

Luo Qian swallowed the food in her mouth, and then said: "I reported the costume design and Yanzi reported the western food."

"Costume design? Western food?" Grandma read for a while, and then reacted, "Oh, it's the tailor and the chef."

Uh, okay, its not wrong to understand this, but why does it feel like its dropped a lot? Luo Xiao complained silently in his heart.

After a little stunned, Luo Qian smiled and nodded, "Isn't it just a tailor and a chef."

"Well, these two are good, do a good job." Grandpa nodded in satisfaction, "I can come back to open a tailor shop and a small restaurant in the future, just the son of the old grandson on the back street. The couple opened a small restaurant last year. , The business is still very good. Also, the tailor shop at Lao Huang at the intersection of Shangheng Road has been open for more than ten years, and the business has been so good."

Listening to grandpa's babble there, Luo Xiao and the three of them were not at all irritable, and some were just from the deep love of the family.

In the early morning of the next morning, after several brothers and sisters of Luo Qian heard the news of their return, they all walked in with their front and back feet, just to see if their sister (elder sister) had lived in S city. Not bad. After hearing the news that she and Xu Yan were admitted to college, the crowd was alive again.

Afterwards, Luo Qian and the others gave the gifts they brought from city s to everyone. Looking at the happy smiles on everyone's faces, there really is nothing better than being with family.

Of course, at this time there will always be some ignorant people who will come up to ruin the atmosphere...