Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 6

Chapter 5:

Under the doctor's repeated assurance and Yu Xiao's persuasion, after nearly two weeks in the hospital, Yu Xiao's mother finally picked him up and discharged him. After packing up, Yu Xiaos mother deliberately took Yu Xiao to thank the doctors and nurses who had taken care of them, and then took him home.

In fact, according to Yu Xiao's mother, it would be better for them to pay for the tractor to go back, but Yu Xiao's continuous persuasion based on the financial constraints of the family and his health really didn't have anything to dispel this idea.

Seeing her son being so sensible, Yu Xiao's mother felt sad and sad. If she hadn't married such a man in the first place, although Xiaoxiao in her family would not be better than now, at least she would definitely not be worse than now.

The thought of that **** man made her sigh. Because in this era, men and women were introduced by matchmakers or relatives and friends at the age of seventeen or eighteen. No matter how parents talk to each other, a relationship is directly decided in this way. This leads to the fact that the man and woman did not know each other before they got married. They listened to others to say how good each other was, and they often found out after marriage. It turns out that what others say is basically like exaggeration~~

This is how Yu Xiaos parents got married. After they got married, Yu Xiaos mother discovered that the other party was a lazy person, who smoked and drank and gambled, punched and kicked his wife, but the outsiders were the only ones who had promised. But even if he was such a **** to the extreme, she never thought about divorcing the other party, especially with Yu Xiao.

After all, in this relatively feudal society, if a man and a woman are divorced, the accusation will always be directed at the woman. This woman will be labelled with bad words such as broken shoes, misbehaving, not observing women's way, etc., and the child born will become an undesired wild child, wild species, etc. For Yu Xiao, she gritted her teeth and persisted, working hard to maintain this family.

It's just that sometimes, as a woman, the idea of divorcing and living alone with her children will occasionally flash in her mind. However, this idea often passes by in a flash.

"Mom. Let me help you with those things. You left me empty-handed, but I took so many things by myself. I will feel distressed." Yu Xiao once again held a big bag next to her, already on her head. Said her own mother, who was sweating a lot, and she also took the initiative to take those packages and hold them by herself.

However, Yu Xiaos mother turned sideways and shook her head decisively and refused: "No, you have just been discharged from the hospital. The doctor said that although there is nothing serious about your body, it still hurts the root cause. Its better not to overwork now. Rest. I can take these things alone, and they are not very heavy. It's okay, Xiaoxiao."

"But, mother..." Yu Xiao wanted to say something more, but mother Yu just pretended not to hear it. Anyway, she made up her mind that she would never let her children get tired.

When Yu Xiao saw that he couldn't do it, it was like grabbing a few from him, but as soon as he stretched out his hand, Mama Yu gave him a stern look, and said angrily: "Xiaoxiao, are you not listening to your mother? Yes? Huh?"

"No, I didn't say anything to stop mom."

"Then what do you want to do, huh?"

"I, I just want to help you."

"Hey, Xiaoxiao, listening to my mother, mother really can handle these things by herself. You are not in good health now, and you really can't get tired anymore. Mom knows that you love mom, but mom is also very distressed. You. Good friend, don't make mother feel more distressed, okay?"

"...Hmm." Seeing his mother's firm expression, he agreed dullly.

"Well, goodbye. Go, we'll be home soon, ah."

"Yeah." It's about to see his father when he gets home. This is the first time he has met his father since he was reborn. I dont know what kind of "meeting gift" the man will give him this time.

"Two bastards, do you still know to come back?" As soon as Mama Yu opened the door, a bowl flew directly towards her face door before she could react.

After Yu Xiao saw it because of his quick reaction, she gritted her teeth so hard and staggered her mother, just in time with the bowl flying over her ears. Both of them were scared for a while, and if this was really hit, it would be bloodied.

Yu Xiao did not expect that his father would have given such a big "meeting ceremony". It is impossible for him not to know about his hospitalization, but not only did he never take a look at it, but he was so innocent when he saw them go home. Looks like he should take a good look.

"What do you look at, you bastard, I will eat for you and wear it for you. You are fine, isn't your body expensive? You stayed in the hospital for so long and spent all the money at home, so you come The debt collector, right?" Yu Jun saw Yu Xiao's dark eyes looking straight at him, and somehow a sense of guilty conscience rose in his heart. However, he vetoed it immediately, and he must be dazzled by drinking.

Yu Xiaogang wanted to come forward and say a few words, but was quietly pulled by the mother Yu who was beside her. Seeing her shook her head slightly, Yu Xiao fell silent. He knew that his mother did this for his own good. He, a child, is now simply unable to fight an adult, especially he is a patient who just came out of the hospital.

However, Yu Xiao secretly made up his mind in his heart: he will become strong as soon as possible, and then take his mother to leave here and live a good life.

"Hey, I'm talking to you! Are you deaf or silly? I don't know if you squeak?" Yu Jun saw him standing there silently with his head lowered, and there was a burst of fire in his heart. He is very upset no matter how you look at it. He stood up and walked to his side, as soon as he raised his hand, he wanted to shake his earscrapers and taste it.

After seeing Mama Yu on the side, she immediately stepped forward and took Yu Xiao into her arms, and turned around at the same time. The palm hit her fiercely, and Yu Xiaogang wanted to break free but was held in her arms even harder.

"Okay, you bitch, you still learned to protect this bastard, right? Well, good, I will let you protect! Let you protect!" Yu Jun saw that the anger in his heart suddenly increased. , Just drew out his belt, and beat her mother Yu's back again and again.

Listening to the muffled whipping sound, Yu Xiao's eyes were sour for a while, and tears soon shed. At the same time, there was a fierce expression in his eyes, and he gritted his teeth to prevent himself from crying. He knew that if he was crying at this time, not only would he not be able to help his mother, he might also make the man beaten more vigorously.

Because this cowardly man who is bullying and afraid of hardship will also play a prestige in his own home, but anyone can bully him outside. Every time, he was bullied and ridiculed outside, or lost money in gambling, or he was upset, and it was commonplace to beat and scold Yu's mother. Moreover, he will be more vigorous because of the resistance of Yu's mother or Yu Xiao. He wants to find his self-esteem and majesty at home.

Finally, the beating voice gradually weakened, and Yu's mother knew that the beating and scolding was about to end. Her heart couldn't help but relax. Although the back pain was severe at this time, fortunately, her Xiaoxiao was fine, which was fine.

"Go, I'm hungry, hurry up and cook! Why are you staying here? Didn't you hear Lao Tzu say you are hungry? Huh?" Yu Jun panted and stopped, turning around and walking to the side of the chair. Sit down directly.

When Mom Yu heard it, she nodded and turned to walk towards the kitchen. Before she could take a few steps, she was stopped again.

"Come back! What's the matter, these things are left at the door, right? How did you do things? Huh?"

"I, I will clean up immediately."

"Mom, you go, I'll take care of it here." Upon seeing this, Yu Xiao stepped forward and stopped Yu's mother from taking care of the luggage they brought back. He pointed to the kitchen and said, "Go cook."

"But, Xiaoxiao..." Mother Yu looked at him anxiously and then at the kitchen, suddenly hesitating. She was worried that Yu Xiao's body would be exhausted, and she was also worried that Yu Jun would beat their mother twice because of his slow cooking.

"What about haggling? Huh? Is it deliberately lazy? Believe it or not, I will clean up your meal?" Yu Jun saw the two of them talking quietly there, and directly slapped a palm of his hand. On the table.

"Mom, go quickly. Don't worry, I won't be tired, go quickly." Yu Xiao took advantage of the situation and pushed her mother towards the kitchen, and smiled I can do it.

Mother Yu struggled for a while, but decided she would cook first. As long as she moves faster, she can come back to help Xiaoxiao clean up.

Seeing that his mother was going to cook, Yu Xiao looked down at the large packages on the ground. He slowly squatted down to check what was inside, and then put them away one by one.

"Little bastard, don't you know how to behave? Ah? Did I raise you for nothing? What are you doing?"

Accompanied by constant anger, Yu Xiao struggled to put things away a little bit. After all, he was just discharged from the hospital. In addition, he was only ten years old and he was not very tall. However, some things had to be placed with the help of stools, and soon, the forehead was covered with sweat.

Finally, before Mom Yu made the meal, he arranged all these things. Wiping the sweat from his forehead, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. He didn't know what he was like when he was ten years old in his last life, but now he can share some for his mother and is very happy. Of course, he will definitely share more in the future, and he will be a son that the mother can rely on.

"Is the meal still?" Smelly girl, what are you doing? Are you happy when you move so slowly and starve me to death? Hurry up, have you heard?" Yu Jun shouted deliberately to find fault.

"Come, here." Mother Yu quickly walked to the table with a few dishes, put the dishes one by one, and then went back to put a bowl of rice and a pair of chopsticks in front of Yu Jun.

Yu Jun picked up the chopsticks and frowned and flipped through the dishes, and then suddenly slapped the chopsticks on the table: "Asshole! Are you begging? You dare to eat these things for Laozi, isn't it?"

"No, it's not." Yu's mother rubbed her hands nervously, and Noo replied: "Well, there is not much money in the house, so..."

"So you take these things for Lao Tzu to eat, right?" Yu Jun turned his head and shouted directly at Yu Xiao: "Little bastard, if it weren't for you, how could Lao Tzu eat such things? You debt collector, you know That's right, I should have strangled you when you were born, huh! What do you look at, huh?"

Yu's mother pulled on La Yuxiao's clothes and signaled him not to care about Yu Jun, otherwise he himself will suffer in the end. After Yu Xiao saw the worried look in his mother's eyes, her eyes darkened and she lowered her head silently, listening to the man's screaming.

The more Yu Jun scolded, the more upset he got, and directly waved away the mother and son standing in front of him, and walked outside angrily, screaming the door that was thrown away.

After Yu Xiao supported a stumbling mother who was being pushed, he turned to look at the door that was thrown up, and a trace of hatred flashed quickly in his eyes.

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