Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 60

Chapter 59:

Just as Luo Xiao and his family were talking and laughing in the house, there was a sudden violent knock on the door. The big guy couldn't help but stop talking, and the little uncle who was standing at the door got up and went out to check the situation. .

However, in a short while, everyone in the house heard the noise outside the house, and they frowned and got up and walked outside the house.

I saw at the door, my little uncle was struggling to block the few people who wanted to rush inside, and took a closer look. Well, isnt that the same as Xu Yans former adoptive parents, her former brother, and a stranger. A woman with a big belly.

As soon as Xu Yan saw the situation, he immediately understood it. It should be that the news of her return was known by these people, and they are rushing to find something!

Xu Yan looked at the Luo family apologetically, then stepped forward and patted her younger uncle on the shoulder, and signaled him to leave the matter to her. In the three or four years since she went to S City, and since she started to go to university again, she has come into contact with a wide range of people, and her character is no longer the weak temperament she had four years ago. Faced with these former relatives, she knew what to do.

"What are you doing so noisy and noisy?" Xu Yan's tone was obviously angry.

Mother Xu pulled her by her side. At the moment when she heard Xu Yan's unceremonious questioning, Xu's father looked angry, and then said with a smile: "Oh, Yanzi, you are wrong to say that. We are your parents. , The parents come to see what's wrong with their children?"

"Oh? How do I remember that we severed our relationship four years ago?" Xu Yan's face showed sarcasm, "Also, you are my former adoptive parents. Your kind of nurturing, I am It's already clean."

"Oh, you kid, why do you talk like this?" After a stern flash flashed through the eyes of Xu's mother, she raised her smile again and looked at her inclusively, as if Xu Yan was playing a petty prank at this moment. I haven't come back for four years. I finally came back. Why don't you go home? What is it like staying at someone else's house!"

"Where I stay, you won't bother you." Xu Yan felt disgusted and panicked when she looked at the smile on her face, "Just say it, what are you going to do if you ran into someone's house this morning? !"

"Hehe, look at what your child said." Mother Xu stretched out her hand to cover her mouth and smiled awkwardly, then the conversation turned again and took the hand of the strange woman next to her and said, "Come on, Yanzi, this is your brother. His daughter-in-law, called Xiao Xue, can give birth in three months."

"Really? Congratulations." Xu Yan glanced at her lightly and said casually. She did not miss the hidden jealousy in the eyes of this so-called sister-in-law.

"Yes, yeah." Brother Xu on the side immediately answered, "Hehe, sister, look, this is a Chinese New Year, your nephew was born in three months, should you say it?"

Not only Xu Yan herself, but the other Luo family members raised their eyebrows involuntarily: Feelings, are you here to ask for gifts? By the way, they are really cheeky? Obviously, the relationship had been severed four years ago, and the two sides had torn their skins at that time!

"Representation?" Xu Yan had to admire these people at the moment, "We are all okay, what do I need to say?"

When I said that, Father Xu, who had endured it for a long time, finally couldn't help it at this moment. He stepped forward and pointed to Xu Yan's nose and yelled: "Good, you white-eyed wolf! I have raised you for so many years. , You are now developed in city s, and you dont recognize us poor parents when you come back, right? People told us that you came back with big bags and small bags yesterday. What's the matter, you just want to send these outsiders and ignore them. Is your own person?"

Listening to Xu's father's loud scolding there, Xu Yan immediately reacted: Well, it turns out that their nature has revealed again. No matter how time passes, how can the greed in these people's bones be unchangeable!

"Outsiders? No? I'm sending them to my own family!" Xu Yan turned her head and glanced at the Luo family who silently supported her behind her, and then looked at Xu's father in confusion: "Look, this is all My godfather, godmother, and godmother sister and brother!"

"You!" Xu's father was so angry that she was so angry, and a few steps forward, he wanted to slap Xu Yan severely. However, he was immediately stopped by the little uncle standing beside Xu Yan.

"What's the matter, I want to hit someone if I don't care?" The younger uncle held Xu's father's wrist tightly, and the strong grip made Xu's painful face white.

"You let me go! You little bastard! Our own housework, what are you an outsider making fun of!" The Xu mother on the side immediately wanted to step forward to help, but her uncle blocked her way.

Brother Xu and his wife took a few steps on their hind legs when they saw that the situation was not right, thinking that if things were not right, they would immediately turn around and leave!

"What's the trouble!" The grandfather who watched the development finally couldn't stand it anymore. He gave Xu Yan a relieved look, and then said loudly, "Xu Yan is the daughter we recognize. You don't cherish her, we Cherish. Why, she used to throw it away when she was worthless, but now she wants to go back after seeing her? She is a human being, not something that you can come and go!"

"That is to say!" Grandma said immediately, "You talk about your family, who in our town doesn't know that you are all the guys who see the money, this time you will come to our family swallow, but you are not just rushing It came with her money! As long as you have a little conscience as a parent and come to see our swallows sincerely, we will definitely welcome each other with smiles. To put it bluntly, the matter today is that you have committed your own crimes. Come here to find scolding, everything is asking for it!"

"You! You!!!" Father Xu and Mother Xu were so angry that they couldn't even say things smoothly, but there was no way. Scolding, scolding can't be beaten by others; in this fight, you can see that there is no chance of winning by looking at the comparison of the number of people!

But let's just forget it, in their hearts, how unwilling it is!

At this moment, Luo Xiao, with good eyesight, saw several people walking with him from a distance. Looking at those familiar faces, his brows became more frowning: What day is this? Why are some nasty people rushing to make them sick?

As those people approached, the rest of the Luo family could also see clearly. They couldn't help thinking at the same time: Shouldn't they go to the temple to burn incense in a few days?

And when Yu Yi, who helped the old lady come over, saw what was happening at the door of Luo's house, he frowned unmovedly: Could it be that they were late?

Luo Qian looked at the old Mrs. Yu and Yu Yi who came by, and then at the Xu family who was still in trouble. She couldn't help but stretched out her hand and patted Xu Yan on the shoulder, and saw Xu Yan turning around. With my eyes, she smiled comfortingly.

What are you afraid of? Soldiers are here to block the water and cover the earth. She Luo Qian is not a bully.

"Second sister-in-law, Xiaoxiao, are you back from S city?" Yu Yi greeted with a flattering smile.

As for Mrs. Yu, its good not to have a cold snort. If it werent for what Yu Yi said, she wouldnt condescend to meet such a shameless Xiao Jian.

"En. What's the matter with you guys?" Luo Qian directly ignored the old lady Yu's stinky face and asked alienatedly.

"Hehe, there is nothing wrong." Yu Yi smiled and returned politely, but before she could continue speaking, she was swallowed by Luo Qian's words.

"Since it's okay, then go slowly and not send it."

"..." Yu Yi grinned awkwardly, and then said again: "Well, that's something to say."

Luo Qian noncommittal watched that she did not answer the conversation, and Yu Yi had no choice but to go down by herself: "What? I saw you come back yesterday. Did you have a good time in S City? Can you go back? Bring me along? I want to go to s city and develop well."

Luo Qian knows, why did her former sister-in-law and Xu brother get so close at the beginning, ha ha, it's really a matter of gathering people in groups! This is shameless, the two families are just evenly matched!

"You can go to city s at any time, why follow us?" Luo Qian stared at Yu Yi's eyes and said.

Yu Yi, with a guilty conscience, finally couldn't stand the compelling sight, and lowered his eyelids slightly and said in a low voice, "Hehe, I'm not familiar with S City. If you follow Ersao, it will be different."

"Nothing is different." Luo Qian continued without expression, "Also, I remind you once again that I have nothing to do with your Yu family. Stop yelling at people like this. This troubles me a lot. !"

"..." Yu Yi did not expect that after four years of absence, the second sister-in-law, who was once weak in character, has become aggressive, making her feel that she doesn't know each other.

The old lady Yu, who had been silent for a long time, frowned and looked at Luo Qian in disgust, and spit on the ground fiercely: "Bah! Shameless!" Then, she just pulled Yu Yi who didn't want to leave without turning her head. Is gone.

I can still vaguely hear the old lady Yu constantly cursing there, while Yu Yi is constantly ingratiating and laughing. Moreover, her eyes kept glaring in their direction.

Luo Xiao looked at the two backs who left, and he felt uncomfortable in his heart. Moreover, he always felt that according to the character of his former aunt, this matter would not be left alone!

As for the Xu family who were still cursing there, under the threat of the little uncle and others at the end, they had to go to their home while cursing.

Looking at the finally quiet door, Luo Qian and Xu Yan couldn't help but smile bitterly at each other: They didn't expect that just the return of the big bag this time would cause these unpleasant things. Obviously, the things they brought back were only larger in size, and the prices were not very expensive, but they didn't want to be told that they had made a fortune in S City. It seems that you need to pay more attention when you come back.

After the Chinese New Year, Luo Xiao and the three of them set foot on the car back to s city. Inadvertently, Luo Xiao glanced at a figure of the three of them who had been sneaking around with his followers, and a gleam of light flashed in his eyes: He just said, some people won't give up easily!