Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 62

Chapter 61:

"Ah! You two little beasts who are born to collect debts! What did our Lao Yu family do in the past life, there will be you white-eyed wolves!" The old lady Yu has a habit of getting up every morning and paying her private money Count it again. However, on this morning, she was furious to find that all the money she had accumulated for many years had disappeared! And just when she was extremely anxious, she found out that her third daughter had disappeared. It didn't need to be explained, Mrs. Yu immediately reacted.

Coincidentally, at this moment, the foolish Lu Tu ran to Old Lady Yu to beg for food because he was hungry. Well, Mrs. Yu immediately found the target of venting. She didnt feel like an old lady in her sixties at once. She stepped forward and pinched Lu Tus ear with one hand, and hit him with the other hand at the same time. It is even more verbal abuse.

Hearing the cry of his brother's exhaustion, Lu Cheng didn't care about the firewood he had just ignited, and ran into the stove cave indiscriminately, and ran over.

Lu Cheng's eyes turned red when he saw his younger brother's flushed face. He roared and rushed forward and directly knocked the old lady Yu to the ground. Without even looking at the old lady Yu who was hit by the star at the moment, he stretched out his hand distressedly and touched his brother's swollen face.

However, even though the movements he touched were gentle, his brother still made tears flow down from the pain. For the first time, Lu Cheng's heart was full of resentment towards his grandmother.

"You little bastard, have you rebelled?" After the vertigo in her head passed, the old lady Yu clearly felt the pain all over her body, "You two white-eyed wolves, eat mine and use mine. The one who lives is still mine, so you dare to do something to me? It's really the same as your mother, who is both a beast! No, beasts are better than you!"

Listening to the more and more vicious scolding, Lu Cheng stood up with red eyes, then carefully picked up his younger brother, turned and stared at the old lady Yu fiercely, saying word by word: "Dead old lady, I will bear you. It's been a long time! If it weren't for you to be my grandmother, believe it or not, I'll beat you up now!"

"You!" Mrs. Yu's eyes widened in anger. She couldn't believe that this grandson who used to scold her not only dared to confront her, but also looked at her with such a look.

However, Mrs. Yu didn't say anything, because she vaguely realized that this grandson was not just talking, it was very likely that she would actually do it. For the sake of her own life, Mrs. Yu glared at him unwillingly and closed her mouth without saying anything.

Lu Cheng glanced at the acquainted old lady with satisfaction, and turned around with his brother to go to the small clinic. And the old lady Yu lying on the ground waited for the evil star to go, and then tremblingly gritted her teeth and got up from the ground with difficulty. However, before she could take a breath, a white smoke floated into the house, accompanied by a burning smell.

Old Mrs. Yu reacted immediately after a short daze, this, this, can it be said? Ignoring the pain on her body, she immediately limped out of the house, looking at the white smoke from the kitchen opposite, she immediately picked up the washbasin on the window sill outside the kitchen and scooped a basin of water. The water in the tank hurriedly opened the kitchen door and walked in.

The strong white smoke coming out of the kitchen door suddenly opened, making Mrs. Yu burst into tears unsuspectingly, but she didn't care much at the moment, so it's better to put out the fire first.

Although the fire in the kitchen is not very big, for an old lady with inflexible legs and feet at the moment, it is progressing slowly. Fortunately, at this time, a middle-aged woman ran into the kitchen carrying a bucket of water. After a while, the fire was finally put out.

Looking at the messy kitchen in front of her, Mrs. Yu frowned fiercely, feeling stunned in her heart: it must have been the little rascal who set fire on purpose! When they come back, let's see if she doesn't tidy up their meal!

"Mom, are you okay?" The middle-aged woman glanced at her old mother worriedly.

Mrs. Yu raised her eyes and glared at her fiercely, and choked: "Why, don't you have eyes? You need to ask about this kind of thing? Are you still my own?"

The middle-aged woman, the eldest daughter of Mrs. Yu, Yu Hui, quickly flashed an obvious disgust in her eyes, but there was still a pleasing smile on her face: "Yes, yes, it's all me No. Come on, Mom, let me help you into the house and take a rest."

"What are you going to do? It's a mess if you haven't seen it?" The old lady Yu impatiently patted the hand that Yu Hui stretched out to support her, and said angrily.

Yu Hui gritted her teeth with a smile, but she turned around and raised her sleeves and started to tidy up without saying a word. After some cleaning, Yu Hui beat her aching back, and let out a small sigh of relief: Huh, it was finally cleaned up.

"What's the matter, just clean up the kitchen and can't move when you are tired?" Old lady Yu's ironic voice rang again. Yu Hui didn't refute anything, but said with a smile: "No, no, mom, let's go. Let's go inside the house."

After helping the old lady Yu to the chair, Yu Hui poured another glass of water for her, "Mom, how could the kitchen catch fire?"

As soon as the voice fell, the old lady Yu gritted her teeth and cursed: "It must be a good thing that little beast did! Sure enough, she is a **** like her mother! They are all unfamiliar white-eyed wolves!"

Yu Hui said silently in her heart: Mom, the **** in your mouth looks like your third daughter, right? Moreover, it seems that she is still your favorite and most partial child in the past thirty years, right?

"Mom, what happened?" Yu Hui suppressed the gloating look in her eyes, and asked carefully: "Sister, did she do something wrong?"

"Bah! She's not your third sister!" The old lady Yu spit on the ground fiercely, "Don't mention her in front of me in the future! This bitch, hoof, son, she actually If you dare to steal my old lady's bottom money, you'd better not come back to me, I'm coming back, and see if I won't take her skin off her muscles!"

Oh? There was a flash in Yu Hui's eyes, it turned out to be such a thing! Although, she would not like to see this third sister who liked to chew her tongue behind her back since she was a child, but at this moment, she really wants to applaud her for this behavior! I think that when she got married, her mother married her to a man who was ten years older and had a disability because she was greedy for the other party's dowry. If it weren't for her man being kind to her now, she really wouldn't mind getting into trouble with her mother!

"By the way, what are you doing when you come back?" The old lady Yu suddenly turned her head and stared at Yu Hui closely after she yelled at her. They were all taken away by that Xiao Jian Ren, asking for money, but there is one."

Because Yu Hui's husband had a serious illness in the past few months, some valuable things in the family were almost sold out, but there was still a shortage of money. In desperation, Yu Hui had to go back to her family's home to ask for help. No way, who made her husband no longer have any relatives. The original father-in-law and mother-in-law had passed away as early as five years after the two of them got married, and some of their relatives were left on Yu Hui's side.

"..." Yu Hui felt even more uncomfortable in her heart when she heard her mother's direct refusal once again. In fact, the original intention of her coming this time was really not to borrow money. On the contrary, because her husband recovered recently, the family's economy eased slightly, and she came to make up for gifts during the New Year.

But now that her mother said so, Yu Hui decided: in the future, she will never give her mother a cent. Even if she came to take a look, she wouldn't buy any gifts. At most, just bring some of the things grown in the house. Of course, she will also reduce the frequency of coming over. She is not a natural masochist, so she can't be so cheap to rush to scold her!

"It's nothing, I just came to see you when I was passing by." Yu Hui took the teapot and added a glass of water to her. "Fortunately, I came in time."

"What's the matter? What do you mean by this, you still want me to thank you for failing?" The old lady Yu was immediately unhappy when she heard what Yu Hui said.

"Mom, no, I didn't mean that." Yu Hui shook her head hurriedly, "By the way, it's late, the two in my family are still waiting for me to go home and cook for them, mom, I'm leaving now. I will see you next time."

"Go go, let me go if you want to go." Mrs. Yu waved impatiently, "You are all white-eyed wolves!"

Yu Hui glanced at her, said nothing, and walked out the door slowly. Looking back at the home where I had lived for more than ten years, my eyes were indifferent: home? What a joke!

After Yu Hui left for a while, Lu Cheng slowly walked into the door holding Lu Tu. He directly ignored the angry old lady Yu and walked into his room. Old Mrs. Yu sullenly shattered the cup in her hand, then limped back to her room.

Listening to the huge deliberately closing door downstairs, Lu Chen clearly felt that his brother was holding his clothes tightly in fear. He gently patted his little brother's head, and said softly, "Tour. Soon, my brother will take you out of here, okay?"

"En." Lu Tu answered in a low voice.

Lu Chen has never hated his mother like this moment. Now that he gave birth to them, why can't he take the responsibility to take good care of them? So cruelly abandoning his two sons, but he took the money to go free, is this really good?

One day, he will make everyone who bullied their two brothers pay the price! A fierce gaze flashed in Lu Cheng's eyes, and at the same time his subordinates slowly applied force until he heard a small cry of pain, he reacted, and nervously checked his brother up and down.

Tutu, don't worry, if you have brother, he will definitely protect you!