Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 63

Chapter 62:

It didn't take long for Luo Xiaogang to return to S City, and the new semester was about to begin. Luo Qian and Xu Yan are about to start their university life, but since their university takes four or five hours to and from where they live, it is very inconvenient to go to and from school every day. Under Luo Xiao's persuasion, they finally decided to live on campus.

However, for Luo Xiao's safety, they finally went to ask Mr. Huo, hoping to let him use it there. Elder Huo naturally didn't have any objections, and Ye Lan, that was even more happy than being happy.

It was night, Ye Lan took Luo Xiao after eating, opened the door of his bedroom, pointed to the 1.8*2 meter big bed and said excitedly: "Xiaoxiao, look, my bed is big and big. Comfortable, start sleeping with me today~~~"

"..." Luo Xiao looked at the excited expression on his face and turned his head silently: Ye Zi, don't you think that your eyes are a bit too flashy?

"Xiaoxiao, what do you think?" Ye Lan continued to ask without giving up.

"What's the matter!" Suddenly, Old Man Huo's voice intervened, "I firmly disagree with this matter, the old man! We don't have a room anymore, why should I wrong my apprentice to sleep in a bed with you?"

Ye Lan turned his head with a headache, and she saw Old Man Huo standing behind him with a black face and glaring at him, "Grandpa Huo, can you not pick this time to make trouble?"

"What? You said I made trouble?" Old man Huo looked at him angrily, "This is my apprentice, I'm the master, it's natural to take care of my apprentice's affairs!"

"Then he is still the person I like!" Ye Lan suddenly confessed.

Luo Xiao turned his head and glanced at Ye Lan in surprise. He didn't expect to be confessed at this time. The thin paper between the two of them would suddenly be torn at this time.

"You! You!" Elder Huo didn't expect that Ye Lan would say something like this at this time. Originally, when the two juniors hadn't pierced through, he could bear it a little bit, and take a look. play. But now that it is clear, he is stunned in his heart: Why, this is his precious apprentice, he wouldn't be so easily snatched away, especially this little bastard!

"Xiaoxiao, you said, do you want the master or you want him!" Huo turned his head and stared at his baby apprentice firmly, "It's okay, you can say it boldly, there is a master to support you!"

When Ye Lan heard this, he looked at Luo Xiao straight, "It's okay, Xiaoxiao, just say it, you can make some people give up!"

With the fiery eyes of these two men, Luo Xiao couldn't help but twitched his mouth: When did these two men become so naive?

"I'm going to bed, good night, no delivery." Luo Xiao flashed into the room directly, closing the door neatly and locking it before the two of them didn't react.

"..." Elder Huo and Ye Lan were stunned for a while, looking at the closed door in front of them, well, it seems that this can only be done today.

"Well, sleep, sleep~~" Old man Huo turned around and walked towards his room humming an unknown tune, with a trace of schadenfreude on his face: Hmph, demo, let you and me grab the apprentice!

Hearing a deliberate door-closing sound in his ear, Ye Lan silently clicked on the black line, and then said to the door: "Xiaoxiao, this is my room. You open the door and we sleep together."

"No, starting from today, this is my room. Please go forward and turn right, thank you!" Luo Xiao came out through the door with a smile.

Ye Lan shook his head dozingly, "Well, good night." Then, he turned and walked towards the guest room.

Luo Xiao listened to the distant footsteps, and then fell back on the bed: Hmm~~Sure enough, the big bed is comfortable to sleep~~~Of course, there is also someone's taste! Luo Xiao's face was flushed, and he fell asleep with a smile.

As for Ye Lan, lying on the bed in the guest room, there was a little sweetness in his heart: Just now, his Xiaoxiao hadn't obviously refused. In this way, are they, hehe...

When the morning sun came in through the curtains, Luo Xiao opened his vague eyes and looked around blankly: Huh? Isn't this his room?

"Xiaoxiao, are you up yet? It's time for breakfast!" Ye Lan's voice clearly reached his ears.

Oh, yes, this is Ye Zi's room, Luo Xiao finally reacted. Because he was in a state of confusion when he first woke up, this caused Ye Lan not to eat less tofu in the future.

"Okay, I'll get down soon." Luo Xiao shook his head, and returned loudly when he was sober.

When he finished washing and went downstairs to have breakfast, he saw the look of old man Huo and Ye Lan dislike each other.

"Xiaoxiao, are you up?" Ye Lan's eyes lit up when he saw Luo Xiao, stood up and pulled the chair beside him and said, "Come on, Xiaoxiao, sit here, and I will get you a bowl. "

"Huh!" Mr. Huo expressed his dissatisfaction with Ye Lan's first step, and he deliberately pointed out loudly, "Some people are like this. Weasel pays New Year greetings to chickens, it is uneasy and kind!"

"..." Master, your apprentice is a human, not a chicken! Luo Xiao couldn't help but complain in his heart.

Ye Lan said: If you are scolded, you won't lose a piece of meat, just ignore it.

In this way, Luo Xiao began to live with Ye Lan. Uh, well, it should be the happy life of the three of them together with Father Huo. Probably pleasant, right? Ha ha......

One day two months later, Luo Xiao and Ye Lan went home from school. They heard familiar voices before they even walked through the door. The two looked at each other, and then walked in slowly.

Sure enough, it was someone they knew.

"Grandpa Yu, Grandpa Ouyang, you are here." Luo Xiao stepped forward and said hello, and Ye Lan also said hello.

"Well, Xiaoxiao, Ye Xiaozi, are you out of school?" Old man Ouyang smiled and nodded at them.

"En, yes." Luo Xiao put down his schoolbag and turned to look at them in confusion, "Two grandpas, is there anything wrong with you this time?"

Elder Huo pointed to the document on the table, "Look at it yourself."

Ye Lan and Luo Xiaozhi directly picked them up and looked aside. After putting them down, their faces were obviously puzzled: "Master, isn't this the land I asked you to help buy last time? What's wrong, is there any problem?"

"Well, there was no problem at first, but now there is a problem." The old man Huo touched his nose awkwardly. It is really uncomfortable that there will be problems with his baby apprentice asking him.

"Hey?" Luo Xiao didn't understand. The land he bought is the commercial center of city s in the future. Haven't heard of any problems in the previous life?

"Oh, it's like this." Old man Yu coughed, "What? When one of my men was chasing the suspect, he didn't expect to lose him. When he found it, the guy was already at the place you bought it. Stationed on the plot."

"Stationed?" Luo Xiao didn't understand the meaning of the word. What is stationed?

"That's it." Old man Ouyang explained, "The one they were chasing was a ghost baby that just appeared recently. Although it is not very powerful, it is not easy to catch it because it has the same ability to summon the same kind. This time, he almost caught him, but he did not expect to be sneaked away by him again. When he was found again, he had already established a lair under your block, which gathered many Ghost baby."

"Hey?" Luo Xiao was really surprised, "Then what's the situation now?"

Father Ouyang was silent for a while, and then he said, "Well, we have asked someone to see the Feng Shui of your land. It was originally a good treasure land, which can gather wealth, but because of the sudden intrusion of the ghost and infant, the treasure land It has become a bad land. We must get rid of the ghost infant, so it will definitely destroy the feng shui of your land. When we come this time, one is to say hello to you, and the other is to see if you need compensation. "

"Compensation?" Luo Xiao was curious, "Can I ask what compensation is?"

"En, yes." Old man Ouyang took out a piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to Luo Xiao. "Look at it. There are several places on it. Although the area is not as large as yours, we will still wait. A large area will be paid to you."

Luo Xiao took the paper and opened it, and his heart suddenly blossomed: Haha, it seems that this time he is going to make a fortune!

Indeed, the area above is not as big as the one he bought now, but the value in the future is much better than the place he bought! At the beginning, if he didn't have enough money in his hand, he must have bought these places on this paper.

But why is it so good this time? Luo Xiao's face showed obvious doubts: "Grandpa Ouyang, are you sure you want to compensate me with these places?"

"En, yes. What's the matter, is there no place to fancy?" Father Ouyang frowned, "Could it be that the guy gave me a good place?"

After speaking, the old man Ouyang took the paper and looked at it. When he saw it, he was so angry that he immediately slapped the table: "Lets just say, this time, how could that old guy be so kind to pick at random? Ive got the broken place! Xiaoxiao, Im sorry! Grandpa Ouyang will give you a better place when he returns?"

Okay, although these places are desolate now, they will be a place with an inch of gold ten years later!

"Um, no need, Grandpa Ouyang, these places are very good, I am very satisfied." Luo Xiao immediately stepped forward and said with a smile.

However, in the eyes of Mr. Ouyang, Luo Xiao is trying to make things better, and is laughing with a strong face.

"It's okay, Xiaoxiao, don't worry, your Grandpa Ouyang won't let you suffer!" Grandpa Ouyang assured him firmly.

"..." Grandpa Ouyang, I really didn't suffer!

Luo Xiao stepped forward and looked at Grandpa Ouyang earnestly: "Grandpa Ouyang, I know you are for my good, but it doesn't matter if I really choose from among them."

"But..." Father Ouyang still felt a little guilty.

On the side, Mr. Yu took the piece of paper in Mr. Ouyang's hand and looked at it, and then he frowned slightly, "Well, Ouyang, if you like Xiaoxiao and you feel a little guilty, then give it to that The guy called and compensated Xiaoxiao for all the places on the paper."

After hearing this, the old man Ouyang pondered for a while: "Well, this is also OK. Xiaoxiao, look, is this all right?"

Luo Xiao can no longer use words to describe his inner happiness, so he nodded fiercely: "Well!"

"Hey, let's talk about it, Grandpa Ouyang is sorry for you!" Grandpa Ouyang sighed, then turned and said, "Hmph, that old guy!"

Later, Father Ouyang and Father Yu sat for a while and got up and left. After Luo Xiao waved his hand in excitement and watched them leave, he was no different from a fool holding the piece of paper left by Mr. Ouyang.

Elder Huo looked at his silly baby apprentice, shook his head for the first time and sighed feebly: Why are you stupid? Obviously you are at a disadvantage, and you are still happy. What a good thing is that!

"Don't laugh, the saliva is flowing down." Ye Lan gave him a dozing look and had to remind.

Luo Xiao raised his hand and wiped it, but then he reacted immediately. Although he was joked, he still couldn't stop the excitement in his heart. He stepped forward and grabbed Ye Lan's right hand and raised it at him. The paper in his hand laughed and said, "Yeba, don't worry, I will raise you in the future!"

"Oh? Raise me?" Ye Lan's eyes flashed brightly, "Okay, this is what you said!"

Luo Xiao looked at the obvious curvature of Ye Lan's mouth, and immediately reacted: Sure enough, he is too excited to talk nonsense! Can he assume that he hasn't said that sentence now?

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