Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 65

Chapter 64:

It turned out that the girl in red was the same person Luo Xiao and Ye Lan had guessed at first-Zhang Meng, their former junior high school student.

"Xiaoxiao, do you know her?" Elder Huo on the side inadvertently turned the look on his face, thinking of his previous divination, and immediately understood.

"Well, she used to be in the same junior high school as me." Luo Xiao nodded and said, "But then I heard that she died."

"Oh? That's the case." Old man Huo pondered for a while, "After you go back, you can tell me specifically what you know about her."

Luo Xiao nodded when he heard the words, and before waiting for what he was saying, Zhang Meng who came in over there couldn't help it.

She looked at the red bead that was shaking violently in the sky with a gentle expression, her eyes were filled with unstoppable affection. However, he turned his head and looked at the people around her sullenly, and roared hoarsely: "You hypocritical villains, how dare you treat my son like this, and see if my old lady will not smash you to pieces. !"

As soon as the voice fell, Zhang Meng was in a place where a cloudy wind blew, causing her long hair to fly all over the sky, but the skirt she wore on her body did not flutter strangely.

"Be careful!" Suddenly, Mr. Yu yelled, and at the same time he threw away dozens of ice blades at Zhang Meng, "Everyone pay attention to her hair."

Sure enough, as soon as the voice fell, the black hair on Zhang Meng's head was like a sharp sword, directly attacking the people around him. Because Luo Xiao was standing relatively far behind, just behind his master and others, he could be within the protection range.

It is precisely because he does not need to be distracted to defend himself, he can concentrate on observing the situation on the battlefield. Upon closer inspection, Luo Xiao discovered that the position where Grandpa Yu and the others were standing happened to present a formation of the Eight Immortals. According to the position of the gossip, people with different attributes stand at each position. Because this is an array that requires a lot of spiritual support, Luo Xiao saw that there are more than one person standing in several directions, and it seems that if someone lacks spiritual power, he will make up for it.

Zhang Meng's hair originally seemed to be just a shawl, but the length at the moment is longer than a dozen meters. Moreover, these hairs seem to have autonomous consciousness, and their offensive is fierce, making their defenses not very easy, let alone having a big attack on Zhang Meng.

"Hahaha, aren't you very good? You actually sealed my child in this ghost bead!" Zhang Meng smiled with a bewitching smile, with bright disdain in his eyes. , If you know, let my son go quickly, otherwise!"

Father Yu rolled his eyes straight away, "Bullshit, I want Lao Tzu to give you concessions, let's dream!"

"Okay, very good!" Zhang Meng squinted his eyes, grinning with a **** smile, "Since you don't know what is good or bad, then I will satisfy you and go to death!!"

The black hair, who was already difficult to deal with, became more violent at this moment, and the angle of attack became more tricky. At the same time, the knee-length red dress on her body slowly drooped down, and it quickly became a floor-length dress.

After Luo Xiao noticed this situation, in order to see the situation more clearly, he couldn't help attaching his spiritual power to his eyes. After staring at the red dress for a while, he couldn't help but suck. Take a breath: This skirt...

"Master, master." Luo Xiao immediately pulled the old man Huo, who was nervously focusing on the battle, "look at the skirt on her."

After hearing this, Mr. Huo immediately observed it carefully. After seeing the situation clearly, he could not help but widen his eyes: "This, this..."

"Lao Huo, what's the matter?" The old man Ouyang on the side noticed the strangeness of the master and apprentice, and asked in a low voice.

Elder Huo settled down and said in a low voice: "The red dress on that female ghost is probably made of blood. If you look closely, you can see that the blood is flowing slowly."

"What?" Old man Ouyang frowned directly, "Could it be that the blood that the girls were sucked back then..."

"Well, it should be like this." Huo nodded heavily. Didn't expect that the blood of those girls was used in this way?

Luo Xiao has been staring closely after he noticed something wrong with the skirt. Under this motionless stare, he soon discovered another problem: the speed of the blood flow seems to have become faster? Moreover, the direction of this flow seems to have changed. It is no longer a circular flow, but a downward flow? Could it be that? not good!

Luo Xiao immediately discovered that the downward blood was flowing quickly toward the person in the gossip in a hair-like form. He couldn't help but shouted: "Beware of your feet, the red on her body The skirt is made of blood condensed and is flowing down your feet!"

"What?" Everyone was agitated, took a closer look, isn't it that way! Immediately they joined forces to build a protective circle to prevent the outflow of these blood.

And Zhang Meng, who was broken by Luo Xiao's plan, immediately stared at her with her red eyes, "Okay, very good! Boy, I remember you!"

When Old Man Huo saw this, he immediately took a step forward, blocking Zhang Meng's sight, hum, this is the old man's precious apprentice, so he won't let a female ghost bully him!

After Zhang Meng was blocked, she did not continue to glare. Instead, she just moved away from her sight, raised her right hand with blood-red nails, nodded her blushing lips, and said softly: "Originally, I still I want you to die without pain. But since you dont appreciate it, you cant blame me!"

After saying that, the red dress on her immediately shot out many blood blades, and attacked everyone with a heavy evil spirit. This time is good, the original defense is not very easy to defend, plus these blood blades, it is simply tied.

"Master, what should we do?" Luo Xiao asked with frowning while manipulating his natal coin to form a protective shield around him.

Elder Huo was paying full attention to the blood blade and black hair that hit him at the moment. He couldn't think of a good way for a while, so he could only shook his head helplessly at Luo Xiao.

According to this situation, it seems unlikely that they want to trap this female ghost! What can I do?

While everyone was struggling to support, Father Ouyang seemed to have discovered something, his eyes lit up, and he immediately approached Father Huo and whispered a few words, then raised his head and hit him and Lin who were not far away. With a look, he nodded when he saw the other side's heart, and then he backed away.

Although Luo Xiao didn't know what they said, but seeing the slightly relaxed expression in his master's eyes, he knew that no matter what, at least the current passive situation could be slightly eased.

Sure enough, he saw that the old man and the others were immediately filled up with personnel, and the four people including his master and four people formed a new four-pole **** formation near Zhang Meng. As soon as this burst came out, Zhang Meng's attack began to slow down due to the two-sided action of the Eight Diagrams Fu Demon Array.

Taking advantage of her slow movements, Old Man Ouyang took out something from his clothes pocket and flew straight towards her. When she touched her skirt, a burst of white smoke appeared in front of everyone with screams.

At the moment before the white smoke disappeared, the old man Huo quickly threw the bowl in his hand, Zhang Meng with a grim face twisted his figure, although he was very unwilling, he was quickly sucked into it by the bowl. At the same time, the bowl was also like that bead, no, it shook more violently, and there was a stern roar from time to time.

"Huh, it's finally done." Father Yu breathed a deep sigh of relief, "His mother, I didn't expect this female ghost to be so powerful. By the way, Ouyang, what did you throw in the past?"

Old man Ouyang didn't say anything, he took out something directly from his clothes. After taking a closer look, Mr. Yu asked in surprise, "Isn't this the seeds of the past flowers of your school?"

"En, that's right." Father Ouyang explained after putting the seeds away, "When I was observing just now, I accidentally felt a faint spirit of life. You know, the identity of this female ghost is bloodthirsty. Ji, she herself shouldn't have the aura of soul-bearing. Then where does this trace of soul-bearing aura come from?"

"Could it be that?" Father Yu thought of something.

"Yes, that's what you thought." Old man Ouyang nodded, "Remember those dead people whose souls I couldn't find? I guess that they should be used as sacrifices, and the souls were taken from the body. Extract it from the inside and inject it into that skirt to enhance the female ghost's strength."

"And our sect's rebirth flower seeds have the ability to resurrect the soul, so I threw it over with the mentality of a try, and the result was not what I expected!" Old man Ouyang said, "But, Even if we trap this female ghost temporarily, how can we completely eliminate it?"

"Yes, according to the strength of this female ghost, this bowl can only trap her for a month at most, and this month is still estimated to be conservative." Old man Huo was also worried.

Just when everyone was at a loss, Old Man Lin suddenly clapped his hands and shouted: "Oh, we can't do it, it doesn't mean that others can't do it! You forgot, we can go and ask that one for help!"

"Which one, do you mean?" Mr. Yu immediately understood, but then frowned, "But, you don't know the temperament of that one, he won't agree to help us so easily. what!"

Old Man Lin said helplessly, "I also know this, but there is no way. After all, that person's strength lies there. Moreover, he is also the most promising one among those few. Bit, isn't it?"

"...This is also true." Father Yu thought about it carefully and had to agree with this statement.

As a result, Luo Xiao saw that the three people including Mr. Yu were all looking forward to his master's body.

"Huh!" Huo snorted directly, then turned and left here in strides. Luo Xiao had to walk quickly with a trace of doubt and gossip, and left the scene together.

And the rest of the people, except for Mr. Yu, all three were confused, and they didn't understand who that one was. As for the three of them, the three of them looked at each other, with a relaxed smile on their faces: Look, didn't they refuse directly! They just said, Lao Huo is a soft-hearted guy!