Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 66

Chapter 65:

A few snow-white soft clouds float in the clear blue sky, warm sunlight shining on the earth, lush trees standing upright, colorful flowers fighting each other, it is a beautiful picture no matter how you look at it.

But, for all this, for Mr. Huo, who has been standing at the door of a villa for a long time, what kind of bad weather! Obviously, it is cloudy today, and there will be heavy rain. Now this doesn't match up at all, OK! Never believe the weather forecast anymore, cheating on feelings!

"Hehe, he still has such an awkward temper." Inside the house, a white-haired man who was sitting in a wheelchair and looked about the same age as Mr. Huo couldn't help but laughed softly when he'watched' the picture at the door of his villa.

"Master, do you need me to go out and invite people in?" a middle-aged man dressed as a housekeeper asked respectfully in a low voice.

"No need, Lao Bai." The white-haired man smiled and shook his head, his tone full of spoiling, "If you go to open the door, maybe he will feel even more uncomfortable."

"Okay, sir, I see." Old Bai nodded.

"This time, you came here on your own initiative." The white-haired man murmured to himself, a trace of persistence and madness flashed quickly in his eyes, "I won't let you go again."

Elder Huo, who stood at the door, shivered abruptly, then raised his head and glanced at the villa in front of him. Thinking of the words of those guys in his ear, he closed his eyes and finally chose to ring the doorbell.

"Old Bai, go." The white-haired man turned his head and said to his housekeeper with a happy tone, "Remember, greet him well! I will go out to see him after I clean up!"

"Okay, sir." Lao Bai turned and walked towards the gate as instructed. The pace on his feet was also rare in so many years. He just hoped that he would have more time to relax in the future.

Listening to the footsteps getting closer and closer, Mr. Huo's heart became more tense, and somehow he took a step back: What should I do, is it too late to regret now?

Of course, this is impossible!

"Master Huo, are you here? Hurry up, please inside?" Lao Bai looked at Master Huo with joy, vaguely seeing tears in his eyes.

Faced with such a situation, Old Huo was also very uncomfortable, "Lao Bai, it's been a long time. How are you?"

"Well, I'm fine!" Lao Bai nodded, respectfully welcoming Old Man Huo into the house, "Sit down for a while, and I'll pour you tea."

Elder Huo looked at Lao Bai's busy back, hesitated and asked: "Lao Bai, is he... okay?"

Lao Bai poured a cup of Biluochun, his favorite drink, to Mr. Huo, and then smiled and gestured to him: "It's better to let the master tell you this question himself." Then, he bent over and left the living room, leaving the space. Give them both.

Elder Huo picked up the cup of Biluochun he had in his hand, opened the lid gently and blew it. After taking a sip, he had no choice but to put down the teacup, and turned around and glared at him: I didnt drink any tea. Interested, OK?

The white-haired man smiled softly at him: "Rulin, you are finally here."

Elder Huo looked at this much older face, and his heart became a lot more complicated for a while, but there was no such arrogant atmosphere as the two of them at the beginning, and he just nodded blankly.

The white-haired man was actually extremely happy when he saw him at the moment, but considering his faceless temperament, he had to dance with joy in his heart, tried to suppress the curvature of his mouth, coughed and asked, "Rulin, Did you come to me this time just because you miss me?"

Elder Huo tried his best to ignore the invisible sense of approval in his heart, and replied with a stern face, "It's still broad daylight, please postpone your dreams!"

"Okay." Although I knew this was my luxury, I couldn't help being disappointed, "Then, is there anything you come to see me this time?"

Elder Huo naturally did not miss the obvious disappointment on his face, but he did not directly speak to comfort him, but eased the stiff expression on his face.

The white-haired man raised his mouth slightly at an angle that Old Man Huo hadn't noticed: He just said, the scholar of his family is the softest-hearted person!

After listening to Mr. Huo's narration, the white-haired man fell into deep thought. Of course, don't think that he is embarrassed whether he should make a move, but is planning in his heart whether he can get his own scholar's reward. Of course, it would be best if the Confucian scholar of his family could live with him! Unfortunately, this kind of thinking is still a difficult task in terms of the current situation of the two!

Elder Huo couldn't say ten percent of the thoughts of the people in front of him, but that was not bad. He curled his lips and said, "Just tell me, how do you want to make a move?"

A wounded expression appeared on the white-haired man's face, "Rulin, do you think about me like this?"

Although, Mr. Huo wanted to say aloud: Yes, that's how I think! However, the words that came to the mouth were eventually swallowed back into his stomach by him. Hmph, he didn't say anything because of good intentions!

A gleam of light flashed in the eyes of the white-haired man, "Forget it, let's not talk about it."

Obviously you are talking about it, okay! Elder Huo directly complained in his heart.

"I will help you resolve this matter, but I have a request."

Here comes, here comes, what kind of request, just say the exchange terms? Humph!

The white-haired man looked at the obvious meaning in Huo's eyes and couldn't help but smiled bitterly: "Rulin, I just want you to call me like before."

"This is your condition?" Old man Huo looked at him with obvious suspicion, "Isn't it a lie to me?"

"You forgot? I said I won't lie to you again!" The white-haired man raised his right hand and swears sincerely. Of course, white lies are to be excluded!

"Huh!" Old man Huo turned his head directly, but after a while he whispered, "You said it yourself!"

"Of course!" The white-haired man readily agreed, and then looked at him expectantly, "Rulin, then you, can you call me now?"

After Elder Huo threw the bead and bowl he had brought with him to the white-haired man, he turned around cleanly and walked out of the gate. The moment he closed the gate, a slight voice came into the ears of the white-haired man.

Looking at the closed door at this moment, the white-haired man excitedly shouted behind him: "Lao Bai, Lao Bai, he called me, and he finally called me, Brother Tianqing!"

"That's really congratulations to the master!" Lao Bai also smiled and congratulated him. It seems that what he hopes can become a reality in the near future, maybe!


In the spacious and bright office, Ye Lan is at his desk carefully reading the plan in front of him-the real estate development prospects of country z in the next ten years. Yes, Ye Lan's first company was to do real estate. Under the influence of his lover, he has keenly discovered the huge commercial value of this piece.

With the initial funds obtained from stock trading with Luo Xiao, and the secret autonomy of Mr. Ye, plus the contacts of the Ye family, the Roche Real Estate Co., Ltd., which he and He Ben co-founded, has already won a lot of money. Plot.

Of course, Ye Lan was very satisfied with the name of his company. As for Luo Xiao and He Ben, ha ha.

"Brother, you said, we have eaten several pieces of land in city b and city s. When will we start construction?" He Ben said worriedly, sitting on the sofa beside him, "I didn't mean you , We only have to buy, without any recovery, can this principal be returned?"

"What? Are you afraid?" Ye Lan raised his head and raised an eyebrow. "When did our Young Master He be so fearful?"

"Bullshit!" He Ben glared at him fiercely, "Please, we bought these land but invested more than one billion in it, okay? More than one billion! It's not one yuan, nor is it a small one like 100 yuan. Is the number good!"

"Okay, I know." Ye Lan leaned back in the chair relaxedly and looked at He Ben with a smile, "Brother, don't worry! You know, of this large sum of money, Our Ye family accounts for nearly 80%!"

"Huh, I knew that your Ye family has a rich family background, but." He Ben still hesitated, "Really no problem?"

Ye Lan pointed to another document on the table, "Look at this, it's an investigation report sent to me by my grandfather."

He Ben picked it up and took a look. As the pages turned over, the light in his eyes became more and more obvious, "Is this all true?"

"Well, it's not far from ten." Ye Lan nodded affirmatively, "Otherwise you thought I would be so calm?"

Humph, when have you been calm? He Ben curled his lips and glanced at the dazzling smile on Ye Lan's face, then turned and left. Well, I'm hungry, let's go eat!

After Ye Lan waited for He Ben to leave, there was a trace of contemplation on his face: Yes, the land he bought now is in the future planning and construction, and the value will definitely increase several times. But now there is still a question, how should he use these land to maximize the value?

Before he could think about it, the honest reaction of his body told him that it was time to eat. So Ye Lan put on his clothes neatly and closed the door and went to Xiaoxiao at home. How could the important meal time be missed! Especially, Xiaoxiao's family cooks in person!

At this time, Luo Xiao just came out of the food market after buying the vegetables. There is no way. Aunt Li needs to go back and deal with some things in the family these days. Apart from him, the three of them are guys with no talent for cooking!

In desperation, he had to provoke this task. Although his cooking skills are average, he still eats well anyway. At least, for the two people who don't like to eat out, Elder Huo and Ye Lan, that is already a surprise.

Just as he came home with a basket of vegetables, he just passed an intersection when he saw a familiar figure walking by quickly. When he looked back and took a closer look, the person had already gone very far, but Luo Xiao still recognized that figure from the back. He looked at the person who went there in a costume that was not better than a beggar, and couldn't help but widen his eyes: How could it be this guy?