Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 68

Chapter 67:

"Xiaoxiao, what's wrong with you?" When Ye Lan just walked into the door, he saw Luo Xiao standing in a daze at the kitchen door. Hurriedly stepped forward and asked with concern: "Did someone bully you? Tell your brother, he will give you a chance."

Luo Xiao, who reacted, looked at Ye Lan, who was filled with righteous indignation, and shook his head with a smile: "Ye Zi, I'm fine, don't worry about it."

"I'm not because I love you too much!" Ye Lan stepped forward and hugged Luo Xiao, rubbing his neck with his head, "Xiaoxiao, or else, let's be together tonight Sleep~~~"

"Cough cough!" A deliberate cough sounded loudly behind Ye Lan.

Ye Lan rolled his eyes, turned his head and complained dissatisfied: "Grandpa Huo, don't you know that disturbing others in dating will be struck by lightning?"

"Huh!" Old man Huo said with an angry beard, "Nonsense! I think it's the only way to be struck by lightning if you rob someone else's apprentice!"

"Cut! Just say it if you are envious and jealous!" Ye Lan turned around and put his arm around Luo Xiao's shoulder, raising his eyebrows at the old man Huo with a sullen expression, "How about it, did I say it?"

Looking at this eye-catching face, Mr. Huo regretted the ninety-ninth ninety-ninth time in his heart! Why did I kindly agree to Old Man Ye to take care of this **** in his family for a while! This kid used to know how to respect the old and love the young, well, since that layer of paper was pierced, his behavior was simply outrageous! !

This is his precious disciple of Huo Rulin, why does Ye Lan, a little bastard, use his hands? Even dare to move your mouth? What made him unable to calm his anger the most was that he tried to persuade his apprentice to sleep in a room together no less than ten times a day! A bed! ! It's really annoying! ! !

"Okay, Xiaoxiao, let's ignore him." Ye Lan glanced at Mr. Huo, who was starting to fall into a frantic state. He hooked the corner of his mouth, turned and pulled Luo Xiao into the kitchen, "It's still the old rules, I wash Food, you cook, as for the dishes, let Grandpa Huo come."

When Elder Huo heard this, he immediately stopped doing it and yelled, "I don't want to wash the dishes!"

"Then do you want to wash the vegetables? Or cook?" Ye Lan offered two other choices.

When Mr. Huo recalled the results of his original washing and cooking, he couldn't help but shivered: he didn't even want to wash and cook!

"I don't care! I am an old man, you have to know how to respect the old!" Old man Huo said with a shameless expression, "I will only be responsible for eating! Well, it is so happy to decide!!"

Nowhere do I feel that this decision is happily said? Ye Lan and Luo Xiao twitched their mouths, watching him leave behind with a trace of desertion, and their eyes were full of smiles.

In fact, there is nothing wrong with the allocation of work, but in fact, except for Luo Xiao's accident of buying vegetables and cooking, Ye Lan did everything by himself. No way, who made Mr. Huo try to wash the bowl, good fellow, there is nothing healthy anymore. It's most normal for a corner to be missing and a line to be sewn. After all, it's more of a direct split to pieces!

In order to save money, Mr. Huo, the "prodigal" grandfather, really doesn't need to continue to appear in the kitchen. Luo Xiao smiled and shook his head, and started preparing for dinner.

Looking at the fried lily and shrimp with celery in front of him, Luo Xiao's thoughts could not stop floating to the figure that he saw on the road just now: It seems that the life of his former aunt was not easy! Although it is not very clear who the men who came to arrest his aunt are, a discerning person knows that these men are coming out of Hunting Jianghu, and they are not any offenders.

But, having said that, how did his former aunt interact with these people? Also, you can tell from her walking posture, there must be a lot of scars on her body. In addition, for a moment, he clearly saw that his former aunt's back had many small dots left by pinholes on the back of his hand. Coupled with the obvious black eye sockets under her right now, Hache's from time to time repeatedly, it seems that it should be...

"Xiaoxiao, what do you think?" Ye Lan stepped forward and said, "If you don't stir fry, the dishes below will be mashed!"

"Ah? What?" Luo Xiao came back to his senses, and when he saw it, he immediately started to stir fry. Fortunately, only a few slices were burnt.

In the subsequent cooking process, Luo Xiao did not think about things, and cooked the remaining dishes neatly. Looking at the four homemade dishes and one soup on the table, Mr. Huo picked up his chopsticks and waved, let's start the meal!

After eating, Ye Lan took the initiative and consciously got up to tidy up the dishes and chopsticks. The old man Huo on the side looked at him, and he was secretly happy: Hey, I dont need to wash the dishes anymore~~~

After washing the dishes, Ye Lan brought a pot of tea, just to digest it, and relieved his greasiness by the way.

"That's right, Ye Xiaozi." Elder Huo asked, holding a tea cup, "Didn't you start a real estate company? How about it, do you still have funds? Would you like to buy another piece of land?"

"Huh?" Ye Lan heard this and looked at Old Huo cautiously. He didn't believe in the beauty of pie in the sky!

"That's it. There is also a piece of land with an area of nearly 200,000 square meters. I don't know if you want it or not, but you can give an internal preferential price!" Old man Huo explained with a smile.

Looking at Old Man Huo's smile, Ye Lan knew that this piece of land was definitely not as good as he said. There must be something else that I didn't tell him!

And after Luo Xiao heard what his master said, somehow, there was a vague guess in his heart, could it be that piece of land?

Sure enough, Elder Huo's next recount, this place is already very clear.

Luo Xiaogang wanted to say something, but he was stopped by his master's eyes. Well, anyway, he wouldn't really cheat Ye Lan, he just wanted to play.

Ye Lan had already reacted, and he looked at Old Man Huo jokingly: "Grandpa Huo, I think you are a weasel giving New Year greetings to the chicken, are you uneasy?"

"Go!" Elder Huo rolled his eyes, "To tell you the truth, this land was not changed from Xiaoxiao's hands. At first, it was because there were so many little ghosts there. Now that the ghosts are collected, they will be auctioned. But I don't know Where did the news go out, saying that this piece of land was unlucky or something, which caused the buyers who were originally interested to not want to buy it."

"So, Grandpa Huo, you want me to take over this hot potato?" Ye Lan raised his eyebrows and looked at him with a smile.

Elder Huo touched his nose awkwardly, "Hey, what? In fact, it would be very good for you to buy this piece of land!"

"Oh?" Ye Lan obviously didn't believe it. If this were the case, would no one buy this land? Hey? Wait a minute, why is Grandpa Huo so persistent to let him buy this piece of land? Could it be that?

"Grandpa Huo, is there anything else you haven't explained?"

Father Huo saw the situation and gritted his teeth and said: "Yes, that old head of Lin said, if I help him solve this matter, he will lend me the treasure of their sect."

Is it true? Ye Lan twitched his mouth, "Then what good do I have?"

"Help you get it at a lower price?" Old Huo asked tentatively.

Ye Lan smiled noncommitantly, waiting for Elder Huo himself to continue to add weight.

"...I'll help you solve the feng shui problem of this piece of land?" Elder Huo thought for a while and really added it, "Then, help you get a discount next time you buy another land?"

"Well, my heart is moved!" Ye Lan touched his chin and said with a smile.

"Then, are we settled on this matter?" Old man Huo immediately said with a smile.

"But!" Ye Lan's words took a sharp turn, deeply interrupting the excited words of Old Man Huo, "I have another request."

"What's the requirement?" Elder Huo looked at the smile on his face, how he felt uneasy and kind, and sure enough, what he said next made him want to go up and kick this little bastard, too good at it!

"Grandpa Huo, you help me persuade Xiaoxiao to let me sleep in a room with him." Ye Lan said with a smile.

"You! Humph!" Huo snorted coldly, "Go dream of your big head!"

Ye Lan spread his hands, okay, isn't it just a joke, he shrugged, "Okay, Grandpa Huo, I'm joking, I will pay for that piece of land. But you promised my promise. Dont change!"

"I know, I know." Old man Huo was still angry and waved his hand, "You little bastard, don't get my eyes off."

Ye Lan touched his nose, okay, it seemed to be teasing too much.

Luo Xiao glanced at Ye Lan, then turned upstairs and went to sleep: There are some things that people do by themselves~~~

"Hey, Xiaoxiao, isn't it tonight?" Ye Lan followed Luo Xiao, standing outside the door with a flattering smile.

Luo Xiao stood at the door, smiled suddenly, and then took advantage of the moment when Ye Lan Xiaoxiao was stunned, and closed the door neatly, "Hey, go forward and turn right by yourself."

"Hey?" Ye Lan was stunned. He shouldn't have said this way. Looking at the closed door, he was depressed again. Why didn't he succeed?

"Humph." Huo sneered and passed by him, "Deserve it!"

In desperation, Ye Lan had to drag his reluctant pace to walk to the guest room where he was currently staying. Tomorrow, he must work hard to succeed!

Luo Xiao listened to the gradually disappearing footsteps outside the door, and his eyes were full of smiles. In fact, Ye Lan is not allowed to sleep together now, mainly because they are still young and underage, and it will be bad for everyone's still developing body when they are excited to do anything. Besides, at present, only Elder Huo knew about their affairs. The road ahead will be more difficult. It is better to keep some distance now. Just in case the future of the two is not good, it will not hurt too much.

After thinking about it, Luo Xiao thought of the former aunt he saw today. Although he was surprised at her current situation, he would not try to save her. Because, lets not say that they have nothing to do now. In the past two lifetimes, not only did this aunt not help their wife at all, but she did nothing less to get in the way!

Besides, she is such a big person, and will encounter these things, it is also her own incomprehension, everyone must pay the corresponding price for their actions!

However, speaking of it, his aunt has never been to s city in her life! In this way, his butterfly seems to have brought some chain reactions, which also shows that he, his mother, and the people he cares for will have a better future!