Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 69

Chapter 68:

Since he was going to buy that piece of land, Ye Lan naturally wanted to get the most benefit. The reason why Luo Xiao didn't stop Ye Lan's behavior was because he knew that his master couldn't really bully Ye Lan, and he must have planned it long ago.

In fact, this is indeed the case. When Elder Huo knew that Old Man Lin was embarrassed, he immediately calculated the feng shui of this piece of land by himself, and found that foreign objects could actually be used to transform the feng shui effect, so he deliberately looked for it. A time appeared in front of Old Man Lin in a coincidental way, as a moment of kindness to help him solve difficulties.

As for whether it was really kind, Huo said: Guess it!

Because, Mr. Lin's apparent position is the director of the Land Administration Bureau of S City. In order to ensure this annual performance task, he welcomes someone to purchase land use rights. Of course, all of these land that can be purchased are extremely remote and deserted places for people in this era.

In addition to the development of the entire society, in this era when there are not many ten-thousand-yuan households, the number of people who really buy land use rights is even more pitiful.

However, where the performance requirements are, he can't help it? Besides, he had to trade this haunted place. Now that the matter has been handled, I really want to make a move!

With regard to the timely appearance of Old Man Huo, Old Man Lin still had a trace of doubt in his heart. After all, this time is too coincidental, isn't it? Besides, who didn't know that this old man Huo was the shortest guard among their group? The land he changed to his apprentice last time took a big advantage. This time, isn't it to revenge?

Although he thought so, Old Man Lin still planned to listen to what he said first. If it can really help him solve this problem, wouldn't it be great?

And Elder Huo naturally did not miss the emotion that flashed through Elder Lin's eyes. His face remained calm and he just said, "Old man Lin, how about I help you find a buyer for this land?"

"What's the requirement?" Old Man Lin raised an eyebrow and showed no effort to do anything. How suspicious he looks!

Old man Huo smiled, "This requirement is actually very simple."

"How easy is it?" Old Man Lin continued to look at him, he didn't believe it would be really easy!

"First of all, you have to give an internal price." Elder Huo continued after seeing him nodding, "In addition, give some appropriate subsidies."

"That's it?" Old man Lin naturally didn't believe it. Sure enough, he heard Old Man Huo continue to speak, "Also, let me take a look at the one of your school!"

He knew that the last one was the point! Old Man Lin gave Old Man Huo angrily. Since more than ten years ago, he has been thinking about seeing the treasures of their sect, but he has not given up his mind yet!

But, Elder Lin squinted his eyes. He just said he wanted to see it, but did he decide how to look at it? Hehe!

"...Okay!" Old man Lin nodded readily, "But you have to do what you said!"

"No problem!" Elder Huo also nodded with a smile, hum, let you cheat my apprentice last time, this time it's strange not to let you have a good blood! Also, baby, I'm going to see you, wait for me~~~~

Ye Lan looked at the land purchase contract he had obtained, and nodded with satisfaction in his heart: Well, it is indeed a very favorable price!

However, before starting the planning of this land, the problem of Feng Shui should be solved first. Of course, leave this to Grandpa Huo, and he will take advantage of this time to improve his relationship with his family Xiaoxiao. As for whether it will be as he wishes, hehe, who knows!

"Master, this piece of land?" Luo Xiao cared curiously.

Elder Huo stroked his beard, "I've forgotten it. This land was originally a feng shui for gathering wealth, but because the little devil drew away the luck before, the rest can't even be stable. However, as long as If we can build a spirit gathering array, we will be able to re-establish the original wealth gathering momentum bit by bit. Moreover, it will be even better than the original Feng Shui."

"Then we just need to build a spirit gathering array?" Luo Xiao's eyes lit up. But then I thought of something and dimmed, "But Master, if you want to build a spirit gathering array, you must have spirit stones, and according to the scale to be built, there will be no few spirit stones. But the question is, where do we come from? How about so many spirit stones?" You know, he has only obtained so many pieces in the past few years, or he got it by chance!

"So, this is the problem!" Mr. Huo nodded, "However, we can change the array."

"En?" Luo Xiao looked at Father Huo suspiciously.

Elder Huo touched the water in the tea cup with his finger, and then drew it on the table: "Look, we only need to build a few spiritual gathering pillars in these directions to form a four-pole balanced spiritual gathering array. Up."

"Then these so-called spiritual gathering pillars need to be constructed of any special materials?" Ye Lan looked at the opening and asked, "Also, how much diameter and height are needed for this construction?"

Luo Xiao looked at the patterns drawn by his own master on the table, and always felt like he had seen it somewhere, and felt very familiar!

"No, it's just ordinary building materials." Elder Huo shook his head, "However, these four pillars need to be built on these points, and then connect the four pillars. Each one. The pillars need to have an area of 100 square meters, and the height of 99 meters is enough."

When Luo Xiao heard it, he patted his head suddenly: Isn't the shape of this house built like the famous furnace building in the past life? He was still complaining at the time, and he didn't know who developed such a strange commodity taste to build a building of such a shape. Although it is called a mansion, it is actually a large shopping plaza. It is very lively and bustling with people coming and going every day!

"Xiaoxiao, what's the matter with you? It's okay, why do you just pat yourself on the head?" Ye Lan stepped forward and rubbed his head distressedly, "If you want to hit me, you should hit me. Why do you hurt yourself?"

"Cough cough!" When he saw Ye Lan like that, Huo frowned and averted his eyes, saving himself upset, "Okay, okay, I'm talking about business!"

Luo Xiao pulled Ye Lan's sleeve, then shook his head slightly. Ye Lan immediately corrected his attitude, turned his head and said to Grandpa Huo: "Grandpa Huo, what do I think of something drawn based on yours, it looks so similar, what does it look like?"

"Like an incense burner." Luo Xiao continued.

"Yes, it's the incense burner!" Ye Lan nodded in sympathy.

Elder Huo listened to it, and then looked at his paintings, let alone, really like the shape of a furnace? However, thinking about it this way, I feel that the grade has dropped a lot in an instant!

"Cough!" Elder Huo gave a light cough, and then said solemnly, "What's wrong with the incense burner? You know, this incense burner is a container for incense, just like the spirit gathering array we are going to set up. But it has the power to gather together!"

Okay, Ye Lan said, it feels like the incense burner is so tall in an instant.

"Master, as far as I know, it takes proper time to set up such a gathering array." Luo Xiao thought for a while and asked.

"En, yes." Elder Huo nodded, "I have fortune-telling. One year later, 9 a.m. on the ninth day of September is the most lucky moment in recent years. Starting construction at that time can have a multiplier effect. "

Ye Lan silently recorded this time in his heart, and planned to talk to He Ben when he went back and let him be responsible for this matter. Now because the scale of their company is not very large, there are only a few main employees. He and He Ben are two bosses. He is responsible for land purchase planning, and He Ben is responsible for the specific construction and implementation, which happens to be a division of labor.

After solving this matter, Old Huo waved his hand and let them play on their own, saving them annoyance. Especially a shameless little **** surnamed Ye!

At the same time that Ye Lan and Luo Xiao were relaxing, Yu's family in town c ushered in another family storm.

"You bastard, what are you doing when you come back?" The old lady Yu stood at the gate with a cane and looked at the family of three in front of her. It was a direct nasty talk, "What? Xiao Hu, Sheng and shameless **** step into my house? Dont be shameless!"

"Mom, how can you talk like this?" a young man whispered with a gloomy face, "One of them is your grandson and the other is your daughter-in-law, everyone is a family!"

"I'm pooh!" The old lady Yu snorted towards where they were, "I would rather my old Yu family have no children and grandchildren, and I will never let this kind of people step into the door of this house!"

"You!" The young man frowned tightly, just about to get angry, but was pulled tightly by his sleeves by the woman beside him. The man turned his head and looked at her gently, "Ke'er, it's okay, I will take care of it."

Ke'er shook his head and softly persuaded, "Husband, don't get angry, after all, she is your mother, my mother-in-law, and Jia'er's grandmother. Let's talk well and don't hurt everyone's harmony."

When Mrs. Yu heard it, she felt irritating in her heart: Well, if it weren't for you, Hu Meizi, who used the tricks there, how could their mother-child relationship return to this level? Now I dare to be there and pretend to be kind? It's disgusting to look at, okay!

When the man saw the obvious forbearance on his beloved wife's face, and the trembling small body of his precious son, his heart became more and more unstable.

Turning his head, he stared at Mrs. Yu ferociously, and then said word by word: "This family is not yet your turn to be the old lady! Don't forget, this family is in the name of our two sons. Next, there is nothing wrong with you at all! If you don't want to be kicked out of the house by me, you'd better think about your situation!"

After saying this, the man picked up his luggage and hugged his wife, took his son and pushed Mrs. Yu away and walked into the door.

Old Mrs. Yu sat down on the icy ground with a stunned expression on her face: When did her little son dare to do anything to her? Obviously before, she couldn't resist the slightest bit of scolding and beating her!

Then, she stared at the woman who turned her head and grinned at her, she was gritted her teeth in her heart: Sure enough, it was all the shameless Xiao Sao Huo's dirty tricks! Humph, she wants to see, whose method is more powerful in the future!