Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 7

Chapter 6:

As soon as it was light, the sound of dressing and washing came to Yu Xiao's ears. Because this was the first night after rebirth, he slept at home, and it was inevitable that he had some insomnia. As soon as he heard this sound, he guessed that his mother should have gotten up. However, this day has just been polished, is it a bit too early to get up at this time?

Yu Xiao subconsciously squinted his eyes and glanced at the alarm clock on the bedside with the light penetrating through the door. The time displayed on it was 4:30. He remembered that his mother's factory work time was 7:30, and there were still three hours left. Even if you want to get up to make breakfast, it doesn't take three hours?

Yu Xiao was puzzled for a while, anyway he couldn't sleep anyway, so he just lifted the quilt to get up and put on clothes. Hiss~~I have to say, after the autumn, the temperature difference between morning and evening is big, and its really cold to wear clothes in the early morning~~~

He quickly got dressed, and quietly opened the door. No matter how light he opened the door, there was still a sound in this quiet morning. After Yu's mother who was washing rice and cutting vegetables heard the noise, she looked back and saw Yu Xiao who had just closed the door.

Mother Yu immediately put down the things in her hand, wiped her hands with the rag, and walked up and asked worriedly: "Xiaoxiao, what's the matter? Is it because your mother's movements are so loud that it bothers you? Why did you get up? It's still very low, do you feel cold wearing these? Go back to the room as soon as it is warm inside."

"Mom, you didn't bother me. I couldn't sleep by myself." Yu Xiao enjoys his mother's nagging very much, because he knows this is his mother's love for him. "By the way, mother, how are you so early? Just get up? You don't have to go to work until 7:30? Isn't it too early to get up for breakfast?"

Mother Yu touched Yu Xiaos hand, and she was still warm and relieved: "No, I will prepare these meals first, and stew them, then you can get up and eat. I will go to you if I make these. Grandpas cooking breakfast. Didnt your aunt just get pregnant? Your grandma meant to give her something to cook. Your grandma said Im doing better, so let me do it."

Mother Yu speeded up her subordinates' movements as she spoke. Yu Xiao immediately said, "Mom, let me help you."

"No, no, I can do it by myself." Yu's mother shook her head and refused.

"It's okay, I'll help you light a fire." Yu Xiao said, walking directly behind the stove, picking up the waste paper lying aside, then pinching it with his knees, picking up the matchbox, and lighting the paper. Put it into the stove hole. Then, he picked up some dry wood and put it into the stove cave. Watching the fire become more and more prosperous, Yu Xiao knew that he had successfully started the fire.

Seeing her sons skillful movements, Yus mother was still a little surprised: "Xiaoxiao, when did you learn to make a fire?" You know, her son has always been kept away from the kitchen by her. Inside, the son only needs to study hard, and she can do the cooking and housework alone.

Yu Xiao darkened her eyes, and then smiled and said, "I learned these from your stolen teacher. Mom, you are not allowed to charge me~~~"

"You kid!" Mama Yu was a little bit dumbfounded. "It's okay, you, don't learn this in the future, you just need to study hard and then go to university."

Yu Xiao straightened her chest and said confidently: "Mom, don't worry. Your son, I will definitely be admitted to a prestigious university! Hey, but I still have to learn about these housework!"

"What are you doing with this?" Mother Yu was puzzled.

Yu Xiao knew that he could not say that it was to relieve his mother's burden, because in this case, relying on his mother's love for him, he would never agree. Therefore, he decided to tell a little lie: "Mom, do you know? I heard from my classmates that some schools in other places require students to live on campus. During their stay, they have to wash their clothes and cook by themselves. Your son, I This is to be prepared in advance, isn't it?"

Mother Yu was a little puzzled: "There is such a school? Then we can not go to such a school."

Yu Xiao glanced at the kitchen cave, and then added some dry wood to go in: "Mom, think about it, if I am admitted to university in the future, I must go to another city. There is no university in our prefecture-level city. When I get to other cities, dont I have to live by myself. Then I cant do the laundry and cooking by myself. Im just learning right now."

Mother Yu wanted to say, "He can go to other cities to take care of him." But thinking about it this way, she felt that she was harming her son. She loves her son very much, but she also knows that she can't over love. If you go with him at that time, your own son may not be able to live independently. So she didn't say anything anymore, but her eyes were still filled with relief.

When Yu Xiao saw her mother's appearance, she knew it was settled. He secretly decided in his own heart: In the days to come, he will be more diligent, his mother is already very tired after going out to work, whether he should worry about the trivial matters in the family or not.

After making breakfast, Mother Yu took off her apron and looked at Yu Xiao: "Xiaoxiao, if you are hungry, eat first. Mom will go next door to cook for your grandma."

"Mom, don't you go before you finish eating? It's only five o'clock, time is too late." Yu Xiao glanced at the clock hanging in the hall, "Besides, grandma and the others usually eat until seven o'clock."

"It's okay. Mom is not hungry anyway. Let's do it first. I'll eat after I come back." Mother Yu walked outside the house.

Seeing Mama Yu's back, Yu Xiao's brows wrinkled tightly. Although he doesn't remember things very clearly, he still vaguely remembers some things. His aunt is his grandmother's third child. According to what his mother said just now, it should have been his aunt's divorce just now. Because of his cheating outside of marriage, the man wrote a letter of resignation to his aunt, and then took the mistress to go out of town with all the property. His aunt returned to his grandmother with the baby in her belly and some torn clothes.

He also learned later that his aunt and the man didn't register their marriage or anything. They just moved in together when they saw each other. Therefore, at that time, the man wrote a divorce letter or something that was considered an explanation to his aunt.

Before his aunt got married, she was famous in their village for being violent, which caused her to be twenty-five or sixteen and no one introduced her. In the age when the average age of seventeen or eighteen was married, his aunt was an old girl. However, her grandmother was too, she was so stunned that her aunt was so precious, even if she brought the ball back this time, she still preferred her most.

He still remembered that his aunt gave birth to a son. His grandmother was really afraid of her grandson in her mouth, holding it in her palm for fear of falling, and all the delicious and fun things at home were given to him. He still remembered one time in his previous life that his mother brought back a peach from someone else, and he couldn't bear to eat it when he was happy. However, before he could eat a bite, his grandmother saw it and immediately went forward and grabbed the peach, and scolded him harshly for not knowing how to take care of his brother, saying that the peach should be given to his brother. But God knows, his brother was only half a year old at the time, did these teeth grow out and how to eat this hard peach?

In fact, many similar things have happened, but this time he remembers most clearly. This also led to his favorite fruit in the future is the peach.

When he thinks of his grandma, he feels deeply worthless for his mother. It is obvious that his mother is so hardworking and filial to her parents-in-law. It is rare to see good daughter-in-laws. Every neighbor in the neighborhood does not say his mother's kind words, and his grandmother's family always sees his mother's various dislikes. No matter what, he always makes many mistakes, deliberately embarrassing his mother. He was a little ignorant in his previous life, but he won't be anymore in this life. Now that he is alive again, he will not let people like his grandma continue to bully his mother.

Yu Xiao looked back at the bedroom where his parents slept, and there was a sound of sleepy nasal sounds, as well as sleepy curses that came up from time to time. He looked at his palm, and sure enough, he had to grow up sooner.

As he thought about it, he walked to the wash stand on the side and began to wash gently. No way, if the man was awakened by a loud movement, he would definitely beat his mother again to vent his anger.

After washing up, Yu Xiao checked that it was still early and decided to read a book in his room. Although his soul's true age is over 30 years old, he is definitely not a big deal about his current learning knowledge. However, it is better to take a closer look, after all, some things have long been remembered not so clearly.

Walking into the bedroom, turning on the light, Yu Xiao took out the books in his schoolbag. It turned out that he is now a fifth grade student. Once he opened the workbook, well, he knew that his academic performance was not very good when he was a child, but was it so bad?

Yu Xiao looked at the bright red cross on the homework book and deeply wanted to cover his face. Sure enough, it is necessary to change his bad history~~~

Yu Xiao confessed, and then began to pick up his textbook and read it, although the content was very simple. But for some places that need to be recited, he still recited it several times. Time passed quickly in his reading.

"Xiaoxiao, are you reading? Have you eaten?" Mother Yu had been busy until nearly seven o'clock before coming back. As soon as she walked into the room, she found that her son was reading a book, with a pleased smile on her face.

The interrupted Yu Xiao put down the book and smiled and replied: "Mom, if you don't call me, I have forgotten it~~"

"You~~" Mom Yu nodded the tip of his nose, "Okay, let's come out for dinner, and mother will send you to school after dinner."

Yu Xiaoli neatly packed his schoolbags, then walked out of the bedroom, picked up the dishes and chopsticks on the table, and said as he ate, "Sure enough, the food my mother cooked is the best~~~"

"It's delicious, then you can eat more. I packed the lunch box for you and put it in your schoolbag. Remember to eat all of it at noon, do you know?" Mother Yu went in and took Yu Xiao's schoolbag Came out and told him that the prepared lunch box was put in.

"Well, I know." Yu Xiao swallowed the food in his mouth and nodded, "Mom, come and eat too."

"Well, come right away." Mother Yu sat down at the dining table and started to eat breakfast after she had cleaned up.

After eating breakfast, Yu Xiao sent her to school at the insistence of Yu's mother. Looking at the familiar and unfamiliar school in front of him, Yu Xiao's heart was full of emotion: It's going to be the last elementary school again. However, this time, he must have a different future!

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