Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 70

Chapter 69:

It turned out that this young man was the youngest son of Mrs. Yu who ran away from home more than ten years ago-Yu Xia. Just like his name, Yu Xia is a man with an ancient chivalrous character. He is enthusiastic to assist those around him, and he is always brave enough to meet injustices.

It is precisely because of such a bold personality that his popularity has always been excellent. The neighbors around him often envy her having such a good son in front of Mrs. Yu, and Mrs. Yu always feels happy.

Unfortunately, everything will have unexpected developments.

Thirteen years ago, Yu Xia was a passionate young man just in his early twenties. On his way home, he encountered an incident where a gangster bullied a woman. Well, it's not the same thing about heroes saving the United States!

Yu Xia relied on his blood, even though he was beaten up by the group of hooligans, but it was also because of his desperate posture that frightened the group of hooligans, and finally made the other party angrily stop and leave.

Looking at the woman behind her, Yu Xia believed in love at first sight for the first time. He was just a rough man, and he didn't know what gorgeous words should be used to describe the woman in front of him. According to his only vocabulary, he has a long black hair like silk, white skin like snow, a pair of big watery eyes, and a small bright red cherry mouth. He has beaten the Big Four. Beautiful lady's delicate lady!

The woman who was rescued was Yu Xia's later wife-Han Keer. To say that Han Ke'er was also a poor woman in her life. When she was ten years old, when she was picking medicine on the mountain, her father died on the spot when she stumbled and fell down the mountain. Her mother took her to be someone elses underground mistress, but unfortunately she was the original partner of the other party. Knowing that there was a big trouble, I had to take her away from home. The next ten years of life were spent traveling around everywhere.

And it is precisely because of this that the hardships of life have made Han Ke'er already tempered in the melting pot of society early, far from being as pure and harmless as she is on the surface, but Xiao Jiujiu in her heart is full of calculations. Too!

In fact, this time she will encounter such a thing is not accidental, but carefully planned. Yes, this is a premeditated thing!

It turned out that the main reason why she and her mother came to town c was that her mothers new arrival was a resident of town c, so she followed. In fact, she originally didn't want to come over, but because the man, her mother's new husband in name, had taken a fancy to her, he kept looking for opportunities to eat her tofu. She had secretly told her mother about this matter, but unfortunately the mother who was already in love at the moment not only did not listen to her, she still berated her nonsense and slandered others there.

The man was confident that he had firmly grasped her mother and knew that their mother and child could not be separated easily, so he continued to eat tofu arrogantly.

Han Ke'er could no longer bear such a thing, she decided to find a way to break free from this quagmire. After thinking about it again and again, she decided to find a man for herself and marry herself out so that she could move away from here in a fair manner.

If you want to marry someone, you must find a man who suits your wishes. This man needs to have a strong physique so that she can deter her normal stepfather. At the same time, she must be simple and reliable, and can be firmly controlled by her, without worrying about what this man will do to betray her in the future.

After a period of observation, she finally locked the target on Yu Xia, and deliberately figured out his daily schedule. Finally, one day after a month, she implemented what she planned.

I have to sigh, Han Kerr's luck is still good. While she was implementing this plan, a few little hooligans appeared in front of her. Although she originally planned to pretend to twist her ankle, since there is a better choice, she naturally chooses the better one.

When she saw Yu Xia's figure appearing at the end of the street corner from a distance, she walked forward to the group of hooligans, and then deliberately accidentally bumped into a person. Seeing that the few people showed a fascinating look as she expected, she deliberately pretended to be scared and stepped back step by step, then sobbed for help.

In other words, when Yu Xia came to the hero to save the United States, Han Keer had just been surrounded by these little hooligans, and nothing happened at all. It's just that Han Ke'er secretly stumbled and stumbled into some telephone poles on the street during the process of retreating. It seemed that there were a lot of scars on his body.

It's a pity, because only Han Ke'er himself knew about this, Yu Xia counted all the injuries she had suffered on a few little hooligans, and the poor little hooligans just carried the scapegoat innocently.

Because Han Ke'er had already figured out the man's mind, after this time the hero saved the beauty, she showed an admiring and shy look at Yu Xia.

When Yu Xia was seen by the goddess of her own heart, her vanity was already extremely inflated. Even after the woman repeatedly declined, she still followed and escorted her back to her home.

Han Ke'er only thought that she didn't know this, but when Yu Xia turned and left, she still turned her head and looked at his away back, showing a smile that was bound to come.

The development afterwards was just as she had expected. Yu Xia reported by her side on time every day, silently watching her every move around, and diligently always giving her various things secretly.

Whenever Han Keer saw these things, she would seem to inadvertently show joyful and shy expressions at the corners that Yu Xia had secretly hidden, and she would irritate Yu Xia's stunned and blue-eyed heart, dry her tongue or something.

However, Han Ke'er knew that to leave this home perfectly, and to further promote the relationship between the two of them, a strong medicine was needed.

And this powerful medicine is her "good stepfather"!

Han Kerr once again came up with a plan, a plan that will surely succeed once implemented. On this day, for the first time, she smiled at the place where Yu Xia was hiding and left a letter that read: I hope Yu Xia can accompany her to the park tomorrow.

Naturally, Yu Xia promised and couldnt agree. She waited at her door early the next morning. She was very excited and worried. It was obviously a cold day, but her palm was hot. Sweating.

When the two came back at night, Han Keer said softly "Goodbye" and ran into the house with a smile, while Yu Xia stayed at the door for a while.

But he didn't expect that in less than ten minutes, Han Keer's loud cry for help came from the room. As soon as Yu Xia heard that the situation was not right, he rushed in. He didn't expect the scene in the house to make him angry. I saw that a drunk old man was crushing his goddess to the ground, still eating tofu with his hands. Seeing Han Keers desperate eyes for help, Yu Xias heart was broken, he just stepped forward. He knocked the old man to the ground with a punch and rescued the man.

After listening to Han Ke'er's intermittent crying, Yu Xia gritted his teeth with hatred for the old man who was still yelling on the ground, and he went straight forward and hit the old man almost. It's dying.

Finally, this took Han Keer back to his home. However, not long after they walked into the house, Mrs. Yu discovered the ambiguous relationship between the two. This is not okay, she would not agree to such a woman who is clearly Hu Meizi entering the door of their Lao Yu's house!

You know, there are several wealthy families in this town whose daughters like her youngest son. She is still hesitating about which family's daughter to choose. How could she be cut off? Isn't this a real way to rob her of her son's future? But in fact it was her money.

No way! She said nothing would promise!

However, this little son, who has always been obedient, was unexpectedly stubborn in this matter. He couldn't persuade him no matter how much he wanted, and he was determined to marry Han Keer as his wife.

This old lady Yu was so angry that not one day was offended, and finally had to resort to a killer trick to threaten her youngest son. If they did not separate from Han Keer, he would sever their mother-child relationship, and he would not have to stay in this family anymore. .

Unexpectedly, this Yu Xia really packed up his things without saying a word. He took Han Ke'er and left Yu's house and left the town of C. He made the old lady Yu a serious illness and vowed that he would not I will recognize this wolf-hearted little son who turned his elbow out again!

I haven't seen the people who have married the daughters of those families now. Although they can't be called Feihuang Tengda or something, the conditions in the family are far inferior to their Lao Yu's! However, now one by one has changed to be the famous powerful family in their town! Moreover, those who had some relatives with them also lived a good life by the way, that is really a person who has ascended to heaven alone!

Every time I think of this, Mrs. Yu is a hate! However, she is not even in front of her hate people now.

Just when Mrs. Yu was about to forget that she still had a young son, Yu Xia returned to Yu's house with his wife and children. To say that the family of three came back to visit Mrs. Yu, who had not seen each other for more than ten years. For the two parties who had broken off the relationship between mother and child, that was really too fake. In fact, when they came back this time, they actually had a different purpose. In any case, the next storm for the Yu family is already in the making...

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