Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 71

Chapter 70:

Since Yu Xia's family officially moved in, the atmosphere in the Yu's house has been constantly tense. The main source is the mother and son of Mrs. Yu and Han Keer. Of course, in the eyes of outsiders, Mrs. Yu was there alone looking for various reasons and using various means to bully their mother and child, but the truth is not necessarily true!

In any case, Mrs. Yu, who has always been a mastermind in the Yu family and who is proud of her status as the Lafayette, was defeated by the one after another with Han Keer's mother and son!

It even led to Yu Xia's distaste for her every day. If it weren't for their blood relationship, he could not help but kick the old lady out of the house. Another concern is that he does not want his wife and children to be made irresponsible remarks by neighbors around him after his death.

Yes, that's right. The main reason why Yu Xia and his family came back to town c was that he wanted to arrange the future life of his wife and children before he died.

The family has worked hard for more than ten years outside, and that has also accumulated a lot of wealth. However, because of his illness this time, most of that savings have been spent, and he doesn't want to use the remaining half anyway.

Although Han Ke'er approached Yu Xia purposefully at the beginning, she still fell in love with this man from the bottom of her heart in the process of getting along between the two. After learning that he was suffering from an incurable disease, instead of the slightest dislike, he served with all his heart, but he had no choice but to face the fact that he would soon die.

As for Yu Xia, his wife and children are the most unforgettable thing in his life, so after reconsidering, he decided to take them back to his hometown. After all, they have a fixed residence here, and there are many friends he knows around who can take care of their mother and child.

According to rural customs, the ancestral property in the family is inherited by the son, and the daughter does not have the right to share the property because she is married outside. And although Lao Yu's family is not a rich family in the town, it still has a middle level.

So, after all, Yu Xia and his second brother Yu Jun can each get three houses of the size of one hundred and forty-five square meters. In addition, there are two acres of farmland per person. And Yu Xia, out of selfishness, directly chose two acres of farmland near the road, because he knew that the final fate of these two farmland in the hands of his wife and children was nothing more than either being sold or directly rented out. other people. And because of this geographical advantage, you will get a good price in either case.

After several days of planning, Mrs. Yu decided to show Han Kerr a little bit more color to the mother and son. She didn't believe it anymore. People who ate more salt than Han Ke'er and the mother and son combined could not deal with them!

"Oh, what are you talking about?"

"In other words, it seems that people are quite honest, how could they do such a thing?"

"Hey, don't you know? She is so beautiful, and I want me to say that it is *true!"

"Not necessarily?"

"Who knows!"

"If you want me to say, this matter may also be made up by Mrs. Yu herself!"

"Hey? It's impossible, isn't it? If it is really fabricated, it would be their entire Lao Yu family's face that was lost!"

"Cut, it doesn't matter if it's true or false, anyway, we only have to watch the show!"

"Well, yes, watching a theater, watching a theater."

After Yu Xia returned to Town C, he ran everywhere during this period, contacting former friends to prepare for his next plans. Unexpectedly, before I walked to the door of my house that day, I saw a large circle of people around my door from a distance, accompanied by noisy discussions. From the scattered words, he immediately understood that it must be the dead old woman who is making trouble again.

I don't know what kind of unfair treatment his wife and children will be treated this time. Thinking about this, his heart couldn't help but become anxious, and immediately started to squeeze away the crowd and squeeze inside.

As a result, as soon as he saw that scene, his heart was suddenly broken: his wife and son, who had always loved Jiajia, fell to sit on the cold concrete floor in embarrassment, and the clothes on his body were torn apart. Yeah, trembling constantly, with a trace of fright on his face and full of grievances.

And his'good mother' was standing in front of the gate at the moment, with one hand akimbo and one finger pointing to Han Kerr and loudly yelled: "Sure enough, it's a nasty hooves. Thirteen years ago, I seduce my son away from home. Forget it, now I still dare to take such a wild **** into the door of my Lao Yu's house. Not only that, but also several times carrying my son secretly meeting men, do you want to be shameless?"

Hearing these ugly words, Yu Xia frowned and shouted in a low voice, "Mom! What are you talking about? But Er is the wife I am married to, and Jia'er is also the grandson of your concubine. Why do you slander them like this?"

"Heh! I slander them?" The old lady Yu looked at Yu Xia who was protecting the mother and son at this moment and glaring at her in disbelief, "Well, then you can ask your good wife to explain to me, this man is What's the matter? You know, I caught this man sleeping with your wife on the spot!"

"What? There is such a thing?"

"Isn't it? Didn't you see it? You even steal."

"that is!"

As soon as the onlookers heard the news, they immediately became more gossips. You know, they haven't had such a big news in town C for a long time!

Yu Xia glanced at the man who was **** at the moment, and frowned directly: her wife is a typical housewife, she doesn't go out very much, and there are only those people she knows. Besides, he knew all the people she knew, so there could be someone he didn't know? And, not to mention it is in C town, a place she is not familiar with. How could it be possible that there is someone she knows less than a week after coming here?

He comfortably took his wife and children into his arms, and then looked at his mother with suspicion and disgust, "I know what kind of person Keer is better than you, and she will never betray me. What happened. So, where did you find this man?"

"What? You said I found this man?" When the old lady Yu heard Yu Xia's words, she flushed with anger, "You unfilial son! Did you talk to your elders like this?" Also, you dare to doubt your own mother like this? Oh, I'm so fateful! Why did you give birth to a son like a wolf who turned his elbow out of the way! You all listen, this is a human What are you saying?"

"Hey? I didn't expect that the youngest son of the Lao Yu family would say such things!"

"No, you can't treat your mother like this no matter what?"

"that is!"

Han Ke'er and Yu Jia heard these harsh words, and there was a trace of resentment in their eyes: it was all because of this dead old woman, huh, wait and see!

Han Ke'er gave her son a look, and Yu Jia immediately reacted, nodded slightly, and then tremblingly cried with a hint of crying: "Grandma, you, why are you wronged? Wrongly wronged my mother? I, I didnt mean to see it."

"What did you see?" When Yu Xia heard this, he immediately squatted down and looked at Yu Jia seriously, "You tell dad, what did you see?"

"I, I..." Yu Jia quickly glanced at Mrs. Yu with a frightened expression, then bit her lips and shook her head.

Well, what's the trick in this cliff! The enthusiasm in the eyes of everyone is even higher. Could it be that this man is actually Mrs. Yu's? Hehe! Isn't it?

"Hey, tell Dad." Yu Xia comforted her son softly, "Don't be afraid, you tell everything you see, everything has a father!"

"But, I..." Yu Jia stirred the corners of her clothes, then closed her eyes, and took a deep breath. Only then did she pluck up the courage and said loudly and quickly, "I saw grandma and That uncle undressed together and found me, so he ran over and strangled my neck. Fortunately, my mother appeared and saved my life."

Although Yu Jia's speaking speed was not slow, everyone heard clearly, and immediately focused on Mrs. Yu's yin and ruthless face. It shouldn't be said that it was an angry face after being told the truth. The eyes were full All kinds of contempt and disdain.

"You little bastard, what are you talking about!" The old lady Yu picked up her crutches and slammed towards the place where Yu Jia was. "You dare to talk nonsense, see my old lady, I won't take your skin off!"

"Enough!" Yu Xia grabbed the cane and shouted loudly, "Have you done this? Let's ask the person involved!" Then, he walked up to the bound man and spoke directly. Asked: "Say, who are you? Whose friend is it?"

"I, I..." The man who was **** turned pale with fright, took a quick glance at the direction where Mrs. Yu was, shook his head and said persistently, "I am not someone's friend, you, you Just let me go!"

Although he didn't say it clearly, his eyes had already told everyone the answer. Suddenly, everyone present was in an uproar. Unexpectedly, I didn't expect that the final development of this matter would be like this!

"You, you guys!" The old lady Yu looked at their pointers, and she stunned, "Get out of here! Get out! She rushed to pour dirty water on the old lady's body to see if I didn't tear your mouth. !"

After speaking, he immediately ran in the direction of Yu Jia, because this little **** was talking nonsense to make her like this! Sure enough, the children born out of cheap are also cheap people!