Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 72

Chapter 71:

Mrs. Yu sat in the room full of anger, and the ground was full of various things she had smashed and shattered. She never expected that the final development of this matter would turn out to be such an ending.

Thats right, this Han Kerrs derailment incident was actually directed by Mrs. Yu. She first went to the street and found a face-to-face person through various investigations. After talking to the other party for the price, she asked the other party to follow her request. Go to work.

It's a pity that Mrs. Yu has never noticed that, in fact, her every move is under Han Keer's surveillance.

That day, just after she had negotiated with the man to leave, Han Kerr directly approached him, and after agreeing to give him double the price, all the problems were solved.

The next thing is very simple, Han Keer deliberately used the plan, and then counterattacked at the most suitable opportunity, so that Mrs. Yu was completely unable to toss!

"Mom, are you okay?" Yu Juan pushed open the door and walked in. She frowned and asked worriedly, "You have not eaten for two days, do you want me to do it for you? some?"

"What do you do?" Mrs. Yu looked at her and scolded loudly, "Your mother has been ridden on the head by the sorrowful fox now. Where is the mood to eat?"

"But, Mom, no matter how angry you are now, you shouldn't have trouble with your body!" Yu Juan started to clean up the things on the ground, while persuading softly, "You are all this old, if you don't eat ......"

When Mrs. Yu heard it, she immediately interrupted her with discomfort, "What do you mean by my age? Well, you all have no conscience. The old lady has taken so much hardship to you. Give birth and take care of you with delicious and delicious food. What's the matter? Now that I have grown up and my wings are stiff, I just think I will die sooner?"

"Mom, you know, I didn't mean that." Yu Juan looked at her aggrievedly, "I'm just worried..."

"Worry? What are you worried about?" The old lady Yu waved her hand, her face was full of disgust, "Go, go, go. Why didn't you come out to help me when something happened? It's all right now. Its been a few days since things have passed. You cant do it as a hindrance, right? I dont need your kindness, mother, just get out of here!"

"You! Hey!" Yu Juan flushed her eyes when she was scolded, and once again looked at her and turned and left the room.

In fact, she really didn't know about this until today, and it was passed on from her friend. Because they moved to town a next door because of her daughter's high school entrance exam the previous year, they were naturally not so informed about what happened in town c. However, when she knew this, she rushed over immediately, fearing that her mother would do something stupid.

Well, it turns out that all of this is her carelessness. With her mother's sharp voice, no one would think that she hadn't eaten for two days. Actually, she also felt that, judging from the fact that her mother was so hungry, she shouldn't be half hungry. So to speak, then, is this she acting? No matter what, let her make trouble.

When Yu Juan looked at the closed door, her daughter's words rang in her ears: Mom, this must be my grandmothers own affairs. What are you worrying about? If you want to tell me, if you are going to care about it, maybe it must be you to see her jokes in the grandma's eyes. Not only will she not appreciate you, she might even scold you!

Look, this time she really got her daughter right. Tomorrow morning she would see her mother's virtues clearly, and she had already decided that she would not be nosy. This time she came here because she couldn't let it go, but she didn't expect that the final result would still be like this!

Forget it, that's it. Her married daughter should go back to her husband's house. After all, in her mother's mind, she is already a member of someone else's family.

Yu Juan shook her head and turned coldly and walked downstairs. When she was turning at the stairs, she just ran into Han Keer who was upstairs. She nodded slightly and left without saying anything.

After walking out of the Yu family's door, Yu Juan looked back and thought to herself: No wonder her mother kicked the iron plate, this woman doesn't look like a bully! As for why she feels this way, she can't really tell, she can only say that this is a sixth feeling among women.

In other words, Han Kerr, who was upstairs, went straight to the room where the old lady Yu was. Although this time the incident caused her a lot of hardship, she has not been driven out of Yu's house anyway? For Han Keer, no matter what kind of person the opponent is, since she has the ability to defeat the opponent, she will definitely kill him and there is no chance of turning over. Because being kind to the enemy is cruel to yourself!

"You little bitch, what are you doing here?" Mrs. Yu glared at Han Kerr who walked in, "My mother, I don't welcome you here, get out, get out of here!"

Han Ke'er didn't seem to hear this. There was a smile on her face, but the vicious language was spit out from her mouth: "Go away? Why do I want to go away? This is our home already, so go away. It should be you, a shameless old lady, get out!"

"What? Do you dare to call me dead old lady?" Mrs. Yu's eyes widened. "Believe it or not, I will kill you now?"

"Huh!" Han Kerr snorted contemptuously, "It's up to you? You don't want to take a picture of yourself in the mirror. A person who is about to fall into the soil wants to kill me? Heh, a joke! Tell you the truth, you The man I was looking for has long since been bought by me and wants to slander me? Go in the next life!"

"What?" The old lady Yu reacted immediately, no wonder she just said, how could that man turn back, it turned out to be such a thing!

Thinking about this, Mrs. Yu was even more furious. She wanted to take something to smash the eye-catching smile on Han Ke'er's face, but she reached out her hand and grabbed it, lowered her head to see that there was nothing around her. Things that can be thrown away.

It's okay, since you can't throw something, just go ahead and set it up! Mrs. Yu rolled up her two sleeves and rushed towards where Han Kerr was.

Han Ke'er didn't step up to fight hard, but turned around with a flexible figure, opened the door and ran outside, and while running, he deliberately shouted, "Mother, what are you doing? I'm here to ask you to eat. Ah! Don't hit me! Don't hit me!"

Mrs. Yu watched Han Ke'er who was running in front of her shouting, but she kept tearing her clothes with her hands, and her hair was also torn apart. Moreover, he has been making traces of being beaten on himself.

Her actions made old lady Yu react quickly, but when she wanted to stop, it was too late. As she didn't find out in time, Han Ke'er was running slower and slower, and the distance between the two of them was gone, which caused her to stand alone.

Yes, the black pot, a black pot that cannot be shirked.

"Mom! What are you doing!" Yu Xia yelled, and then stepped forward to help Han Keer who had fallen on the ground, and asked distressedly, "Keer, Keer, are you okay? Don't scare me Ah! Kerr!"

"Mom! Mom!" Yu Jia, after a daze, rushed forward and cried out, "Don't scare me! Mom! Dad, what should we do, what shall we do? Mom will be fine, will you? Dad?"

At this moment, Yu Xia looked at his tear-stained son, and then at his wife who was lying on the ground in a coma. The anger in his heart for his mother directly reached the peak, he stared at the old lady Yu sullenly. : "You better expect my wife to be okay, otherwise, I will never end with you!!!"

"!" The old lady Yu looked at this strange son in front of her. It was the first time she felt scared and wronged in her heart. She trembled and explained: "Son, things, things are not like this. You, Listen to me, explain, explain. Actually, it's this bitch..."

"What are you talking about? Try calling my wife like this again!" Yu Xia interrupted her explanation directly, "You wait for me!"

"It's all you! It was you who caused my mother to become like this! I beat you to death! Beat you to death!" Yu Jia got up and ran directly in the direction of the old lady Yu, and raised his fist to death. Hit the old lady Yu's body.

Being treated like this and not getting angry is naturally not the temper of an old lady, but when her hands just touched Yu Jia's body and wanted to push hard, she saw that Yu Jia had just found the right time and she slammed back. fall.

This time is fine. In Yu Xias eyes, this old lady Yu not only pushed her wife down the stairs in front of him, but now also pushed his precious son to the ground, which is straightforward I ignited the gunpowder in his heart and exploded!

He stepped forward and pulled a big mouth from the old lady Yu forcefully, then pulled up the son who was pushed to the ground, and finally picked up his wife gently, turned and strode towards the hospital.

And the old lady Yu was covering her left face with her hand in disbelief, and she fell to the ground and watched the family of three leave. Naturally, she did not miss Yu Jia's triumphant look when she quickly turned her head to look at her.

Mrs. Yu clenched her fists, and she hated Han Keer's mother and son directly in her heart. Unexpectedly, I didn't expect that these two mothers and sons are really worthy of being mothers and sons. First, the big play is "being" pushed down the stairs, and then this little one is "being" pushed to the ground, okay! Very good!

Row! Since you two **** dare to play big! Then she will naturally be with her to the end! Old Mrs. Yu looked at the direction they were leaving, and made a decision in her heart: Let's go and see!