Rebirth After Divorce Chapter 75

Chapter 74:

The whole family got up early in the morning when the college entrance examination results came down. Of course, Luo Xiao, as the party concerned, seemed calmer than Luo Qian and Xu Yan.

When I rushed to school after eating, I found that the results post column was already full of people. Luo Qian and Xu Yan looked at the situation in front of people who were happy and worried, and they became even more nervous in their hearts.

"Xiaoxiao, you came so early?" Ye Lan saw his figure from a distance, ran over quickly, and handed the breakfast in his hand. "Have you had breakfast? Here, this is you." The buns from the store I like."

Luo Xiao naturally picked up a meat bun and ate it. Although he had already had breakfast, he still had a stomach to eat another one. In fact, it was mainly because the buns in that store were famous for their good taste. Every time you go to buy, you have to line up in advance to get it. Who made the owner of that store very self-willed? Even if the daily sales are good, he will only sell in limited quantities. After the sale is sold out, no matter how much money is paid, he will not do it again. I can only ask it to be early tomorrow~~~

"Why only eat one? There is more here!" Ye Lan raised the bag in his hand, "eat a few more."

Luo Xiao wiped his mouth, and then patted his stomach, "No, one is enough. I came here after breakfast in the morning. Hurry up, or they won't taste good when they are cold."

"Okay." Ye Lan saw that he was really full, and then began to eat on his own. "By the way, Xiaoxiao, do you think about what major you want to study?"

"Well, I have already thought about it. I decided to choose the director major." Luo Xiao tilted his head and looked at Ye Lan, "How about you?"

Ye Lan finished his breakfast in a few bites, took out his handkerchief and wiped his mouth, threw the trash to the trash can, and said, "I plan to learn business administration."

Luo Xiao nodded in understanding, he understood that Ye Zi planned to take the business path in the future. After all, in addition to a real estate company, his staff also established a network limited company, mainly engaged in network development and application. Luo Xiao had to admire his unique vision for his vision of starting such a company. You know, the development of the Internet has a bright future in the future!

"Xiaoxiao, Xiaoye." Luo Qian and Xu Yan were already squeezing into the crowd to see their results, and they were squeezing out with excitement.

"Mom, godmother, take your breath away first, don't get excited, what's the matter, are our grades okay?" Luo Xiao stepped forward and patted Luo Qian's back to let them calm down their emotions.

"Okay! Why not!" Xu Yan patted the two of them **** the shoulders, and laughed happily, "Sure enough!"

When they saw her look like this, Luo Xiao and Ye Lan looked at each other and smiled: It seems that their grades seem to be no worse. Sure enough, Luo Qian laughed and told about their achievements.

With a total score of 750 points, the two of them both scored 735 points as agreed. There must be no problem with going to the university in their minds!

"Let's go! Let's go home and celebrate!" Luo Qian waved a big hand and said proudly, "Whatever you want to eat, buy what! I will pay for all expenses today!"

"Well, I went to have a big meal~~~" Luo Xiao echoed with a smile and narrowed his eyes, "Yeba, call the master and them, let's celebrate!"

"Okay, no problem!" Ye Lan nodded happily.

After a big celebration, the excitement of the crowd slowly calmed down. After learning about the major they chose, everyone expressed their support.

It's just that the two of them chose different majors. Although they both decided to go to university in city b, they chose different schools. For this, Ye Lan felt a little dissatisfied.

However, something suddenly came to his mind. Speaking of it, it seems that his birthday is just a few days away. Moreover, those rewards have already accumulated a lot. Shouldn't it be redeemed? Hehe~~~

Ye Lan squinted his eyes, and the corners of his mouth couldn't stop tilting upwards. In addition, the two of them were just eighteen years old this year! Well, eighteen is a good age, isn't it?

After dinner in the evening, Luo Xiao escorted Ye Lan and Elder Huo home. When bidding farewell to them and returning home, Ye Lan mysteriously grabbed his hand, and Luo Xiao looked at him for unknown reasons.

At this moment, Ye Lan is like a dog who is very pleased and cute. He leaned his head and said in a low voice, "Xiaoxiao, it will be my birthday in a few days. Do you want to give me a birthday gift this time? "

"Oh?" Luo Xiao raised an eyebrow, "What gift do you want?"

"Hey, look, I have accumulated bad rewards over the past few years. This time I will be with my birthday present~~" Ye Lan's smile became more obvious, "Xiaoxiao, OK? ~~~"

Seeing his obvious smile, Luo Xiao knew what he wanted, but he decided to look at it again.

So, he didn't say anything, but nodded slightly. When Ye Lan nodded his head when he saw him, he couldn't restrain his inner excitement even more, "Xiaoxiao, you promised! You can't go back!"

"You tell me first and I'll see if you want to go back." Luo Xiao looked at him with a smile.

Ye Lan touched his nose. Why did he feel like he was seen through? Forget it, it must be an illusion! He settled down and said, "Xiaoxiao, you see, we have all been admitted to a good university this year, and we have grown up, well, hey~~~"

"En?" Luo Xiao said he didn't understand, "What do you mean?"

"That's it!" Ye Lan looked at it and said anxiously.

"Which is that? If you don't say it clearly, how do I know?" Luo Xiao deliberately expressed his uncertainty.

Ye Lan looked at it, okay, I don't know, right? Then just say it! He stared at Luo Xiao's eyes and asked word by word: "Our relationship can be confirmed now, right?"

Is it true? Luo Xiao's eyes flickered. He actually didn't expect Ye Lan to be so persistent. It has been three years since the first two people in high school felt each other!

Since this is the case, he is not a cold-hearted person. It has been eight years since they met and now. In these eight years, they have blended into each others lives. It only takes a glance to understand the tacit understanding, even those old couples and wives.

However, some things still need to be considered.

"Well, we can try to socialize." Luo Xiao replied, looking at him with a smile in his eyes.

"What? Really?" Ye Lan didn't expect that he would get such an affirmative answer, and he seemed to be at a loss for a while. Of course, he also naturally ignored the words try.

Since this is the case, does it mean that they can also... Ye Lan's eyes lit up and he thought of something, and he asked in a low voice excitedly: "Well, Xiaoxiao, then since you have agreed to date, Then, can we do that?"

"What is it?" Luo Xiao didn't turn around at once, looking at him suspiciously.

"Yes, we slept together~~~" Ye Lan said in a rippling voice.

Luo Xiao twitched the corners of his mouth. Well, another place of his obsession is here: for three years, he persuaded him to sleep in a bed behind him every day. Should he point thirty-two likes for his persistence? Ha ha!

"What to sleep?" Old man Huo's voice was suddenly inserted.

Luo Xiao and Ye Lan heard the sound in surprise, and saw that Old Man Huo touched his nose in embarrassment. He really didn't mean to eavesdrop.

However, he immediately scowled and stared at Ye Lan angrily: "You little bastard, don't think that Xiaoxiao promised you, you can have a great dream! Don't even think about it! I haven't heard Xiaoxiao say. He just tried it with you. You are still in the trial period. It is still a question of whether you can get a regular one, you know!"

"Grandpa Huo, can you not always come out to disturb the two of us!" Ye Lan is already deeply powerless for Mr. Huo who always comes out to make trouble at critical times. Isn't he just falling in love? Why is it so difficult? !

And Luo Xiao said that this kind of thing is calm. Anyway, my master didn't really intend to stop them two, he just liked to embarrass Ye Zi on purpose. I heard from Grandpa Ouyang that this was mainly because his master had suffered a lot from Grandpa Ye, and he found it from Ye Lan.

Sure enough, do people become more like children when they get older?

Seeing that the two of them started to meet again, Luo Xiao looked at the sky, um, it was late, he better go back to sleep by himself!

Nodding slightly with his master, he turned around and went home. Ye Lan looked at his leaving back, turned his head and gave Old Man Huo a fierce look. His eyes were full of regrets: Grandpa Huo, otherwise, he and Xiaoxiao can sleep together from tonight~~ ~

It can only be said that Ye Lan was a bit too good at this time~~~ Of course, although it is not during the day, but also to give some people a chance to dream? After all, in reality, that can't be achieved in a short time~~~

When he returned home, Luo Xiao told his mother and godmother the school he was going to takethe Beijing Film Academy. Because the next four years will be studying and living in city b, he wants to ask them what they plan to do.

Luo Qian and Xu Yan lowered their heads in thought for a long time, and they knew each other's plans after a glance at each other. Luo Qian told him that they plan to stay in S City to start their own businesses. First, this is one of the key cities in the country for economic development, and the opportunity is quite big; second, they have lived here for six or seven years. Now, they have already regarded this place as their second hometown. Their friends and connections are all here, and they will be relatively confident about starting a business.

Luo Xiao listened to them, although there was a little disappointment in his heart, he still chose to respect them. In any case, he hopes that his mother and godmother can successfully start a business and have a better future.

Soon, the time came when the freshman new semester was reported, which also means that Luo Xiao and Ye Lan's university life in city b has also arrived.